"Resistance" Monk Tank build

This is the ultimate build for you and your ranged friends, when having trouble in
Nightmare - Hell - (possibly) Inferno difficulty.

Hello fellow diablo 3 monks, i've had trouble once reaching hell difficulty with my friends. The usual damage build i was using seemed out of date and it was time for a change.
I've studied several other tank builds and tried them with no reasonable satisfaction.
Therefore, i came up with The Monk Resistance Build.

This is basicly only viable, when playing with ranged classes, i myself play with 2 demon hunter, which are super squishy and die faster than when you get one'shotted by exploding bodies.

Now, you must know, that this is a no damage build. You won't be able to kill anything yourself and you are only there to take damage. (obviously a tank build)

Idea and gear
The goal of this build is to get as much resistance as possible, while squeezing vitality in without losing any resistance. You won't have any dexerity, so don't even think about doing damage. The resistance is obtained through one of the 6 resistances and resistance to all 6 sources. I chose fire resistance, so i will try and get as much of that as possible.
(Remember to get enough vitality, else you will die i promise.)

Basic gear and stats:
You need to stack one resistance etc. fire.
You need vitality
You also need intelligence for additional resistance
use 1h and shield
resistance on all of your armor (remember that red socket in helm for extra xp!)
get gear with sockets! This is needed for vitality gem(Amethysts)
Avoid dexterity

Here is the link to the build:

Mouse skills
Fists of thunder (Lightning flash):
You need as much spirit as you can possibly get from melee attacking, so choosing anything over this is not efficient. I chose 16% dodge, as i don't need the teleporting ability due to the Cyclone strike ability.

Cyclone Strike(Impolsion):
You need to tank and you can only do that by having the monsters attack you. Use this whenever you have alot of spirit to use, while having full health.
You can also use this, when one of your buddies runs around in circles screaming, while being chased by mobs.

You can replace this with Mystic ally - Earth version for more health.
Only do that, when encountering a few mobs.

Breath of Heaven (infused with light):
You need this for healing and a spirit boost in tough situations.

Inner Sanctuary (Safe Haven):
I took this for three purposes.
1. Getting away when trapped by rare monsters on hell
2. Healing when dying
3. Blocking narrow chokes, which your ranged buddies can deal damage in peace and you will stand by watching them enjoy themselves(Yes, they will actually enjoy their lives).

Serenity (Peaceful Repose):
Immunity for 3 seconds and healing, no reason to explain!

Mantra of Healing (Time of Need):
1. 20% extra resistance to all damage types.
2. Overall life regen.
3. More life regen on use.
Use whenever everything is on cooldown
Use whenever all the mobs are close to you and not attacking your friends.
Use whenever you need that extra health boost.

Passive skills
You are stacked up with resistance, so you won't need anything but health for spirit.

One with everything:
Wow.. That 464 fire resistance i have suddenly applies to all 6 resistances!

Beacon of Ytar:
I was a bit thoughtful when choosing this passive. I went from 25% damage reduction when hitting monsters, but that wasn't needed at all, as you won't be able to hit all the monsters with a single target main ability.
I tried this out and if you take a look at the spells you have, 3 of them have over 15 seconds cooldown!. This is really great, as i experienced dying while waiting on the spells to come off CD.

My experience

This is a really cool build i find and i think i enjoy it as much as my two demonhunters do. You will be their hero and you hopefully won't die to anything else than Soul Rippers in act 3 and raremobs once in a while.

I have 464 resistance in all 6 sources, which reduces damage taken by all of them by 62,3% in lvl 56.

I use one ring with only vitality and a socket for vitality gem.
I have 2 sockets in legs for vitality boost.

I've come to the conclusion of this being the better build, when going through Hell without dying as much. I could imagine going for the Lifesteal build i've seen on the forums would also be ideal. I just like trolling mobs, when they see their damage on you(One of them ragequitted in the middle of a fight!).
Please do come with feedback and ideas for improvement :)

I hope you enjoyed this guide and with that said GO TANK SOMETHING
Not to be too much of a downer or anything but you can tank just fine, and do more dmg with 2x 1handers with the dodge passive. Also, while trancendence was great in normal and nightmare in hell it just seems like it doesnt scale enough. Im at around 18k hp now and it only gives 43 life per spirit spent at my level, and then i rather have 100% armor from dex and 15% dodge instead and use heal on serenity.

And lastly, and i seem to be alone in this for some reason. Mantra of evasion with armor rune still seems slightly superior to me(With only a little testing done on the healing one). The heal from the mantra is waaaay too low to make an impact, i can see how it could be useful to spam it for the shield but with evasion mantra i simply feel ALOT safer.

This is my build, and has been for 2 acts of hell and it has been a breeze(Except for 2 elite arcane/frozen/something gay packs) http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WZXigh!bXU!ZYbZaa

Things to work on: Replacing a skill with dashing strike, and getting more resistance.

Level 52
Armor: 2922
Damage: 2850
Dodge: 44%
All res: 190 (42% less dmg done)
Life: 18000

Abit longer post than i intended at first ;E
Appreciate your comment!

It's a bit different build you're using, but i find not using crippling wave better, as you gain more spirit with the one im using. secondly you get more dodge.
I use shield for the reason of being able to get more resistance and armor, as i lack some armor from not going pure dexterity with passive of more armor. The idea of the mantra heal is not that you can actually heal, but you gain that 20% when having mantra of life regen and so will your friends!.
In the end i think your build is great, as you don't powerboost resistance so you wont reach the diminish for resistance as fast.

I was just amused not do take any dmg by mobs, so i had to make this thread :) It works fantastically with ranged classes.

You can get crippling wave and resolve passive, but thats a matter of choice i feel

Off topic your comment:
I just killed diablo on hell (3rd try) with my team and it was the best feeling :)
I had to change my cyclone strike out with tempest rush - bluster
I also had to change to crippling wave with concussion
Beacon of Ytar to Resolve instead

This is only good for diablo encounter tho.
I've been playing with a very similar build with a barbarian and wizard both going DPS. We beat NM last night and it was a blast to play. It's good to hear this is viable in hell. Unfortunately we're all a few levels below 50 so we're forced to grind a bit to level. Thanks for the post.

The only noticeable difference I see in our builds other than things I don't have access to yet is Serenity. I use the rune that allows Serenity to apply to everyone in a certain range. This has come in really useful as a trinket for frozen/nightmarish enemies and/or to save my barbarian or sorceress long enough for frost nova to come up, give me time to heal, or give them time to get out of whatever messed up situation they're in. I'll have to see how useful this is as we get into hell. Thanks for the post & happy hunting.
I would use crippling wave all the time and go with resolve. Those 2 are just to insane to pass on.
Yeah ive tried fiddeling around with other spirit generators but honestly my DPS goes down when i do, even if i get higher spirit reg, because none of the spirit spenders give really reliable aoe like crippling wave does.

Also the reduced dmg from it is pretty neat aswell.

Been thinking about going two spirit generators though and alternating every 2 seconds.

Would be nice if someone smart could actually gather up some actual data to look at
I advice going for crippling wave and resolve whenever you're against a really crazy rare mob or you're crazy enough to go cowlevel on hell like me :)
Yeah ive tried fiddeling around with other spirit generators but honestly my DPS goes down when i do, even if i get higher spirit reg, because none of the spirit spenders give really reliable aoe like crippling wave does.

Also the reduced dmg from it is pretty neat aswell.

Been thinking about going two spirit generators though and alternating every 2 seconds.

Would be nice if someone smart could actually gather up some actual data to look at

DMG... What is that? :)

BTW spirit generators sound like a great idea!
Just got level 60 and killed diablo on hell. been playing steadily with a barb and sorc, as well as a witch doc alone. all of them dpsers. I play support / healer. This spec is mostly for elite packs, bosses i swap dashing strike with breath of light and heal rune. I mostly spam mantra of healing and serenity when i know heavy dmg is inc.

I stack vit and dexterity and i got a pretty good lifesteal weapon and shield with high vit and dex. got about 26k hp and with this build :


Hell was kinda easy. but i think i need to rethink how im gonna tackle inferno cause my dps kinda sucks.
On the topic of resistance, could you advise me on the following.

I have a monk at level 60 (9), with relatively high vitality, but seriously low resist:

70k life (2 372 vitality)
32k DPS
5 700 armour
43% dodge
65 damage reduction
1408 life on hit
314 life per second (also very low)


346 resist.

I am using Deadly reach (keen eye), Crippling wave (concussion), BoH (Penitent flame), Serenity (Peaceful repose) and Mantra of conviction (Overawe). Transcendence, Seize the initiative and One with everything.

I have watched COUNTLESS youtube videos of various builds, all of which have high resist.
On the one hand, I can kill Nekarat the Keywarden easily (provided that he is not surrounded by elite mobs) and Diablo as well in inferno. But when I face elite mobs I REALLY have to concentrate to stay alive. Maybe it's just inferno, or maybe I am making a big and expensive mistake in my build.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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