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I think we miss one big part for the next expansion: Zoltan Kulle. I think he will be our twist in story. So here is my vision:

1. Our Nephalem hero and Tyrael restores the body of Leah (Crystal Arch maybe?).
2. Our Nephalem hero, Tyrael and Leah go chasing Adria with the Black Soulstone in Hell.
3. After finding Adria, Zoltan Kulle pops out of nowhere and kills Adria.
4. Zoltan claims the power of the Prime Evil and becomes an unstoppable Nephalem Prime Evil and wants to rule over all creation (which was his ultimate goal).
5. Zoltan first tries to claim Hell, our heroes escape Hell.
6. Heroes lose?

I haven't figured out how this should end. Maybe our Nephalem is granted archangelic powers or maybe Leah to stop Kulle? Maybe the archangelic powers are an idea for end-game progress?

Even though there are many theories about how this story should end I think we will have to wait another year for it.

Anyway, I am still enjoying game but the story must go on in my opinion.
I agree one hundred percent with the Soulstone Theory. In all the Diablo's we've never found a way to truly Destroy the soulstones. Diablo will Rise, probably with the help of the witch. But, I think something even bigger will happen.

The Maker's of Blizzard did a very good job with the story line in Diablo III. To prevent this from being just another Diablo game, they Did things that grasped us true Diablo Fans emotionally, Such as killing off Deckard Cain, and Making Tyrael give up his position in heaven. But one question has not been answered. Where Does Man go when he dies? (In the world of Diablo). The Heavens and the Hell were around before man if you paid attention, and Human beings are the creation of Angels and Demons who had offspring together. So, what happens in the Diablo Afterlife? That Question has yet to be answered, and I think we will find out in the Expansion, when Deckard Cain Returns as a supreme being.

Or atleast, I think that would be Epic!
Wouldn't it be cool if our Nephalem heros corrupted and then we start fighting against angels? I no longer wan to fight against evil.
We knew there was going to be an expansion even before the game came out. It's like Diablo II all over again. New characters, another city with maybe some more lords of evil. New mobs, weapons, level caps 80 (;d I hope)
Jeeez! I totally frgot about Adria! :O Thanks for mentioning! God I want that expansion so bad! :D (Hope it will be one)
Can we stop feeling pitty for "poor Leah"? She's dead and buried.

Anyway, you can cross swords with the templar for the enchantress. I myself am gonna ask the wizardress out :P
Expansion should have 3 new chapters...

I. Westmarch, take on the Thieves Guild, and save Lyndon's brother from jail to complete that storyline.

II. Go to the Templar's Order and give Kormac a chance to exact revenge.

III. Find Adria, and kill that despicable witch!!!
This is what i think (want to see) in the Expansion of Diablo 3.

Fist off all let's hope all that Blizzard makes a Expansion.. If they do, i have some good ideas.

*2 new classes will be added, just as Blizzard did with Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction.
(Maybe a shapeshifter and a Javazon? i miss those classes personally:P)
*2 new acts will be added, one with Leah returned and a corrupted Imperius to deal with.
*The other act we will see Adria again, and she raises Inarius and Lilith (a angel and demon we've never seen in game before).
*Inarius puts Mathael forward as a major boss to kill before you face Inarius himself.
*Lilith puts the Lord of Greed forward, it could be that in the expansion you go though a portal of those tresure goblins to the realm of greed and face the Lord of Greed (sin of azmodan). This because im so curious where those black portals of the goblins lead to:P

Those are a few ideas:P I wonder what you guys think of it;)

As I've said before, we shall not forget about the Thieves Guild.
"This isn't over, the rest of the Thieves Guild will find you..." - Nigel Cutthroat

Let's say there will be two expansions.
In the first one:
Diablo is weak, hell is weak, all demons are weak, right? We saw to that in the ending of D3.

Now adria is still alive in thoughts on how to rescue poor Diablo and his minions for a great sucsess.
Since she got no prime evil to lean back to, she will gear up with humans, the thieves guild.

We acually gets to fight humans. (now would be the time to add cool cities and towns, a big forest to fight in..slightly diffrent from the other palces we've been visiting earlier.)

In her search for the soulstone we have to stop her, right?

Now what would the angels think of this? chaos between humans?
We all know, more or less, that the angels voted once for the human race to die..
Now there could be three sorts of endings on this expansion..

1. imperius, the angel see no other option then joining up with diablo, become one and end this (since the angels are also weak from the attack). Diablo restore his power and all hell brake lose!

2. Adria restore diablos power on her own and we have to fight all three sides, humans, angels, demons..our only alliance would be tyrael, leah, and perhaps a the blacksmith and jeweler. (perhaps the templars aswell)

3. We speak sense to the angels and restore peace with them, but adria still got what she wanted, diablo. (After that, we fight adria, kill her, but fail to stop the "healing" on diablo. Some sort of the ending boss for the 1 expansion)

Now all those have a small twist, right?
The second exapnsion:

If 1 ending: Diablo have won, the whole world is in ruins and there is no hope left, or is it?
We are on our own, picks up the fight against the angdoms (a word for angels and demons)

If 2 ending: Pretty much the same as the one above.

If 3 ending: This is more or less likely to be same old diablo 3 concept. (Diablo 3 story all over again, execept for a few diffrent things like, locations, characters and so on, but the main goal would still be the same)

I don't know, I just came up with something..anyway..I would really like to battle a few humans :)
Notice a quiet whisper saying "I am free" when Diablo is defeated and falling down from the Crystal Arch. It must be Leah. Maybe we will have to go to the shadow realm OR EVEN into the Soulstone itself and fight for Leahs soul. We might even encounter the other evils such as Andariel, Mephisto, Baal in the expansion. I am sooo looking forward to the expansion.
Diablo III - Wrath of the Angel (Expansion Pack)

Not sure if mentioned before, but a possible future villain could be the Prophet that put the Enchantress to her 1500 year long sleep.
This person is only mentioned once, but is (was) obviously a powerful person who could have plotted for the creation of the Prime Evil, and could see the future and with it the defeat of Diablo. What is his plan was to seize the new Black Soulstone?
In addition, the enchantress had sisters she keeps mentioning - they could be the Prophet's army.
Two words...

Chovetus, Shen
Seriously Blizzard if you guys come out with an expansion please change these features:

1- Please take out the auction house.
2- Please do something with the magic find because right now we can't find any good weapons plus we can't even find legendary items, set items etc.
3- Please put back the Paladin character
4- Please put back the heal potions like they were in Diablo 2. It's annoying waiting 30 seconds to heal back.
5- Please put back a quest that we could socket an item.
6- Please give back the spell teleport to the sorc like in diablo 2.
7- Please give us the control to build up our own stats (Strength, Dexterity, Vitality etc) and same thing for the spells.

I think that Diablo 2 was the best I played Diablo since 1996 when the first came out. And now diablo 3 I played only 100 hours + and i am already bored and stuck in Act 3 Inferno because my gear sucks and I can't find any good gear Plus i have 300% MF. And to be good in this game you have to buy items that are 30,000,000 millions gold that is just ridiculous sorry to say this but it's dumb. I though I was gonna be gaming all night long on this game like D2 but the real situation isn't that after all. I had 60 friends palying online from my Facebook ans right now as we speak I have about 5 friends still playing. I thinks there something wrong ???? Only after 6 months the game is out ? Diablo 2 was running for 10 years or more and people still play it and talk about it geez.

My 2 cents
Im a firm believer in alot of whats being said in this thread. I also think that as a twist, we are somehow going to have to face the other evils again as thralls of terror, and have to free them from diablo's control. I believe we may even have to get their help do defeat the threat of an Imperius/Diablo combination.

Thinking that the whole reason diablo 3's storyline existed was to goad imperius into a situation where he would benefit his enemy is pure genius on Diablo's part(and i guess in turn on diablo's writers which is why i have so much love for this series)

I also think theres a chance we may get to see the land that Covetous Shen keeps blabbing on about, and we may be introduced to a whole new evil there, much like the Hellfire expansion of Diablo 1.
as i see it, we can pretty much expect an expasion in may 2013 perhaps june... since the LoD expasion for D2 was released 1 year later then D2 :)
If we want to follow the release schedual :)
So.. one black soulstone with all the seven souls of the prime evils, all together they will create an Hybrid, Ultra Evil. Baal, Belial, AzModan, , Diablo, , MePHIsto, DuRiel Andariel=BeMoDiaPhiRiel

It might sound as a joke but Bemodiaphiriel will be the Ultimate evil. I don´t know how many heads or hands but for sure he'll be BIG. :D

A more ordered evil might be Tathamet. Adria is pissed off because she didn't manage to do many things with Diablo. So she found his soulstone, that is actually his petrified heart -whatever- and she resurrects this seven headed dragon of pure evil.
Diablo III: Tathamet
If you ask me an expansion or Diablo 4 is in high order!
What shouldn't be in the expansion..
- Villain monologues
- Villain holograms delivering monologues
- Villain holograms delivering monologues pretending to think I give a damn
- The Butcher(s). I think he was butchered enough in D3 and now they tell us that he isn't unique??? nooooo...!
- Izual.. just let him R.I.P pppllleeeeeaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeee
- Leah. (some may disagree here)
- Stupid NPCs who are so obvious I know they're turncoats

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