How to farm for inferno

I have reached inferno,
tried alot but its soo boring I am dying too fast.
few hits from normal mobs killing me.
Dying 93048234 times to kill a champ pack.
took half or more hours.
I think my playstyle is ok but Items are SUX.

I use 1h+shield
Frenzy(stun rune)
Seismic Slam (stun rune)
Leap (armor rune)
Stomp (24 yard pull rune)
War Cry (life+regen rune)
Quake (no fury+lower cd rune)

Passives : Supersition / Juggernut / Tough as Nails

I can't dps properly hit-run-kite wait for cd's etc.
So I decided to farm hell but how.

I gues I should farm ACT 3 or 4?
Or should I focus on gold and buy some items from AH?

How to farm to get my barbarian ready to play inferno?
I'm at the same page as you are, my item sucks in inferno and I need to farm as well.
Almost got same skills as you but i use overpower and revenge with heal runes instead of quake and stomp.

I tried to do both act 3 and 4 on hell, i noticed that i get more gold and yellow items on act 3.
But I wonder if the items lvl are higher in act 4 or if it's higher chanec to get a lv 60 legendary/set in act 4 if it even drops there?

AS well, what gear stats should you go for if you want to tank in inferno? Is it pure vitality and resistance with thorns?!Sga!cbbacZ

This is my current build.. It wrecks havoc on any champion / rare pack on hell act 4 and inferno act 1...
it's the gear , i'm farming act I inferno in 3 hours full run from 1st quest to butcher , doing 95% of the elite packs
that was my first problem to when i reached inferno
barbarian is a gear dependent class
u're build is fine i had similar build
Using this build on inferno!bVU!cabccZ

have 40k hp. 32% Phy res. 25% each other res. 65% Damage reduction. Dont have problem in solo play on inferno!Sga!cbbacZ

This is my current build.. It wrecks havoc on any champion / rare pack on hell act 4 and inferno act 1...

No passive deffensive skill..
I think your gear is fine.!Sga!cbbacZ

This is my current build.. It wrecks havoc on any champion / rare pack on hell act 4 and inferno act 1...

No passive deffensive skill..
I think your gear is fine.

Running with 60% dmg reduce and all resistances are about 50%.. 11k dps and 32k hp.. Wearing a 2hander.. so yeah for melee its all about the gear as you said
To be honest, don't try to tank it. You need to be a hybrid, specially for rare packs.

The longer mobs stay up the bigger problem it'll be for you. You basically have a ~20 second window to clear a pack of 5-10 mobs before getting nuked down.

Personally, i have a very nice 1H and sheild with the following stats:

1- Damage: ~10k
2- 67% armor
3- 42k hp


1- War cry (dodge)
2- Ignore pain (duration)
3- Wrath (damage) - alot of people go dodge but the key here is to nuke them down asap. Believe it or not but 1H sheild barbs can dish out immense dmg.
4- Call (ancients) after popping wrath, the ancients benefit from your damage. Thus why #3 should be the 100% rune and not dodge.
5- Revenge (provocation) - duh!
6- Frenzy (damage)

Don't bother with stuns and such. For most of act 1 / 2 you'll have to initiate with CDs, let them reset before rushing in again. For packs of 2-3 mobs you need a minimum of ignore pain to nuke them down (provided you have a base damage of around 10k)

It sucks atm but you need the above mentioned stats for basic progression. For champion packs with molten/fire chains/vortex/wallers - don't even bother. You WILL die 5-6 times and post maintenance they seem to reset HP very quickly. It's a very RNG fight at this point.
Well I never get one single good item from farming hell. So i bought 1h wep for 500k a go farm act1 inferno very easily

I think my playstyle is ok

I've had some reasonable success with a tanky rend based build, finished act 1 last night with;

32k hp
300 all resists
60% armour
7.5k dps

Most of my gear is 57-59 and cost a total of 300k on the A/H!

It takes a long time to kill things and for molten/fire chains there's a lot of kiting untill one of them is down, however it definately works and i manage to get 4-5 stacks on all butcher runs without any trouble.!ebU!cZcccZ

What i'd like to know, in return for my input; what are you all doing to farm gear?
I figured butcher runs with stacks would be the best method before A2, but in the last 20 or so hours doing it i've had one minor upgrade and a few <30k sellables, the rest gets broken down.

Stats self buffed are

Block Chance 14%
Block Damage 2.1K
74% Damage Reduction from Armor
PR 27%
AER 14%
Hp 51K
HP-PS 650
Life Steel Per hit 490
Movement Speed 19%
Damage 9.2k

For trash, just nuke em, you will never die if you use revenge whenever it procs.

As for Elites, if they don't have ground effect Damage(Plague or Fire and such) just tank them and nuke them with Frenzy and Revenge spam and Keep Leap on CDfor 300% more armor, i get 90% damage Reduction every time i use it so out of every 10 sec, 4 Sec i take no damage.

I started using that build yesterday only and cleared half of act 1 in inferno with 4 times dying only and that was cause of mortar jailer Fire packs, cause i had to hit and run for while cause if you stay close to take ground area damage you will die so every time Leap is ready i use it and nuke for 4 sec and run again for 6 sec and and do it again.

PS: use a Templar Companion with you with Heal and taunt as skills he will make things much easier.

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