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Every time I go to play Diablo 3 it restarts at random times. The longest I have gotten to tplay the game so far was 15 minutes. Does anyone know why this would be? I don't get any windows errors when I reboot or any errors before my computer restarts. It just shuts off.
I did a software check on system requirements lab and my software is fine.
it's not just him. I haven't done anything to my computer for a long time. All of a sudden after i installed D3 i'm getting random reboots. plz fix this is super annoying.
ur computer might be overheated or reaching over the top of what it can handle.

whats ur speccs?
ur computer might be overheated or reaching over the top of what it can handle.

whats ur speccs?

and I was thinking it might be over heating too, but when that happens an alarm goes off to tell me its over heating. I'm going to get some compressed air and blow everything out just in case though.

The picture above are my specs, maybe that's the reason?
qtips here's another thread with a blizz employee response but does nothing to help.

try posting there and see if we can get more attention.
Im also having the same issue. I have no problem with any other blizzard games. Im using a Nvidia 8800GT, windows 7, 4Gb DDR3, PSU 650. Any ideas ?

Also CPU is running at 54C
i can only get ingame for like a minute, or two (if im lucky) and my pc just reboots. no warning no nothing.
tried monitoring all the temperatures in my pc and nothing exceeded 45-50C
even reinstalled my whole OS TWICE, tried on both xp and win7.
while im in the game it runs smoothly, i can even run the game on full gfx and yeah i tried lowering the graphics to foreground 20 and background 1 fps with 800*600 res + all the settings on low/disabled, but same sh*t happens. (also got newest drivers ofc)
this is so hopeless.
by any chance, does anybody have a solution for this or maybe an ''out of box'' idea cuz im all out.
and btw this has never happened to me on any game.
Man this really sux! I've tried so many different options and nothing changes. Got to play just over 30 minutes though, longest run for me so far. Man I'm trying to be patient but this is really getting ridiculous. My whole system just reboots, like with so many other's have mentioned on other posts. Some buddies and me were going to try and quest together but can't because of this. Now they hate me and call me a loser and won't talk to me anymore and call me all kinds of names. Not really but this is so messed up. GeForce 560ti (Using Beta drivers now), Fans all working, Heat is under control, Win 7, blah blah blah. My system is more than capable to play this, if only it will let me. Bliz, cmon man, you can do this. Help us out here.
same thing it keeps rebuting my comp
Some thing happens here .. every now and then i get a restart ..
everything is upto date (latest drivers etc)

GeForce GTX 460
AMD Phenom2x4 499 3.2 ghz
Hey guys, here's how I fixed my pc from crashing every 30 mins or so while trying to play D3. My pc kept restarting every 30 minutes, give or take, when I was playing diablo 3 but I saw a blue post about it and the issue was my radeon 4800 hd wasn't supported and that is what was caused it. AMD released a hot fix for some of the radeon cards that were having these issues with D3 and Skyrim and I just put that in today and my pc isn't crashing anymore when I play. So you might want to check out your drivers and see if there are any hotfixes.

here's a link to the hotfix that fixed the problem for me:
Same here for me. Got an i7 2700k with a gtx 670.. Its very frustrating, never tried in any game before.
Likewise here. I have an i7, ddr3, and GTX 560 Ti. Sometimes I can't even load the game and it just reboots the computer, no warning either.

I updated to the latest nVidia driver, and switched hard drives, and RAM. Nothing seems to work. Other games seem to work without a hitch.

Haven't tested the temp, but based on Pesmerga's response, I would guess it's a software / driver issue at hand...

Pretty annoying.
I have seen a lot of people posting that they are getting random restarts when they play D3 on some pretty nice machines.

If there is no heating issue I would check is the power supply.

I had a random restart problem when I got my 560 ti soc sli set up. I had a 750 watt psu and it couldn't even handle a single 560 ti soc when I wanted to play a game on max settings without restarting my computer.

If you have a crappy PSU, when you stress your machine you will get voltage spikes that ultimately cause your computer to reset. A good PSU will have have a strong v-rail that won't fluctuate when under stress--your computer won't restart!

When you all run out of things to check and you're about to rip your hair out, buy a good 1k watt PSU and see if that fixes the problem.

Hope it helps!

i lost my hardcore character. when the computer rebooted she was dead.

i7 930
'm also having the same problem with Diablo. i used to play Fifa 12 all days before Diablo III and i never got this kind of problem. Like some people, i've checked temperatures...all ok. It can't be just a coincidence.
This issue needs to be addressed so I'm probably going to bump this until we see a blue post. The PSU voltage spikes are not the main issue here, and even if they were, this issue is too common to be ignored. At the least they need to patch certain capabilities for the game to be run in a mode of some sort that disables certain features for better voltage handling.

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