Dean's hell+ barbarian guide!

This guide wont be for the faint hearted so ill apologise for the length in advance, However i plan to go as in depth as i can to make sure anyone reading this guide from level 50 will be able to get to 60 as fast and as efficent as i did.

Here's my char just to prove i know what im talking about :x -

Little bit about me before we get into the guide, im an avid gamer have been for the last 10 years, i love to theorycraft and get the maximum potentiol out of every situation i can, this means i sacrifice cosmetic looks, "fun" things, useless items ect ect, i like to be as good as i can be.

I started D3 at launch, have since hit 60 and completed diablo 3 on hell difficulty, mainly solo playing. i have done some co-op in all acts but the majority was all solo play.

Table of content's

0 - Intoduction to the guide
1 - Stat's / Gems
2 - Item's
3 - Build's
4 - Hell
5 - Follower's
6 - Gold management
7 - Inferno ( will be updated as i progress through it )

0 - Introduction to the guide!

Let's begin, This guide is obviosly for the barbarian its mainly a solo guide but could easily be used in co-op play, Its all from my own experience, i hope if you have a question about anything it get's answer, if not please post below and ill try my best to answer it, Im by no means the best barb in the world, im just going to put down what i found worked, what i found didnt work and what to avoid in general.

Some quick notes, This guide is foccused around a 1H/Shield build and playstyle, ive noticed over the last few days post's from people who are refusing to even use this, So if your one of those people stop reading now as this probly wont benefit you alot.

This guide is for Hell and beyond only so being level 45 or above so you have time to work on gear/build is needed. i dont really want to write big segments on normal and nightmare as i found them very easy and both are easily doable in pretty much any build you like with the right gear. Alltho if you are stuck in normal or nm feel free to ask me any question you have and ill try my best to answer.

1 - Stat's/Gem's

Ok, Lets start with stat's when i hit level 50 and went to hell i had around 26k health unbuffed and around 1700 dps, And let me tell you, i got my !@# handed to me! what i think most people stuck in hell are doing wrong is what i was, bad build's combined with bad gear wont get you very far, After i upgraded my gear with new stats i flew through hell A1 very easily.

Main stat's are

Strengh - Provide's your damege and protection
Vitality - provides HP
Added damege - This concern's your weapon/rings/Amu very nice stat to have
Armor - Speaks for itself, important to get as much as you can.

the rest of the stat's range from a little useful to no use at all, You need a good balence of Strength / Vitality to do well in hell, This was my problem, my health was high but my damege output was awful, I got the idea that at level 50 i wanted 2500 dps and over 20k hp unbuffed, i ran NM for gold and upgraded from the AH until i had these numbers, the diffrence was amazing, and when i changed my build it was like i was playing a diffrent char all together!

Learn these stats, there your most important, Stuff like incresed XP, Health globe life, Magic find and maximum fury are all nice, but while leveling there not important, And i should hope everyone allready knows that stuff like intelligence, Dex and incresed mana are obviosly no use to us at all.

Lets move onto gems, Your best friends are ruby's, They go in weapon, Armor, legs and Shield, in your helm you want an amethyst. Let me now stress somthing very important, If you find an upgraded gem, lets say you have a perfect ruby in ure weapon and you happen to find a square ruby, Take the time to unsocket / resocket that weapon, it takes about 10 seconds and boost's ure damege, or health in the case of a helm. This doesnt mean as soon as a gem drops you MUST go to town and resocket the item, it means when you happen to have to go back to town you do this.

2 - Item's

This is one of the most important things in the guide, Diablo 3 is an item based game, you put the best player in the world in hell with bad items and even he will struggle.

Your goal for items are as follow's, Rares > Blues > Legenderys "but wait, arent legendery's awsome?!" Yes, they are. But unless your very lucky and happen to find an item that fits perfectly into ure gear, your going to be using rare's, your also going to be buying them from AH, paying 200k for a legendery that is awsome is ok, but with that 200k you could buy maybe 4-5 rare's that would boost ure stats 3 times more than any legendery.

So, why rares? Well they tend to have more stats than blues, and have more random properties, And they can make a small diffrence. You want to aim for as many sockets as possible, a 50 Strg / 60 vitality blue legs are good, but a 50 strg / 3 soc legs are far far better, gems are very powerful in this game and can boost ure stats immensely.

A helmet with a socket is vital, put a square ametyst in it and you boost ure life by XXX% for exmaple, a helm with 50 Strg / 50 Vital gives you 1750 more Hp, a helm with 50 Strg and a square amethyst gives you 12% of whatever ure hp is, assuming its 25k, thats 3k. Keep that in mind.

Now lets talk about weapon, This is core to your damege and is worth investing some gold in, Again a socket is vital unless you can find a weapon with awsome and i mean awsome stats then usually a nice rare with a socket will do about the same job. weapon is probly the most important part of ure gear.

Next up is shield, You want somthing with a decent block chance, high armor, preferably a socket and some good mods with the stats i listed.

Rings/amus i went for + damege rings, they boost ure damege so much sockets if possible, aim for blue + damege rings unless you can snag a nice rare with decent strg/vital/socket on it, Another good mob for rings is faster weapon speed %, another great boost to ure damege. Amulets seem to have big stats on them, at 50ish my amu had more strenth on it than any other piece of my gear including gemmed items.
3 - Build's

Im guessing this is what most people want to know, So ill go ahead and link it first then explain my reasoning.!bVY!YZbcbb

Now let me explain my choices and why, Before i do that however let me sum up what i feel this build does, Basically this is a survival build meant for clearing big groups of enemys, you can quite easily stand in the middle of 10-25 mobs and be fine at the end of it, you also clear them very fast. You can use this build on pretty much anything, i made a point of clearing every rare/champ pack even the ones that this build would struggle agasint, just to make sure i COULD solo anything.

Cleave + Broad sweep.

This is ure rage builder, Aswell as a high damege Aoe move. This fits well into ure main rotation and is pretty self explanitory.

Somthing i didnt do but would make alot of sense is on a main boss fight change cleave for bash with the damege rune, i didnt do it mainly due to forgetting, but if you have problems this can be a solution.

Rend + Blood lust

Rend is the first thing you use when you have the fury, i tended to do a rotation of Warcry then rend, 2 cleaves, refresh rend repeat. obviosly this is a very basic rotation mainly used on small packs. But try to keep this up indefinatly.

Ignore Pain + Ignorance is bliss

This is ure "Oh crap!" button, Saved my hide countless times, considering your allways in the middle of a pack of mobs ure fury will 99% of the time be full or nearly full when you use this, meaning ure nearly invunrable once you use this, Great to use agasint plague/arcane mobs or if you need a few seconds before a potion cooldown comes up ect, the uses this has are massive, must have skill.

Revenge + Procovation

This is ure absolute bread and butter, this move lets you laugh in the middle of a 20 pack of mobs while ure health bar is constantly being topped up over and over, You take the proc rune becuase it really does make this thing proc every few seconds, and without those procs your going to die alot.

Warcry + Invigorate

Wow, this skill is great! 10% max health meaning you can stack a little more damege rather than vit, 20% armor is also great, And this skill has another awsome use, it gives you 30 fury on use, Very handy for alot of reasons, Mainly being you can use this, Run in, Rend a pack of mobs and before they have hit you, you have life leech ticking.

Earthquake + The mountain's call

this is ure highest dps move, As i said this spec is an aoe foccused spec and no other move i can think of comes close to the power of this, This + Rend + Cleave + Vengence procs makes you an aoe god, champs will lose a good 40-60% health if they stand in this for full duration, also great for kiting agasint those plague mobs / arcane mobs that really hurt.

Nerve's of steel

Not a great deal to say on this, Since youll be gearing some vitality the 100% armor is basically an absolute need, Take this.

Inspiring pressence

Not only is the 2 min shouts a decent addition, what you take this for is the 1% regen of hp, Combine this with warcry and if you have to run away from mobs youll see ure health bar filling up quite quickly, i liked this the moment i took it.

Weapon's master

Ive used a sword for about 8 of the levels out of 50-60, 15% incresed damege is insanely good, the other item i used was an axe, and the crit was very good. However i really reccomend a sword here and keep in mind when shopping on AH that a sword with just a little bit less damege than an axe will probly do more damege with this skill.

I hope you can see what this build is designed for, Massive AoE, less dieing, lots of health regen ( we havent even got to the templar yet ) and all round good damege.

5 - Hell

Ok, let me start from the begining, If you have under 2300 dmg at level 50 i do not advise going to hell. Get over 2300 preferably close to the 3000 mark before you go A1, the jump from nightmare to hell is the biggest before hell to inferno, if youve been upgrading gear from the AH all along you will probly have over 2300 dps, however seeing how i leveled very quickly the AH wasnt as useful as it will be in the comming weeks, What items i could get were massivly overpirced yet i was basically forced to pay. ( When i went 56-60 the AH wasnt even working so i had to use what i could find )

So you have got over 2300 dmg, What now? Now you want over 20k Hp. Get used to the balence. At no point in hell do you want to drop under 2300 dps, or drop under 20k HP. Its fine having 5000 dps at level 50 but if you have 13k hp your going to die alot more than most. So keep that balence.

So you have over 2.3k dmg, and over 20k hp You can begin! Start from the beginning and youll soon see the awsomeness of this build. Before i used this build/got the balence right i must have died around 30 times on the first 5 quests in A1, afterwards i died one time in the whole of act 1, Please bare in mind this spec wont make you invincible, some mobs will casue you ALOT of trouble, mainly plague/arcane/Exploders/Shielders The main struggle i had was plaguers, or poisoners, This spec works becuase you can sit in the middle of mobs and heal up while damaging them, However in a group of elite plaguers you will have to kite. Use ure earthquake and rend and hope for some revenge procs, dont rush these mobs and die for no reason. Most other mobs will be a breeze.

Act 1

Not alot will give you a headache here, your worst mobs are the big tree things that spead plague all over the place, but with practice youll learn to be able to run in hit them, run out and repeat. Bosses are pretty simple, Skelly king is all avoidable, and the mobs he spawns actually help you due to revenge procs and rend, The butcher is also pretty simple, he has alot of HP but aslong as you avoid standing in the fire and dodge his chain/hit combo youll beat him in a few mins.

Act 2

Before you get here make sure to browse AH for some bargin upgrades, Acts do increse in difficulty so dont think youll be able to get to Act 4 in the same gear you did in A1 ( alltho tbh, atleast 50% of my gear i was still using at level 60 due to the AH not working at all at the time. ) Your worst mobs here are undoubtably the flying wasps, They can outrun you so if you managed to snag some move speed boots with great mods your very lucky! rend works a charm on them, those flies they summon wont kill you but can easily catch you off guard and take ure hp right down. The champion versions are even more of a pain, but doable. Bosses are again pretty simple, the end boss took me 3 attempts, its mainly due to moving on his second phase with the poison exploding circles.

Feel free to mess with ure build to compensate more damege. Another note is it may be worth holding onto some high vitality gear here in the second fight i had with him i played very well and when he was at 30% i got very unlucky had his arm swing down on me, then instantly got poison bombed while potion was on cooldown.

Act 3

Argh, this act has some real challenges, Here you meet the exploders, Such an awful mob and every time i died to them i said the same thing "people actually want to play this game on hardcore?!" The most anoying part is they dont explode on ure follower, so you have to run at them, do a U turn and hope you got close enough for them to explode and not be caught in it, Another real pain mob is the Ranged plaugers, you can be aoeing 10 mobs then out of nowhere plague comes under you and you drop, it can be avoided so stay alert, the plus side is these mobs have low hp so 2 rends and they drop.

Azmodan caused me a few problems, took 2 attempts and i wont lie, the second one really took a while, he has 2 moves that really hurt the barb, first is his ground black holes, your forced to move away from azmodan which means your rend/vengence wont proc and if you do get caught in the hole for to long you will die, its very avoidable tho, it just drags the fight out, next move is the fire beam, it will kill you in under 3 seconds if you stand in it, and it follows you around, so again, your forced to move away from azmodan, All these aside just keep earthquaking him and eventually he drops.

Act 4

I did alot of this on co-op, and i wasnt ready gear wise, the first boss encounter we had trouble with alltho solo i think id have done it first try, the boss spawns so many adds ure rend will instatnly top ure hp, i did notice however on hell this boss has crazy damege so thats somthing to watch out for, with proper kiting when needed and keeping rend up, he will drop very fast due to low hp. In terms of mobs and champ group will give you trouble especially in low gear, i cannot explain how the damege was in a 4 player team, it would probly be alot easier solo in good gear however.

I also dont want to comment on izual/diablo yet until i do them solo, last thing i want to do is give bad advice, however check back in 1-2 days and this part will be updated.

Thats it! youve finished hell, Key points here are as follow's, Keep upgrading that gear, i was upgrading atleast every level 50-56, if your level 50 dont try and go hell undergeared, go back to nightmare Act 4 and farm giold for gear, the XP in Act 4 is actually pretty good uptil about level 52 so your not missing out on anything.
6 - Follower's

I should have titled it Follower as there is only 1 choice, The templar. Now before reading on keep this in mind, i did not take all 3 followers in hell and theorycraft which would benefit me the most, i realised in nightmare the templar was saving my butt alot so i stuck with him in hell, and he paid off well.

i built my templar as follows,

Heal - does what it says on the tin, More heals are never a bad thing.
Loyalty - More life regen ontop of you 2 skills that also provide it, Wonderful.
Onslaught - This is where i feel i made a mistake, And ill go into why later.
Guardian - Saved my a good few times, worth taking.

Now onslaught.. Maybe its a great move but i have to confess somthing, i simple didnt gear my templar that well at all, he got my left over weapons but thats about it, his damege is pityful which is why looking back i wonder why i didnt change him to charge, Pick what you will here guys, if your activly gearing ure templar i can see this still being very viable, i simply used him for his healing potential, the damege i easily handled. For exmaple my templar has 4 items under level 40 and there all pretty useless to him, he does however have my old axe wep, but id be lieing if i said i didnt just give it to him for storage :x

looking back i think if i took a bit more time to gear my templar maybe i could have had an active dps partner instead of a healer with me, maybe it would have saved alot of time leveling ect, but its done now.

7 - Gold management

Why include this in a barbarian guide? Well ill tell you, Because i didnt do this in nightmare. And i wish i had done. I spent alot and i mean alot of gold on crafting back in Nm/early hell, i didnt buy an item off the AH until atleast 50-51, which is why my stats were completely awful, If the AH was working while i went 56-60 i can safely say id have leveled alot faster due to the upgrades avalible, Gold is pretty easy to come by i have 200k atm and im waiting for the AH to come back up. Please dont make the mistake i did and waste ure time on crafting hoping to make somthing awsome, someone allready has and its on the AH waiting for you to go grab it.

This is the "formula" i used for upgrading from the AH

Weapon > Armor > Legs > Shield > Helm > Rings > Amu > boots/gloves/shoulders

Weapon is obviosly the most importatnt thing, check my item section if you havent allready to see what ure looking for, this is ure damege in a nutshell, spend wisely tho, there are 100's of viable weapons on the AH at any level, spending 10k more for 50 more damege is pretty silly atleast imo, I was lucky at level 57 i happend to find a 1 handed mace with absolutly awsome stats 1XX Stg / 1XX vit / 3XX Dmg / 1 socket / crit% 44 dmg / 7X-140 fire damege, I was very lucky but let that be a mould for the sorta weapon you want to buy/find at that kinda level.

After weapon comes the armor/legs, becuase there the items with the most sockets, Get ureself a sexy rare chest with some strg/vit and 3 sockets and that will last you till 60. same with legs, Shield helm come after that, make sure you allways check what block % the shield has aswell as the stats, and make sure the helm allways has a socket! Next is rings/amus both can get sockets and the +dmg modifier, After that is items that cannot get sockets, Theretically you want to upgrade everything, often.

Now me and a friend were debating earlier about what to do with blues we found, I from the moment this game lauched till 2 hours ago have never sold a blue/rare to a vendor, i have also never sold anything on the AH due to complete lazyness, Tho i REALLY reccomend you do so, now im 60 i will be selling everything i think is worth more to me in gold that salvaging mats, but please, be realistic people! a few times ive seen some really really good rares on the AH, they might be twice as good as my current item but then you see a 1 million gold price tag? why waste ure own time.

Thats about it for gold management, Dont waste it, allways keep 3000 in ure bags for repairs incase 1 pack of mobs just wont let you kill them ( had a friend join me and beg for repair money haveing spent all his on crafting -.- )

Note - There will be further upgrades to this guide however im tired after spending an hour writing this, Come back in a couple days for more updates, id love to hear your views on the guide in general and anyway i could improve it.
7 - Inferno

Stay tuned!

his guide will not be grammar perfect until i have fully written it, Please bare with me if your reading this before the edit.
I was looking for somethign like this since I just arrived in Hell dif. and having a very hard time.
Waiting for 3 - Builds, really having trouble with my own barb
19/05/2012 04:57Posted by Sigoth
This guide will not be grammar perfect until i have fully written it, Please bare with me if your reading this before the edit.

Common man I bet you're a perfectionist and there's nothing wrong with that.Whats wrong with some typos?Who the hell comes here as a grammar !@#$ in a topic which is supposed to help people?that's just being a douche and if someone does,screw them.
5071 damage
3148 armor
900 strength
22671 health unbuffed + War cry is around 24k

act 3 hell, I almost 1 shot every single mob in act 3.

Warth of the berserk (Increase damage will have this skill active) + Frenzy ( Chance on stun glyph) = Win or 2 stacks frenzy + hammer = 1shot (18k crits atm)

All gems are: Vit +34 str +34

On a 3-4 pack rare elites I use ground at the moment I will inflict combat add 5 stacks of frenze + Wrath of the berserk and spam hammer of "" (forgot it)!
5071 damage
3148 armor
900 strength
22671 health unbuffed + War cry is around 24k

act 3 hell, I almost 1 shot every single mob in act 3.

Warth of the berserk (Increase damage will have this skill active) + Frenzy ( Chance on stun glyph) = Win or 2 stacks frenzy + hammer = 1shot (18k crits atm)

All gems are: Vit +34 str +34

On a 3-4 pack rare elites I use ground at the moment I will inflict combat add 5 stacks of frenze + Wrath of the berserk and spam hammer of "" (forgot it)!

This is a mystery to me .. how do you get items that boost your stats so much like that?I reached hell today with half yellows looking always for vit and str and I'm nowhere near that,is there some secret for getting such good items? I always get crap combinations of stats on my drops..
Luck or coop with some nice buddys that share their loot woth someone that benefits from it^^
I hate that someones are whining about that they cant beat hell.
Half of my equipment is bought from merchants and i can still solo hell easily....

And thanks man you gave me good information! keep it up, cant wait for inferno guide :)
Very nice and well done mate! Cutos!
19/05/2012 08:49Posted by Raz
Very nice and well done mate! Cutos!

your welcome :)
Hi, nice guide. Just wondering about your builds mobility. I have a 60 barbarian and it seems like surviving without leap or furious charge is very difficult in hell and above.
19/05/2012 12:26Posted by Grimfoe
Hi, nice guide. Just wondering about your builds mobility. I have a 60 barbarian and it seems like surviving without leap or furious charge is very difficult in hell and above.

the way i played the spec was agasint normal mobs id just stand there, i wouldnt have to worry about "getting away" However, agasint bosses/champs/rares id be constantly moving, For example, Rend move, cleave, move, vengence, move once you get into the rythum its actually pretty awsome.
Thanks for the guide, this has helped me a lot.
Great guide, exactly what I needed to refer to. I hope you keep the gear section updated as more people find endgame items.

For an AoE build, would the passive Brawler be a better option than Tough as Nails?
I just want to point out...

It is possible to respec your follower at any time for free.
Right click his portrait and choose retrain, that way you can play around with the skills on them and find out what suits you best.
Yeah, im using a similar build. Entered hell today, didnt notice it being all that hard :) ofc champion packs arcane/waller/desecrate can be a b*tch :) Great guide, let us know if its viable in inferno.
I have a question: how about resistances? Do you use them? Without poison resistance for example, isn't Ghom pretty tough?

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