Best Place to Level up?

Quests and Achievements
Im level 41 in nightmare got to act3..

Is there any particular place or quest i can do repeatedly to gain fast xp?
Is it better to get xp from normal or nightmare quests? (norm being faster and easier to do)
Running Azmodan is the fastest way to level up.
20/05/2012 14:52Posted by Ripped
Running Azmodan is the fastest way to level up.

Yep, I definitely agree with you on this. Rushing Azmodan over and over again will net you very fancy XP. Just make sure to finish the subsequent quest every time as well.
Is that in normal difficulty?

is it better on my own or with players?
In Nightmare, you get 44,800 for killing Azmodan and 44,800 for the cutscene afterwards on the tower + 4-5k gold each run. Me and my mates got this down to 2 minutes a run (including creating a game) We did it solo (me downing boss and everyone joining just at 2%)
whimshire runs!!!!!! lol, grab 5 stacks before u do your thing

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