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how the hell do i find this place

i've searched online and no one is entirely sure (i.e during a certain quest or difficulty) but i just can't get it to spawn!

for those that don't know development hell is a secret dungeon that spawns in the cemetery of the forsaken in act 1 where all the enemies are named after people who worked on D3 and the guy at the end is jay Wilson a purple mob and grants a feat of strength for killing

I'm on nightmare and have killed leoric and constantly gone on and off for an hour and a half now trying to get it to appear but no luck

is there something I'm missing???
i found the place, but i didnt make the connection, i thought i was playing on hell, while i was supposed to be playing on inferno, so i quit before completing the dungeon "doh".

But it does exist, and eventually you will find it.
it just doesn't want to spawn tho...
im just assuming you have out the staff together?
24/05/2012 21:45Posted by Extz
im just assuming you have out the staff together?

It's a random spawn of the dungeon in the crypt's when looking for the skelly King. The staff is for the pony level
ah, my bad :) theres no staff then, forget me ever talking about a staff.

and most important, never try to find this staff that doesnt exist.
It can randomly be one of the 3 Crypts in the Cemetery of the Forsaken.
finally found it after about 2 hours searching
Just got it now. Had the to find the chamber of suffering. Went to the cemetary to get the valor buff tho, and found it. Was on inferno mode.

I didn't realise it was a special place, before i saw the text under their names :p couldn't find Chris metzen tho. Could he have been the Champion mob standing outside the entrance? didn't look at his name, as i was busy keeping myself alive :/
Does it spawn on Normal? I've heard people say they have found it on Nightmare, Hell and Inferno. Has anybody found it on Normal?
I was in there on normal - got invite from a friend and had a laugh!!

sadly I didnt see any betatesters, we really wanted to kill those...

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