Error 37, Busy servers.... Seriously

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30/05/2012 19:21Posted by Ecliptica
Matroshka they deleted a few of my posts also.
yes,becuase they hate constructive critic to their adress, because they are hairy and eating bananas and something like implement code is beyond their obviously little brain. Chiquita !
Why so serious?

America vs Europe? I think i will move to Americe,

"We're all living in America,
We're all living in America,
Amerika, Amerika."

I hope all those who have negative attitdue get banned or their heroes gots deleted! ;=)

Don complain, do something else? Get a boardgame and ask somebody to paly whit you? :P

But thats true, serve down for few hours! Even LoL (leagues of legends) didnt ahve that long maintence on their server! ;=)

They are amatours !
How the hell is this possible: I am trying to log in for like hour and half now and a friend of mine logged instantly?? Is this affecting just certain players? Why don't we get some more info on this issue? Why?
I'm going to submit a new support ticket every time I get an error 37. See how them !@#$ers like it.
Crap, and i thought i will play tonight after a long day working, never expected this from bliz..
I will certainly NOT recommend people and friends to buy Diablo3 - it's doomed if this keeps up, what like 20 hour downtime a month ? its amatures that runs this service geeze.
And are we free to build new characters in US / servers ? -anyone know ?
the only encounter i cant defeat in Diablo3 inferno mode is FKN LOGIN !, cant beat it no matter how fast i press buttons, can type my 11 digits password in less than half of a second, i can dodge and avoid all buttons around, i wear my best items including antiglare glasses, and i cant beat that sh1t, pls help..
i can't log in either error 37!!!!!
Error 37:
30/05/2012 19:24Posted by Zerfallz
Crap, and i thought i will play tonight after a long day working, never expected this from bliz..
its like stab to back from mother,i understand you mate,same here.....dont hate game,hate blizzard
Seriously I think I was patient enough giving them two weeks. Game was unplayable for me during the first one, and (mostly) playable with some issues during the second. Now my patience reached its limit. How long, the hell, I need to wait to finally play a game I paid lots of money for, without constant fear that I won't be able to login?
Come on...
m sorry but this made me laugh this morning the game was fine no issues at all, lunch time again it was fine no problems at all.
Since about 1:30pm GMT I have had this issues consistantly. The utterly useless advice of keep trying is pointless. 40 Seconds hmm ? No sooner have I hit teh enter key to login Bam error 37 its like 2secs if that.
Just keep trying.... ok ive tried about 15times and still nothing. I enjoy diablo, but really I am wishing it was made by another company / allowed offline play. I dont want to spend 20mins entering my password all the time.
This isint the first time this issue has arose and I am sure it wont be the last... its just a lame pain in the !@# and relaly something a compmay as big as blizzard should have forseen / or fixed properly after the first few times.

Agree 100%. it's not like they don't have the resources to do it.
Seriously after 2 weeks you can't get your s**tty servers to work properly?
been getting error 37 all day now... am sick of it

i paid money for a game i thought i could play.. not for a game that was only suitable as a drinks coaster if you do not have an online connection or the manufacturer cant be bothered to provide adequate servers to cover the traffic

you can take a million years to make the next one.. i know i will never again pay money for a game i am forced to log in to and play online!!
They just shouldn't have made it a MMO. I totally liked the principle in DII, where having an internet connection for actually playing the game, wasn't mandatory.
can some1 please hurry up and crack this game for offline mode? no interest whatsoever in online mode or the AH.

Mega glitchy game, that i can't play on 3 out of 4 computers, all which meet the system requirements.

all i wanted was to complete the diablo saga, and now i can't even login to play solo.

waste of £50.00


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