Login and Auction House Issues – 31/05/2012

General Discussion
Error 37 and Error 3006
We're aware that many players are receiving "Error 37" and “Error 3006” when logging into the game. Error 37 indicates that the authentication service (the step that verifies your username and password, and checks to see that you've agreed to the Terms of Use) for Diablo III is experiencing a high volume of traffic and cannot immediately process your login attempt. We're working to reduce the frequency at which players are prompted with this error message and ensure that everyone can log in and play as quickly as possible.

Auction Items
We're also continuing to investigate latency affecting search results, active auction lists, posting auctions, and successful sales and purchases on the gold auction house, and hope to have all transactions running smoothly as soon as possible. Please note that while these issues may cause a temporary delay in having purchased items appear in your Completed tab, your items have not been lost. If you do not see your purchased items immediately, please wait and try again later. This also applies if you are experiencing difficulty transferring gold from your Completed tab to your character’s stash. Though your sales and purchases may not appear in your auction log, those transactions have still been recorded and should process within 24 hours.

Auction House Error 31073
Players will sometimes receive "Error 31073" when attempting a transaction on the auction house. This is an intentional measure to help improve auction house stability by throttling the number of auctions that can be created at any given time. To that end we plan on updating the messaging that accompanies this error in a future patch to better describe why players are receiving it. If you receive this error message when attempting a transaction you should wait a few moments and try again. While we understand this is an inconvenience, our goal is to ensure a more stable auction house experience for everyone.
Error 14009 and 315300
We're still looking into these issues, but a a player workaround is available in the meantime. If you are experiencing either of these issues and are using Windows, create a new user account with administration powers (http://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/error-315300). From there, log into Diablo III. Please also be sure that you are not copy-pasting your password into the password field as this will enter it incorrectly.

Grayed-Out Login Button
Please make sure that you are using your Battle.net email address and password to log in to the game. Do not attempt to log in with your BattleTag.

Character Creation Issues
While most of the character creation issues have been resolved, it's possible that if you attempted to create characters previously and did not log out, you may have actually maxed out your character list with "invisible" characters. If you are still receiving an error creating new characters, log out and log back in and then check your character list.
Update 31/01 - 21:00:
The service is now available again but you can continue to see error 37 while the load is high. The authentication process can take up to 30-40 seconds. Please wait for this process to complete instead of cancelling and restarting the login.

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