Diablo 3 Wont INSTALL!!

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When i try to install Diablo 3 it get stuck on 41%!!! HELP!
same problem here...

with the disc injection or digital download stuff -.-''
Hey guys

check this out .... http://www.keenandgraev.com/2012/05/12/diablo-3-stuck-updating-setup-files-fix/

good luck

Aristidis from Athens Greece
my game is stuck at 0% on the install bar. any ideas why it wont install???
servers are down, unable to download game...
no they're not, and I am having the same problem
I also had problems installing D3. I found out it was due to some anti malware software from pc tools. Uninstalling that sofware and running the installer as administrator fixed it. So perhaps disabling the runtime protection of your anti-virus or anti-malware will fix it.
thanks much
donwload US versie that will work , change it after instalation to EU

When i try to install Diablo 3 it get stuck on 41%!!! HELP!

Rerun the downloader. I had the same problem. There is a page on the error you get (108) on the support page.

But you don't have to hurry, servers are down.

It took me 7 hours, 2 downloads and 3 failed installs to get it working. When it finally did, I found I can't play this single person game, because Blizzard broke their servers....

Great huh?

When i try to install Diablo 3 it get stuck on 41%!!! HELP!

One does not simply install Diablo 3.
We told you to not vote ACTA :)
Don't bother to install, servers are down anyway ...
Wouldn't worry about it if you got in stalled you will just be faced with Error 3003 and won't be able to play anyway. My advice take the disk out of your computer and take it back for a full refund.
Get the right downloader.
Tried to install Diablo 3 on two different computers and one laptop. If its not one thing its another. I've !@#$ing had it. Does anyone know if its possible to bring the game back to Walmart and get a FULL refund?
Yeah going here might work. Just replace his with your old one.... http://www.gamefront.com/files/21699449/D3+-+Battle.net+Files.zip I try to go to here and it wont allow me. Pissed about that. But it might work for you guys though. Good luck. :)
I install the game get to 69% and it fails it says (failed to download a required file check connection and try again) i have checked connection, reinstalled it liek10 times now tried to run as admin, changed compatibility, and set the secondary login anyone else have any ideas?
mine does the same thing did you figure it out

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