why is my game lagging so much :S?

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Hey so i just bought i diablo 3 today and well it i barely play it because i am getting insane lag, now i looked into it i went to task manager and set it to high priority no difference which i didnt really expect to be honest btw. Anyway i played the open beta and all settings were on hight apart from a few being on medium and it was working fine it was running smooth, however now when i put the settings on all medium it lags like hell i can hardly move... So i went on the website "canyourunit" im sure you have heard of and looked at it for diablo 3, it said my laptop failed and it was the graphics card which did it said diablo 3 required 256mb and i only had 64mb i eas extremely confused at this because i knew it was impossible, so i ran the test again but this time for starcraft 2 and it said that i had 1.7GB of graphics card memory so i dont understand why it is saying diablo 3 has on 64mb. And i just tested diablo 3 on low settings with 800x600 resolution and taht works okish and thats just terrible so i dont know how to fix it.

I have got a fairly new laptop and it worked fine in the beta so why not now :S?
Laptop Specs - http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/product/Satellite-C660-1LD/1119130/toshibaShop/false/
i also have checked for updates on my drivers and they are all updated
I'm having the exact same problem. All of my graphics are at the lowest possible setting and all of my drivers are completely updated. I've made it to the Butcher, but I can't possibly beat him because my demon hunter cannot move or perform any action in a correct time frame. What convinced me this was the issue and not poor play on my hand was the fact that I could see my demon hunter hit the Butcher, but the arrows and the boss were in completely different directions.
I've had a few problems so far with the game lagging/lacking... but nothing more than just a bit frustrating... But now I can't get any further - I'm on act IV and every single time I try I die, because absolutely nothing happens for up to 10 seconds and then a LOT of things happen simutaniously and always with the same result - I die... Now I've tried this somewhere in between 20 and 30 times and I've been told that it has nothing to do with my computer or my graphics card, but it is simply just that the server(s) used by blizzard are almost too heavily protected (anti-virus) - and hence the lagging/lacking... It is great that blizzard tries to protect us from virus-jerks, but if it severely damages gameplay - well...
I've always loved Diablo I and II and was getting to like D3 as well - but now I feel like using all the worst words and names and I've started regretting buying the game... When I try to play for a couple of minutes, I've died several times (and facing the consequences of that...) and I really don't think it's that much fun playing a game, which can't be won and where I get to play for about 20 seconds between each death (and of course you have to listen to the same rabble everytime because it is one of the final stages in the game)... And this is on 'normal mode'...

What a shame and so effin ridiculous at the same time

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