Best DPS Barbarian Items

Alright, so someone made a thread about the best tank items for Barbarians. Now, I've been 5x farming act one for a while as a tank, and quite frankly, it's boring as hell.

So I've decided to go DPS barb, like Kongor, even if that means I'll have to die a million times. I'll just wait and hope that Blizzard fixes barb so we can actually progress with DPS spec, without having to spend 100 million gold on gear before we can do act 2 and beyond as DPS.

Which leads me to my question; Does anyone know of any awesome DPS barb items?

So far what I've found is:

You should look for high crit rate/dmg items.
Most important is weapon with really high crit dmg (if 2 hander at least 130% crit dmg, if DW then 100%+ crit dmg per each weapon).
Then you stack STR and dont forget to get some defensive stats ,since going full DPS is as stupid as going full tank.

So most favorized mods on items:
- attack speed
- crit rate/dmg
- VIT/life%
- hp steal/hp on hit/hp on kill
- all resistances/physical resist or INT (but it give small amounts)
- reduced dmg from melee
- armor
-DEX (get at least 500dex for 20% dodge chance)

Those stats i usualy want on my items ,though the order of importance is your choice, the best is to have godly items that have it all lol.

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