Best way to kill Belial?

Demon Hunter
So, I'm playing on a level 24 or 25 Demon Hunter. I already got pwned by Belial in Act 2 3 times.

Can someone tell me, how you managed to kill Belial with your Demon Hunter?

Some Info:
I'm playing on Normal.
My dps is around 180.
Armor nearly 400 (I mainly go for the bonuses, not the armour).
I've got somewhere around 1000 health.

Still this keeps happening: (This damn forum doens't support [img] )
Just quickly Printscreen'd my screen, after my third death.
If you're wondering what's playing on my left monitor, it's Futurama :D
I've watched a whole season (around 12 episodes) of Futurama and played Diablo 3 the whole time. Many hours, this game is extremely addicting!
When I started playing today, I wasn't even level 10, now I'm over 25. :D
I don't know what skills you're using but for the belail fight it can be good to use a couple of defensive skills to make sure you avoid all damage. Which is easy if you just put your mind to it. I'm using this build and I thought it was rather easy.!aY!ZZZZaa

TIP: If you use your invisibility when he sprays all over the room he will miss you. Vault away from the double arm slam.
Bosses tend to be stamina fights. You don't do a lot of damage but slowly eat away at their health through time. I believe your DPS could improve a bit but that's not the most important thing here.

You need to learn what sort of attacks this boss do and avoid them. Learn to see the signs and avoid all damage being sent your way. Just focusing on survival and making safe attacks will win you the fight.

Vault is your friend in this battle and be on the move constantly.

Your career chip says you can do this.
I assume you have problems with phase 3.
Belial basically uses 3 different attacks (or attack combinations):
The hit combination with his tentacles consists of 3 single hits, one to the left of your screen, the second to the right and a big third one into the middle. You can avoid all of them if you move a step to the right to avoid the first hit and then instantly run to the left to avoid both the second and the third hit. If he spawns the puddle that indicates the location of his first hit right on top of you you probably have to SS the first hit but that shouldn't happen too often.
His breath is easily SS'able if you watch out for the animation.
There are different ways to avoid the green pools he tends to spawn. Some people move towards the pools because they disappear pretty fast, others simply spam SS and keep DPS'ing (I don't recommend this option after the SS nerf). I prefer to just run at the bottom side of the screen all the way from one side to the other, works perfectly fine aswell.
The templar could be helpful for you aswell since he has a few heals and a health regeneration aura and I doubt that Belial oneshots you in normal mode.

I hope this helps.

Edit: Just noticed your build. Add Preperation and either Smoke Screen or Vault. I recommend Smoke Screen even after the nerf since the delay on Vault can really mess up this fight.
Thanks for the tips guys. I'll try again later today, and I'll be sure to try all the tips you gave me :)
So.. I ried again, I changed my setup and well. See for yourselves
Had the same problem myself yesterday, died 5 times in a row. Then i stacked vitality gear and used rapid fire on him.
Lost a lot of dps but the added hp made the fight quite easy. Oh, and vault away from the green goo on the floor :)
I changed my setup a bit, put on the rapid fire. Plus took a neck piece from my Follower that gave me 300 health. Finally.. :D
Abuse smoke screen. Easily the most OP skill a Demon Hunter has and it makes any boss fight easy to be honest. Good to hear you got it done, congrats. :)
If you plan on playing inferno, do yourself a favour and try to kill him without getting hit. Get Smoke Screen with Lingering Fog and Preparation with Backup plan and do it without ever getting hit. You'll need to be able to do it anyway, might as well get used to relying on not getting hit ever.
29/05/2012 14:10Posted by Ecto
If you plan on playing inferno, do yourself a favour and try to kill him without getting hit. Get Smoke Screen with Lingering Fog and Preparation with Backup plan and do it without ever getting hit. You'll need to be able to do it anyway, might as well get used to relying on not getting hit ever.

I like your reasoning here, when I picked up the Demon Hunter I did it in the mentality of "even if I can afford to get hit, I won't, this class has to avoid damage at all costs" and Belial is a very good example. :D
Hey Blacklake1,

I had the same problem. I was lvl 27 and in all fairness, pretty high for my lvl to take on that little boss.. never the less i got my little behind kicked :)

I was sure, that I was good geared (yellow gear isnt that great if its lvl 14 and 17 :P ) so i spend over 60K on AH to totaly gear up my demon hunter.. and then Belial got his !@# handed over xD

When you see these "before and after AH" stats, you will se why i couldnt kill Belial:

Dex: 224 vs. 638
Vit: 185 vs. 755
Armor: 559 vs. 768
Dmg: 160.74 vs. 473.03

Then just for kicks I reset the quest so I could kill him a few times more.. just to show him ;P

Hope that gives you an idea about how high or low your stats may be before you can kill him with ease :) and again remember i was lvl 27, most ppl dont wait that long .. but the Dahlgur Oasis was so cozy to farm in, that i had to wait till i simply couldnt squize another xp off the mobs there :P
What about the inferno mode, have you got any suggestions?
I have 16k health and 31k dps (had 22k dps last time i tried her), and the best shot was a 50% during ph2.
I had problems with adds, the random spawning slowly drained all my disc so I always ended up with Belial or an add 1-shotting me.
Maybe with the new dps i'll have less problems because adds will die much faster and the 2nd phase will last less
@ malyc88

the thing with belial inferno is all about positioning and lining your tentacle shots so that they hit as many mobs as possible allways, it allso helps (imo) to have the entangling shot with + hatered gen rune, makes the refueling so much faster, leaving you with more damage from tentacle shot, it allso may allow you to live and kite the adds a bit to line em up with belial in p2
Was easiest boss on normal. Holymachinegun him, when he starts his big attack animations vault aside and machinegun him again. Didnt get hit once with his big attacks. Vault is the key with this boss.
The only thing that ruins all my plan (and drains my disc) is when an adds spawn exactly when i am standing.

As long as they spawn even 10-20 yards from me I'm surviving, but when they spawn exactly on me (i'm with my back on the wall of 1 side) i have adds behind and ahead of me, and most of the time when i try to move on the other side, more adds spawn/move to me and they i simply have adds everywhere.
I changed my talents a little bit, atm i want to try this!aYe!YcZccb

I hope that with the 50% increased damage due to a lucky AH session, I'll be able to kill adds quickly enough (1-2 seconds) so that even if they spawn on me i'll be able to kill them before they reach me.
Or maybe i'm just using a wrong tactic!
I'm starting to believe the 1% in inferno thing.
The best way to kill Belial with Demon Hunter is:

1. Smoke screen while he sprays you with poison
2. rapid fire and shadow power go together so if you're hp suddenly becomes extremely low from his slams, activate shadow power and use rapid fire to gain all your life back immediately 3. vault so you can quickly grab health globes and evade his slams from time to time
4. hungering arrow since you are up against only a boss and not tons of minions
5. I don't think anyone in this thread has mentioned about getting poison resistance items so try increasing your resistance to mitigate his poison damage
Killed him in 1 try with a random grp, 3 DHs 1 Bard. Inferno.
I think for DH is enought to use Vault and Smoke screen.... if belial'll start to cast his green holes... just move near left side still front... if green holes will be everywhere :D use smokescreen.. u ll avoid all dmg ^^ that my guide to kill him.. 100% working

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