Why there are so few weapon models ?!

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I mean what did you do in Blizz for those last 5 years ?

Im in act 1, I farmed elite packs and after dozens of dead I got some !@#$ty yellow. Really dont have eager to play longer.

Next. Ok I got very nice weapon for tanking. And you know what - SAME MODEL AS IN ACT 1 NORMAL !! Cause there are very few weapon models. Seriously, what have you done for those recent years of D3 producing ?
Oh shut up moaning and enjoy the game

Sorry have to add this but to all you moaning that the game is !@#$ short whatever if you don't like it bugger off i for one and i do admit i may be the only one really enjoy and yes have played all the Blizzard game's blah blah blah who cares don't like it don't play it. Go play something else but then think you would just moan about that as well.
I have also noticed the rehashing of weapons, though since playing D2 I am used to this kind of thing... Just unexpected when they don't do it with armor.

I find it hilarious that I picked up a woden club in Hell difficulty, that was more powerfull than a hugh one handed mighty weapon type axe. It always feels lame when you swap weapons and such when you start a new difficulty.

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