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My drivers are up to date.

This is not a heating issue.

Your game is broken.

Where do I go for a refund?
This is so vague.

If you have an issue, it would be prudent to explain in detail (anything is better than the amount you have given)
Essentially after 5 minutes of play time diablo crashes my pc.

This was only after playing my wizard after act 3 nightmare, before I could play for 5+ hours with no issues whatsoever.

This is an issue with blizzard of which I have had no reply whatsoever, presumably because this game does not require a monthly subsription.

So, is it possible to get a refund on this faulty product?
Saying act 3 nightmare implies you have played through completely once, which further implies that the game itself is not the issue.

In addition some more details on the crash may help, does your PC restart, freeze up, have you got a temperature monitoring software solution (MSI Afterburner) checking your temperatures?

Can you use any other games for longer than 5 minutes?

I know that D3 is a little unstable - i use a GTX480 and i get FPS drop but i highly doubt that the game itself is causing the crashes - the fact you have played through once at least implies that too, nothing has changed with the software from normal to nightmare just the difficulty setting, which, if this is causing your issues would not have waited till Act 3 to show itself.

I'm not in any way defending anything or anyone here, just trying to help with your PC issue (if i can)
Or one could argue the fact that my pc was fine before but this new difficulty crashes it implies this is a D3 issue.

The screen goes black, pc is still on but it make a VRRRRRRRRR sound constantly and then I have to reboot.

I havent yet checked my temperatures, but I doubt this is an issue due to the fact I have never had any problems with any other pc games before or the PC itself.

I appreciate the help, I've updated all my drivers and stuff, but it still seems to be occuring.
Quick question if I may..

Did you recently start nightmare mode? The reason I ask is that Nvidia did release a new driver a few days ago which has been hit and miss for a lot of people, myself included. Is it at all possible that you starting nightmare mode coincided with the new driver update from Nvidia?
Have you tried rolling back to driver version 296.10 to see if the issue persists?

Just a thought....
In all honesty now that i think of it, my issues started occuring with the new NVIDIA drivers, try what Shammoz suggested, i will be also.
28/05/2012 11:48Posted by Aiki
In all honesty now that i think of it, my issues started occuring with the new NVIDIA drivers, try what Shammoz suggested, i will be also.

Would you mind popping back with the results, it is something that has been bugging me and may explain some other player's issues if we can narrow it down to the driver or the installation of it.

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