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Hi ho.

I am a little confused just now ....
was playing with 3 other ppl (inferno farming / what else) and got cicked out of the game --> error 73 temporary no Battlenet service. The same error won´t let me back in.
The Thing that confuses me is the others are still ingame and playing :/


Oh and of cause error 37 is still a prob while i try to log in. Its like error 73 / error 73 /error 37 / error 37 / error 37 / error 73 / error 73 / and so on atm
Im having the same problem. Got kicked out and now its error 73...
Same thing, was playing with people and got kicked, friends are still in the game... what the hell?
same here error 73
indeed same for me, was helping my brother & got kicked while fighting a boss.
now i get the Error 73 message & wont let me put my Auth code in!!!!

Any Ideas??
Same here. Was playing with someone, got kicked and I get error 73 now (if not 37).
SAme here, my friend is still playing the game :S
same playing with GF in same house she still playing and is unavailable
I can understand not beeing able to log in (error 37) if the servers are full but getting kicked out because the servers are to full (i am guessing that is what error 73 does) is ****** up.

Can we get a blue on why this error 73 pops up please?
Did u also have ms spikes before u got kicked out?

I was on 40 ms and then i jumped to 450 for 20 sec then i was down to 40-50 again..

feels like the servers don't feel so good :D
now it's telling me it's Error 37 not 73, ./facepalm!
Funny thing is i was the only one in the group NOT having lag spikes :/
We are still in TS and they complain about lags.

And NO it was not my i-net that kicked me.... Getting thrown out the server is just mean :/
Same for me kicked out then can't log back in
Saaaaame thing
37/37/73/73/37/37/37/37/73/73 .... sigh.
Same here, just before Act III Heart of sin, and there were no checkpoint in long 2 caverns, great...
You know what would be funny ? If error 73 would be something like error 3006 and we wont be able to play diablo for a few days.
Y same too me
Same goes for me to. Tough I wasn't kicked I changed computer. My brother is still inside waiting for me tough, but if it isn't 37, it's 73. Seems like it won't authenticate to battlenet.
Same here... wtf

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