A positive post inspired by all the negativity, that's interesting : p

Edit: The Playlist is awesome, (Skipped a few songs to the middle, was to lazy to make my own playlist :D , and this one is working for me :))
Nice post. I agree that the playlist is a very important point in any grinding game.
So here i share mine :

This thread also reminded me of the "Being relentlessly positive" day 9 daily. (Sc2 players might know that : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCqwwTfXr1Q)
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

And thanks for linking that day9 daily, I have totally missed that episode!
Very good Post Sir! The read was something else beyond the "how to build" or "how to equip" threads. Also I really enjoy that you, XIII shares his playlist. Im often stil hering ingame music, which can get on your nerfes I think..after a while. :D

Best regards!
Man that Trance playlist is damn good listening to it all day while owning mobs :))) Cheers !!
Good to hear!

I've updated the list with a few new songs, will keep on doing so throughout the weekend aswell.
The simple fact that a post like this is needed to play the game is the very reason I've lost interest.

The only motivation I should ever need to play a game is to have fun, and that stops happening too quickly because of a number of reasons (length of the game and pigeon-holed classes post Hell difficulty).

Only motivation I'd have to keep playing is PvP but we all know that is nowhere in sight.
he is working for blizzard
Lol this is a nice thread.
I'm no pro and I haven't reached inferno yet (Still on Act I Hell) but I completely agree with what you said about moderation. You can't sit and farm for 5-7 hours straight and expect to be happy and have fun. Do other things, take longer breaks in your sessions, open theChive or 9gag or something.
good joke about that "music"...

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