LFG to farm Staff of Herding ingredients

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Hi! Due to a foolish error causing me to throw away my infernal staff of herding, I need to farm most of the ingredients again (everything except for the shinbone). I know where to find all these, but as the spawn chance of things is quite low (especially for the liquid rainbow...) it would be quicker to group with a few others and do single player runs until one of us finds the relevant indicators, then join that person's game.

We'll obviously farm them in normal to avoid getting caught up with avoiding mobs. I'd rather you knew what you were looking for (if not I can explain/link to guide) and you definitely movement speed cap (25%) to make these runs faster!

Ashikata#1978 - add me with a relevant note and lets prepare to kill some chubby unicorns.
i am tearing my hair out as we speak, done the same thing as you. Ive added you
nvm, got everything. took 3 hours. Much better luck than the first time i tried.

Leorics shinbone - 4 runs

black mushroom - 20 runs. Only using 1 definitely spawn camp for the stack of mushrooms, right inside the entrance of cathedral act 1, so no exploring wasting time

wirts bell - 100k

liquid rainbow - about 10 runs. 99% of the time you have to run north east from the dahlgur oasis waypoint spawn area. Sometimes however the wp its right on top of the water alley thing. Saw the merchant 2x out of 10 runs, and on the 2nd time the cave had mysterious chest. (dont skip to lvl 2 its often found lvl 1)

Gibbering gemstone - about 10 runs. Using 4 known spawn spots for the cave. 1 right outside the bridge of korsik wp. and one just a bit further northeast from that, 1 to the southeast corner of the map, 1 to the southwest corner. Im sure there are more but i dont bother checking, these 4 are simple and close to the wp, reduce running around exploring time.

(good news is i didnt have to get the normal plan from izual, i could just craft it instantly) so dont bother wasting time searching for that.

Hope this helps if you didnt know all this already, i for 1 was an expert in the gibbering gemstone in particular as it took me over 300x the first time to get chiltara to spawn, i was amazed when i found him so quickly this time round

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