[TOOL] DH gear setup checker release v0.12 (beta)

Demon Hunter
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Hello there guys!
I Browsed through the DH forums alot and saw alot of questions simmilar to "what should i use?". Well i'll answer them all in here ;). I Made a tool for calculating your dps based on what you wear, moreover you can put into another set that you would like to change too (but you dont know if its worth buying), and the program will calculate the dps difference!

Here you can download it:

Here is a screen of what the interface looks like:

- Calculating DPS of two different sets of equipement
- Steady Aim and Archery passives included (you can check them on the left bottom side)
- if the new item has no stats assume old item is used
- saving/loading your equipment setup

Future Features:
- sharpshooter calculation
- max crit calculation
- fight simulation (dmg on each hit, crit or not, dmg in 10sec)

I Hope you enjoy the little tool, i will develop it for certain but for now i'm gonna get myself some gaming time ;> Any advices/requests in this topic are very helpfull. Pls report all bugs you come by (but i doubt there are any at this point). I Hope the interface is self explanatory.

IAS stands for Increased attack speed
Nice, seems useful when shopping for new gear in AH.
Great, and useful but i consider +%damage will be added.
+dmg% is already incorporated in the item dmg, so it is already in the program :)
Is this safe?
I can ensure you it is safe, still im the creator so... It would be helpfull if the users that already downloaded it confirmed its safety. Still i can provide you with the source code and/or visual studio project.
did you use c# or c++? (can't see from the picture)

if c# , is it too much to ask for the code? i'm a c# programmer so i'd be happy to see this, thanks.
Very nice UI! This is perfect for the AH.

Thank you very much.
Downloading, will be back with some feedback
very nice although I am not too sure how to input weapon damage that has +xxx-xxx dmg and + xx% dmg

some kind of a tooltip describing it would be useful in future releases :)
you only have too write what is specified in there ;) the +xxx-xxxdmg and +xx% dmg is already calculated in the weapon.

As an example: if you have a weapon that has

110-120 dmg (in the weapon description)


Than the +10-20 is included in the 110-120, without the +10-20dmg bonus you would have 100-100dmg in the weapon description :) Hope it helps! (the same goes with +% attack speed and attacks, aswell as +%dmg)

It is in c#. Add me in diablo Negnar#2353 or post me your email as i dont want the code to spread throughout the web (even if at this point its mostly interface design code) - i dont want to make people able to change my code and get some information by adding certain codelines to it - ergo, keep it virus clean.
I get an error when writing 4.5 crit chance on gloves... 4,5 dosent work ether I have to use 4 or 5...
Bug fixed, redownload it and it will work fine, thx for posting!
tnx u very much.really appreciated. Awesome tool .I was hoping to find a tool like that and..boom! here it is. tnx a lot dude. ^_^
A tips is if there is a 0 on new item it should pick up the same stats as on current item... Easier to compair then.
Thanks for your effort. Appreciated.
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You clearly have NO idea how this works, so stop throwing baseless blame around.
Tool looks very good, but when i type in the weapon section in attacks, like 1.6 or any value with is not a whole number it trows an error. Downloaded new version.

/edit - typed comma and it works now - great stuff, will post if ill find any other problems
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