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Witch Doctor
I have been playing inferno difficulty recently and what I especially like on Witch doctor is his ability to control the battlefield with his crowd control spells.

I currently use this build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#ZcUdRj!XbU!aaZZZa

This is little bit harder to play than just darts or bears build, but I find this build very useful.
The main reason, why I like this build, is that so many people I have met in open public games, wanted to play as "glass cannons", but they didn´t realize, that dps is not what is written in your character sheet, but it means dmg per second.
When you flee from the struggle you deal 0 dps, regardless DPS value in character window.

The main purpose of this build is therefore to keep mobs crowd controled as long and as often as possible to help your teammates maximize the time they spend dealing damage.
I find this very funny and I hope somebody may find it too.
Looking forward to reading your comments. :)
You can also replace Grasp of the Dead with Wall of Zombies.It is than easier to mantain 4 spells on cd.
I am now trying quite similar build, can you tell me what weapon do you use?
I think your build is great and all, except maybe the grasp primary and dire bat secondary. Thats my opinion, but id gowih either snake to the face (30% stun decent dmg) or numbing dart (auto slow and decent damages too) or the haunt rune that slows target as primary. For secondary id put the grasp cause i love that spell. Honnestly i wouldn't like having a spell that do very few dmg and is on cool down all the time in a primary weapon spot.
I'd replace SH with wall. Wall saves more lives then grasp and since you are support the dps increase from SH isn't that useful.
Thanks for your constructive comments. I will try replacing soul harvest with Zombie Wall as Enduros mentioned. That will turn me into heavy cc monster. :D
Or this one could be quite fun to play, very low dmg, but the variety of cc is awesome.

I am a Witch Doctor also & love the class. I am very pleased to see people actually being constructive about this topic.
It's very frustrating when you have to search through countless number of useless posts on these types of issues with no real conclusions.

I am going to be trying what's been suggested here. I used to be all about the pets and dps but I do believe we are truly the 'CC' class, and just have to accept that fact in groups. If I want to be DPS, I should have rolled a DH or Wiz instead.

The group makeup I am currently running with , is ranged (DH, Wiz and soon another DH). My goal is to try and balance out some CC & at the same time, crippling our target, so the team can focus on dps.

Thank you again for this, and I hope others contribute as well. The more information / knowledge we have for each other, the less gimped our community becomes.

Also, if it would be possible to offer suggestions on gear & weapon setup for grouping. this may also help us who are having difficulty. The Auction House prices are a tad absurd at the moment, so any suggestions on small things could go along way.

Thanks again.

This is the current build I use: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#akRjUQ!ZbV!aZZbZb - I've just hit 60 and currently on Act 2 (yikes still quite under-equipped but surviving). Can you guys give me a good run down on stats for CC WD? How do you increase resistance to 700-900? :( I'm always wondering how because mine are just 400ish and the stuff in AH is far too expensive for me.

Thank you for posting this, I'll use those what you guys posted for future references.

Hey guys :)

First and foremost, I think the idea of being strictly a "CC" support WD doesn't fit our job description. I understand that we can heavily dictate encounters with the proper CC skill set, but hear me out:

I, like most of you, fell in love with Bears near the end of Hell. I felt as if they would help me stampede over Inferno. I, like most of you, died repeatedly trying to fulfill that dream when I actually got there lol. So I did some research and experimenting and I realize that WD's are easily the most versatile class in D3. In order to make ourselves the most effective (whether soloing or in a group) we need to not only dictate the battle, but do our fair share of damage too when it's necessary.

This was my typical Bear build that helped me in A3 and A4 Hell:

I would fair well against most demons in early inferno, but elite packs would destroy me because I wasn't mobile enough. So I tried some experimenting and I came up with this "CC/I need to kill a pack of elites and stay alive" build:

This build helps me:

1. stay alive long enough to deal dmg.
2. stay alive long enough to let my teammates revive one another/deal dmg.
3. be mobile enough to kite effectively and not have to run away because I'm wait for cooldowns.
4. stay alive.

But then I ran into the issue of not being able to deal enough dmg quickly. I would basically evade and let poison dmg between the locusts and acid cloud kill the packs. It's efficient, but very slow and not useful against hordes of average demons.

So the point I'm getting to if that we all need to find a build that has the best of both worlds. We need to be able to drop huge aoe dmg when needed, but have a skill set that also provides us with the ability to outlast elite packs and stay alive.

So I'm currently testing out this build:

It lets me drop high lvls of dps with an endless stream of bears when i need to, but the combo's of Grasp+Wall and SW+SH lets me be mobile and let me CC when I need to.

I like to Grasp the group, SW in and get off a good SH, run back a little, drop my wall and vodoo, and send in my bears from behind the wall. It's super effective and does ample amounts of dmg. I think this build has potential, and I know some of your guy's input could really tweak this into something really versatile and useful for all of us. I've been switching out Wall with Confusion and Horrify, but I can't get perfect yet.

Any suggestions/ideas guys?
Might sound odd but I use Fetish Army as a CC effect on elites and I find it very useful.
I've resigned myself to the fact that WD's are best as a CC. I play my WD almost exclusively with my DH friend who just steamrolls through everything (we're in Act 3 Hell now) and I feel like a tool running up to TRY to hit mobs with bears before he kills everything on the screen while eating a sandwich.

So... yeah... any well done alternative CC/shutdown builds and recommended related gear would be cool.

A CC build coupled with "chance on hit" gear (stun/freeze/fear/etc) would be cool IMO.
Why do you have vision quest as a passive skill? You do not have 4 abilities that can be on cool down.
The only real cc a wd needs is for champion/elite packs with crazy combos. I like to use hex in this case rune with hedge magic, it helps keeps you alive and the group alive alot longer than wall of zombie or grasp of the dead. Though, I wouldn't discard Grasp of the dead completely, as it is still very useful in keeping the pack grouped together.

If the group is dying from regular mob packs and are heavy reliant on the wd CC, then the tank is doing something wrong.

WD 101: kill with AOE : CC by the singles.

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