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Is there anyway blizzard can make you use sms service on prepaid service i have straight talk 45
monthly unlimited iphone 4. I want to use the RMAH service but sms wont allow use prepaid service. Can you fix this.
You cannot receive free SMS? strange.
Anyway, I only heard they will enforce the Authenticator, nothing about SMS.
Ye same problem, cant register my number, cos its a VOIP... and it isnt.
To use paypal you need to register for sms protect, but, i cannot, like many others..
US forums are flooded with same problem, many cant register.

And the cash system is just a joke, put money in, and use it for our "limited services", but "we won't let you cash out"

I'm sorry but if you are not on a mobile device capable of receiving SMS then you will be unable to sign up to the SMS Protection service.

There is nothing we can do to alter this at this time.
I'm sure he is like me. I am capable of receiving SMS on my phone. My bank does it, I even get them from PayPal. Yet I still cannot activate SMS protect. The following post is from a user with the EXACT SAME SERVICE AND PLAN that I have, and he was able to activate SMS protect.

It seems to me that there is a problem on Blizzard's end with this.
I can almost guarentee he's not going to respond, he doesn't have an answer to this bs.
I have an iphone 4 on straight talk as well and I am so f*cking pissed off that I cant use my !@#$%^- number to just finish this gauntlet blizzard has created for NO GOOD REASON TAKE THE SMS PROTECT AWAY


My phone receive sms, i use amobile Authenticator but i dont receive sms for upload or download money

stinky buisness bliz
Easy bypass, use a friend's number. Verizon numbers work best, had to use my gf's and viola, selling all my gear. Nice try Blizzard.
i have problem with sms protect i can not receive sms because i instal ios6 on my iphone. at the same time i can not deactivate sms protect because i can not receive sms for deactivation! I had installed sms protect before installing ios 6!!! please help!!!
Like ObsidianD and others who have the Straight Talk 45 plan, I too can't seem to get my number to register for the SMS texting, From what I'm hearing some of the Straight Talk 45 people are getting registered no problems while some of us are being rejected. Sounds like a blizzard thing as the rep from Straight Talk I talked to told me venamently that yes I should be able to get SMS texts.
See I have 2 accounts under 2 different emails, Well late one night 3am I set up the sms texting and accidentally put my main number who was with AT&T at the time on my alternate account and I put my ER number on my main,

I didn't fuss as I intended to swap them around as all I wanted to do was go to sleep. So time got away and my main number switched to Straight talk and well tonight I tried the swap and now I can't register my Main phone on my Main account for the sms but 10 minutes earlier it was working fine on my alternate wow account. But after I took it off the alternate account and tried to put it on my main account I get told

"Pre-paid mobile phones cannot be used for this service. Please enter a different mobile telephone number and try again."

So Straight talk says it is Blizzards fault and Blizzard says it is a phone provider thing... who's right will we ever find out?

By the Way I'm an American player who stumbled on this post while looking for answers.

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