What is safest class for HC?

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Which class can reliably complete hell on HC? I was thinking barbarian going full defense mode, since he has 30% reduction anyways and doesn't rely on dodge so much.
Well, any class can clear Hell quite reliably, it's Inferno where the problems really begin for melee especially. In any case don't pick what's best, pick what you like playing.
In HC, you'll die. And die again. Some people last longer than other people and some can get very far.

My flaw is that I frequently forget I play HC, lol. But the frostnova/wave of force combo is so much fun I overdo it! ^^
Tank spec'd Jo Mama, I gather.
Well i wouldn't suggest going DH,since you need to get used to kiting A LOT and hit that fog button,a small lag and you are dead.

A Barbarian or Monk i would say.

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