superstition or tough as nails

just a quick question....which one gives better result at reducing incoming damage: +25% armor (TaN) or -20% damage (S)
Well Tough As Nails is armor, and so reduces physical damage, whereas the other reduces NON PHYSICAL damage by 20%. So magic.

Though to answer your question: Take both...

Edit: Armor reduces damage from all sources.


Disregard my post.
lol, run out of passive slots :P
I thought that armor was reducing all damage, hence the dilemma

thanks a lot
Except that Armour effects everything..... Superstition IMO is the way to go if you can't afford both. Tough as Nails reduces all incoming damage but Superstition reduces the damage from elites/champs that will likely kill you by a much larger margin.

INB4 Math's geek shows me why 1% more DR from Armour is worth more than 20% DR from Superstition (not a jibe the math geeks).
Tough as nails

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