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I get really bad lag playing Diablo 3. But I'm fine on every other game I play on my PC and Playstation 3.

It just lags out for up to 10 - 15 seconds at a time while I engage mobs. I would have thought the problem was with me but as I said, I play a lot of online games and they are all fine. Just not Diablo 3.

Am I the only one?
Nope. This started to happen to me today. Just not 10-15secs. 2secs tops.
Buying SSD drive fixed this for me some time ago. It appeared again today, though.
I've had enough, i just deleted the the game and anything related to it from my comp. I wish Blizzard didn't do the always on DRM because they clearly can't handle the server load and as a result the game is unplayable.

It took me 30 minutes to kill butcher earlier today on inferno because of constant small lag spikes, i'd dodge his attacks but according to the server i'm still infront of him and get 1 hit back to waypoint. It obviously happens on other mobs too this was just the most infuriating case. The whole time my latency bar was green....
The lag is indeed game-breaking. The whole point of the game is enjoying combat, but it seems more focus has been placed on creating a viable cash cow with the RMAH, a feature I would never use anyway. Just too much gameplay stuttering going on even when the latency bar is green.

What's wrong with just making a good game, not an online shop. You know like the old days of Warcraft III. I'm sure Torchlight II will benefit from Blizzard's malpractice here.
I'm pleased to hear it's not just me.

This is indeed game breaking, I can't play like this.
Yep servers are bad, blizzard refuses to acknowledge, problem will never get fixed. Best bet is to uninstall and try to obtain a refund somehow.
Why wouldn't Blizzard address this?

Surely being the biggest online gaming company in the world they can sort their product out.
game is unplayable here, too much lag... been like this all day, another day I wanted to play the game where I cant...

fix it blizzard
I face terrible lag today to. Untill this morning I had no issues what so ever but now... Very very bad!
pink is around 1k here, i normally in games onlyne have around 50ish ping! :D

1k ping... niceeee
SO MMMMUUUUCCCHHHHHH LAG!!! Just when I have sometime to enjoy the game.. cant even play it. Worked fine last night.


Didn't pay all this money for my comp to roll around with 6 - 8 fps!!

Very close to just uninstalling!
Keep bumping for a Blizzard reply guys. If this thread goes for a few pages long it's bound to attract attention from the men in blue.

This is so important.
Same here. It is usualy bad during the day anyway but today is to the point of unplayable.
Unplayable indeed. I hate this, I really wanted to play on my day off.
Sigh - if they'd only recogize the problem.
FIX THE LAG! Tried playing last night and today. Same issue. Blizzard you have a history of great games, but a history of lag as well. Learn please.
same problem, usually its stuttery but playable but today its just unplayable, its not my pc as it runs bf3 max graphics 64player at a constant 40fps+ and yet diablo is stuttery reguardless of highest or lowest settings, THIS IS A !@#$ING JOKE acknowlage that it is a problem YOUR end and stop bull%^-*ting your customers with obserd reasons being on their end
This has been getting worse over the last few days with increasing latency. There's no better way to kill the fun in a game than cause the players to fail not due to their lack of skill but due to issues at the server end.
In a game where making something difficult means pushing it's damage high enough to one-shot everything that doesn't dodge a stable server means life or death. Blizzard has yet to deliver on this core aspect of the game.

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