Wizard CooP build act 1 inferno

There wont be any math, just some discourse and my thoughts.

While running around in act 1 of inferno (farming butcher/warden) with my friends i found some... problems (?) in my current builds, so i decided to remake it and start some testings.

At first runs i was using this one - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#UlXQSO!YXd!bZaYZc

Usual diamond skin + teleport as 2 safe abilities
Two buffs for defense and offense boosts (runes can be others)
And primary attack with some AoE blizzard.

Problem with this build was that i couldn't feel i'm rly doing dmg with my 10k + dps. Even after switching to 2h weapon with about 15k +. Also its hard AOE build, the less enemies are confronting - the less profit it has, as you know, butcher got enrage timer, so single nuke ability is highly valuable. Taking a Venom Hydra over offense boost didnt change anything, only maybe the DPS on the bosses.

Mb this build is good, but i wasnt satisfied with it.

New builds had two variates for me - with signature spells or without.

The problem with second is that the main fights with elites and the butcher/warden are not short, and after the burst of dmg you will run out of power and will hit with rly low dmg with your wand or whatever you got, or in worst case your hero will run to kill enemies in melee if you dont use shift button and have sword/axe etc. Using Energy armor with all ress rune reduces my arcane power, making the nuke time even smaller.

So I needed high dps (i want to feel it!) build with good AOE/single dmg and some crowd control using primary skills.

After some field tests with and without groups (zombies are good practice targets) i ended with this -


or this


Yes! Ice comet. The core of this build is a rotation: 4 usual attacks - meteor.
The 60% slow after meteor is on the creeps for 100% time and you wont be out of power for all the fight time cause power generating from primary attacks. Ofc the more attack speed you got - the better. Also Arcane dynamo will burst your meteor dmg up to 387%.

I'm too lazy to look at math and count profit of this build, but at least by eye it works good in groups and vs Elites/Bosses. The 3 passives are at question.(i lose illusionist and dont even use blur, but with my 700+ all ress and 6k armor with only self buffs i'm not that squishy)

Did a lot of tests with arcane torrents/orbs lazers and all, found some useful builds with not bad rotations, but one with meteor was the one i liked at the end.

Is there any wizards on inferno who can spare there builds, thoughts and experience? And remember plz, this is COOP build for first act of inferno, not the goblin farm or solo playing.

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