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First of all, you can find a TL;DR bit at the bottom. I would advice you to read the story that I've written though - especially if you're a Blizzard staff member. It will hopefully describe the negative experience that I've gone through playing D3 so far, and why you (Blizzard) should really go out of your way to enable us to migrate our characters from US to Euro server.


On the day of release, the servers had some major capacity problems. My friends were logged on though, and so I wanted to log on asap aswell since I wanted to atleast keep up with the pace. I had checked out 'Options' and selected the Euro server, and created my character (a DH). Lvl'd up to lvl 17 quickly before the servers started acting up again. Bummer, I thought. Again my friends were not affected and were still logged on.

After trying a bunch of times I was finally able to log on again, except I was shocked to see that my character was nowhere to be found! After a bit of asking around and panicking (lol) I found out that characters are region-based. HOWEVER, when I went to check Options, the Europe server was still selected. I changed it to The Americas and what do you know, my lvl 17 DH was still alive and kicking*.

*I am 100% certain that I made my DH character while on the Euro server. I've no clue how it happened, but somehow it really did get moved to the US server.

Now, for some reason that I can't recall, I did consider to start over because I had a gut feeling that it'd be wise to stick to the Euro server. But, that'd mean losing my progress completely which would mean the lvl gap between me and my friends would be even wider (which is what made lvl 17 feel like a big deal at the time). So, I decided to stick to the Americas server. This was fueled even more when I heard about the Euro server being really laggy. 'Yay' I thought, good decision baby!

Except it wasn't. On the 26th of May, I stumbled upon a sticky which was hiding amongst a bunch of others - and boy, did I feel sick when I read it. I still have the link to it, here it is:


Now, on first impression @ the second bit, I thought ''oh no, that means I won't be able to sell all the items on the RMAH that I've accumulated so far!''. I showed it to my friend on the Euro server and he said 'yep, looks like that is the case'. You know the sick feeling that you'd rather get rid of ASAP? Well, that's what I attempted to do, so I asked another friend (who is from the US) and she said 'no dw, that just means that your US character will only be able to access the US RMAH'.

I checked the sticky'd post again and thought that made sense compared to it. It'd be no problem either, since I'd be getting my money in dollars instead (which is normally np when you're working with Paypal) - which was the point and also my reason for playing beyong the point of killing Diablo.

So, I continued to play and farm since I was getting very close to the gear build that I had all planned out. That pain in the stomache feeling quickly vanished again after I convinced myself that it was gonna be alright. Only 4 more days until the RMAH was coming out, after all!

HAHA, NOT! It got delayed for almost 2 more weeks, which I considered at simply ANOTHER piece of negative news since there had been so many negatives already ever since the day of release. The main and pretty much only motivation that I had to play at this time was to get the money to be able to purchase a Blackthorne's Amulet with 100+ dex and vit rolls. I was working my butt off for it, getting around 300k farming Act 1 Inf over and over again. There were 3 of them that met the criteria, so I figured that I'd have enough to buy 1 of them. First one went for 13.6m, second one for 15.6 (had 15m at this time). So there was just 1 left, and it was the least perfect one of the 3. It was ending late at night, so I figured I'd definitely have enough for it if I nolife farmed Act 1 inf until then. Had around 18m when it ended and guess what, the bids went up to 19.6m. 6m price rise in 1.5 days? HMM!

I kept going after the dissapointment, hoping a similiar version would show up again. That it did, but the prices of top-tier class had begun to rise ALOT. 30m starting bid is the cheapest similiar Blackthorne's Ammy that I've seen after that. There's no way that I could go for that since I needed to earn money to buy other gear pieces aswell, so I stuck with my current ammy until I bought a pretty damn good Spirit of Adventure - hence my goal became farming money to afford Wanderlust after obtaining SoA.

And then today, 13 June 2012, the bomb hits after all. After finally getting around the patch update loop (thanks to a normal player explaining it, NOT a Blizzard staff member), I got the message ''There are no other currencies available'' when I tried to access the RMAH. Googled it, checked which battle.net threads came up to see what the problem is, and found this thread as first result:


Clicking on the first link @ the blue post confirmed it.


I wrote that down because it contains pretty much everything that Blizzard has done wrong so far and how much of a negative experience it has been, even though I am a dedicated and fair player who did everything the way its meant to be done. I checked forums, posted constructive feedback about AH functions, used AH alot to find my next piece of gear to work towards, didn't use exploits/cheats of any kind because I thought those people would get banned (LOL), and farmed Act 1 inf without whining about the difficulty and all that. And what does Blizzard give me in return?

- Server capacity overloaded because they were too cheap to provide enough servers for the day of release. This server mumbo jumbo even managed to somehow put my character on the US server > Blizzards fault.

- Unnatural inflation on the most desired/best items, caused by 'exploiters'/hackers. What does Blizzard do against it? Nerfing pretty much every good farm method (while farming is the only incentive to play this). What this does is create an even bigger gap between the people that rushed through the game and made tons of money using these epic farm methods, because they simply bought godly gear with the money they made from opening rep chests again and again and went killing act 3/4 inf elite/champ packs with it, which is actually even better money than opening rep chest - while it leaves the rest of the players behind, unable to make money like they did > Blizzards fault.

- Errors and Blizzards inability to post a solution for them. Up until today, I had to wait 1 day after the servers had gone online for most people again because the update patch would keep looping. A normal player posted the solution, not a Blizzard staff member. Furthermore, alot of people were having Error 3007 - an error that kept disconnecting you every 5-20 minutes or so, no matter what you did. All that Blizzard did was provide a stupid Faq with idiotic ''solutions'' such as disabling firewall/other security LOL (and you guys wonder why so many people are getting hacked) - and none of the other stuff they suggested worked either. After that, they said it's the players' fault! Guess what, this was eventually and FINALLY fixed with a patch a few weeks ago. So, who's fault was it? > Blizzards !@#$ing fault.

- Terrible forum layout for beginners. The first time I stumbled on the fact that EU players who play in US would be unable to use the RMAH was on the 26th of May, on a Blizzard staff Thread that was posted on 21 May - ~1 week after release, aka when people who were excited about your game were already lvl 60 and counting. When I saw these forums before I started playing I couldn't even find the main page. There's so many sticky's on every category that everything becomes jumbled up and difficult to find. What amuses me is that I can easily find ''buy D3 now!!!'' everywhere though, but not all the important stuff LOL, like:

*Purchasing an authenticator. Srsly, this is pretty much hidden while there are 459854 people getting hacked. You can't even find it when typing in ''buying authenticator'' in the search bar - go on, try it! Ridiculous.
*Why were there no alerts when installing the game, stating that EU players are only allowed to use the EU RMAH?
*Why does it not say anywhere in the instruction booklet that comes with the game which I read thoroughly that I am only able to use the EU RMAH?

And so on. I could easily post screenshots of all of this, proving what I am saying, but I'm sure that all of you who are reading this have experienced the same annoyances and injustice. As you can see, I have tried to look for these things, so it is Blizzards fault for not making them clear enough and making it appear fast enough.

Cause yeah, today, 1 month after release, mister big shot Omrakos links a Faq that informs us of the fact the EU people can only use the EU RMAH which I could not %^-*ing find anywhere for the love of God.


It is unreal to expect people to dig into a poorly layed out forums and have them read 4394838 Faqs before they are informed of the important FEW things they needed to know, rather than simply including this info @ installation waiting time or in instruction booklet, or @ main page with exclamation marks all over it so that it's eye catching.



Everything that I have pointed out above indicates that Blizzard is doing as little as possible to make things clear to their players in an attempt to make money off them. How? Well, clearly I'll have to start all over now on EU server. I'm going to imply that Blizzard figured I'll want to rush through that and purchase things on the RMAH so that I'm able to do so, which means moar money into their pockets. It is sickening if this is the case (and it sure feels like it atm).

Now then, I could do that, or I could write this thread. I chose the latter because I saw that alot of other people would like to be able to move their character from US to EU server aswell. I'm also someone who HATES starting all over, especially if you consider the following. I've spent 240 hours on my DH so far, and I've spent atleast 200 hours on the AH on top of that, trying to snipe gear upgrades vs AH bots that are programmed to buy gear with certain criteria at a certain max price. I am happy with the items that I've eventually obtained, and there's no way in hell that I'll want to go through that again.

So, Blizzard, it's now upto you to show that I am wrong and that you're not all about the money. If a dedicated and fair player has all these negative experiences to deal with to the point that it's almost impossible to continue playing, don't you think that there is something wrong with the way that you are handling things atm? If you are a Blizzard staff member and have read my story, try to put yourself into my shoes and imagine how you would feel.

TL;DR: It'd be a damn good step into the right direction if Blizzard would go through the trouble of allowing us to migrate our character from US to EU. Most of us did attempt to find a solution yet still ended up in this situation, so it'd only be fair if you REALLY helped us out for a change. Everyone who has the same issue and would like to have their character moved aswell, please post on this thread. That is all, thank you. :)
1 Reserve post, might need it lol.
Still no replies, what is this madness? Not exactly a small subject since the other thread about it maxed out in posts...
Write a short thread and get all kinds of fail arguments pointed out to you, write a long and thorough thread and no one can be bothered to read/reply to it. Awesome.
Long post, but all very true. Especially about the unnatural inflation, which makes it a pain to make any real progress (difficulty/gear-wise). And the RMAH is most likely going to destroy the game.. That is, if enough people are going to buy gear with real money and try to resell them for gold. This will increase the costs on everything even more. But then again, Blizzard stated they would nerf some things in Inferno. This might neutralize that, but I'd have to see it with my own eyes to believe it.

And about the exploiters/scammers. Blizzard is doing (nearly) nothing about this. I just got scammed, and that is not going to be fixed as far as I know. The same goes for the exploiters and such, farming high tier stuff, getting the best weapons and ruining the economy by overpricing everything. Nerfing the farming spots is a lame way to fix it, since it's the only thing most of us can do. Having to pay over 10 million gold for a slight upgrade is ridiculous, you won't get that trying to make progress (if that is even possible).

About the errors, I haven't seen any real error for a while. Servers seem to be pretty stable, but that could be my luck. But that doesn't mean we won't see 37 ever again.

The part about your character being on the US server all the sudden is really weird though.

Edit: Forgot to mention the gold selling spammers.. They make it impossible to chat or sell stuff in the General/Trade chat, as they (about 15 of them) spam a message every 10 seconds or less. If you are lucky you might see a non-gold-selling spammer message once in a while, and you have about 0,5 seconds to read it and its gone...
Yes, I can block them, but they'll make a new character and spam some more.. Blocking doesn't work after that, or you'd have to block everything all the time for ever...
Hi! Thanks for the post :)

About the gold selling spammers, I purposely did not mention things like that (the whole gold duping thing aswell for example) because rather than going omg fu Blizzard I quit and u suckz0rz@1!!@!, I'm willing to grant them the chance to obtain a bit of goodwill - which could be obtained through allowing us to migrate our character(s) to another server. I would even be willing to pay a fee for it to make it happen even though I am not to blame for this mess, but yeah.

As for the actual RMAH and the upcoming nerfs/buffs, I don't think they know either how it'll turn out, but I'm sure that they'll have their next nerf ready once we've beta-tested their new update(s). Also, the errors seem to be resolved now yes - but they have seriously impeded the gameplay for me and others for several weeks since the launch, resulting in lost time AND money while others were happily carrying on and gaining lvls/money aplenty. To start all over after overcoming those annoyances because of Blizzards incompetence to clearly point out important matters like RMAH being region tied...no thank you I say!
Sigh, thanks for replying to other threads while ignoring this one Blizzard staff members...If you haven't done so already, ask yourself this: is earning money really the sole purpose in life, or do you wish to go out knowing that you've done some good for humanity aswell rather than only thinking about yourself?
i am in the same boat i have tryed calling blizard only to be on the phone for 1hour and 39 min for no one to answer i was in a q hahahahaha not funny and i have level 60 wizard inferno with loads of gold and loads of great items and a level 28 monk on nightmare blizard need to sort this out i am so mad at the min i can not bring my self to play the game witch i really like to play please blizard if you LISERN TO THE PEOPLE LIKE YOU SAY YOU DO YOU WILL HELP US GET OUR STUFF FROM THE US SERVER TO THE EU SERVER I HAVE SPENT ON 140HOURS ON THIS GAME FOR THE RMAH PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE HELPPPPPPPPPP I WILL PAY IF I HAVE TO
Yep, same here - just tried to do my first run of the day and could barely finish it. It just feels pointless now seeing as the main motivation to do this over and over again was to make some money with it. Thanks for the post :)
It would be good if a Blizzard staff member posted something on this thread, but I don't think it'll happen. They're too busy rolling around in the money they made selling (unfinished) Diablo copies.. And if they do post here, it'll be something like 'We apologize', 'Sorry, we can't help you with this issue' or 'We'll look into the matter' and never hear from them again..
:| Looks like it lol.
Let's see if this gets any more attention now that RMAH is up in Europe.
Same here. In the beta, you had to switch server to US, because it was the only one which worked. I ordered my D3 from another country and due to some payment fiasco the shipping was delayed so I ended up getting my D3 a week after the release ... but no matter, there were still problems with server availability... so, trying to be smart... I thought to myself... the US servers are up the longest or are the biggest... I'll play on the US so that I can login with no problem.... and so, I played 80+ h on the US serwers, got to Inferno with lvl 60 already on my char... and now startet farming act 1 for gold... and so, now that the RMAH is up... I cannot acess it.
It means... I can either scrap my 80+ h and switch servers or never being able to use RMAH and to play with my friends, who are just now buying D3 due to me telling them it's good...

I would gladly pay for another D3 copy just to move my character... if Blizzard is for exploiting us for authenticator money (which is unavailable in Poland through blizzard - they told me to search for it in some shops or auctions -yeah, that would be the safest :P ) why not let us pay for our mistakes?

Also on the serwer changing - the patching can change your server settings. I have experienced it a lot, since playing for a few days... I log in and cannot see my char on the account... I contacted blizzard and they told me to switch servers from eu to us - and there was my char. However, I had not changed the server setting since first installing diablo... it changed after some patch on it's own... that means that some people could made their characters on a wrong server - WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE - and that is pure Blizzard flop.

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