Warning! Invisible wasps bug. Act 2.

You can expirience instant death on Act 2, be aware.

60 lvl wiz died from it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SqbK2JCPLE
Softcore player repeating bug twice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBSe1YHioLg

If you have more videos or ideas how to avoid this, please comment.

Looks like Blizzard isn't aware about it or don't want to confrim this.
Thanks for sharing. So the small bees sometimes become invis when you kite them outside screen?
Requested sticking this.
fire your stupid testers blizzard for not finding such easy to reproduce huge bug
i just ate 3 bugs at the same spot as in video, and i'am on hardcore. Good thing i had serenity.
Was already posted here recently.
The thread was called something like "196hours wasted"
Can't find it right now though :(

So you are not alone with this, hope they fix it soon!
Something similar happend to me, just I had killed the bug 10-15 sec earlier and then just proceeded to die by some invis !@#$ flying from somewhere, the death is listen as DEATH BY UNKNOWN. So it's kinda cool http://imgur.com/mTuMM
Seems like there is next way how to get invisible bees and its when mob is near some object - stone, cliff etc. happend to me twice
Death by unknown here too ^^ there aren't any monsters there. Just baaam
Experienced this on at least 3 occasions on my softcore character, would piss me off if I died to such a retarded thing on HC, fix your game Blizzard, or hire good programmers
sorry for your loss.

this should get a hotfix asap
I read that it happens sometimes when it fires from outside the screen. Same is common with "frozen" and its worse imo. Yes.

Have somebody posted this bug to Technical Support?
I reported it and he said he would forward it to the developers, but the GM's cant do anyhting to fxi the game etc. I also noticed as if the projectiles goes THROUGH some big stone in act2 it becomes invisible so basicly i just run whenver i see wasps :D

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