What's the difference between lifesteal and life on hit

What's the difference between lifesteal and life on hit? And what's the best for barbs? I suppose they work different.
Anyone can clarify me?

Thx in advance.
lifesteal suck its reduced by 80% in inferno if im right and life on hit is good.

see this link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgAQWh3lS4ZUdGtaZFc3VGhxRXJzNWdISVZWeENoU0E#gid=0
it doesnt suck... with good DPS it surpasses life on hit
Life on hit is awesome for high attackspeed and low dps barbs.
Lifesteal is awesome with barbs that crit 100-300k constantly.
At what values of LoH is considered good LoH? I really don't know.. say for example 300 life on Hit? 400?? This already have some good effect? Or i should aim for more?
aim for 1000+ , when you have 600+ you'll start to notice it helps below that it doesn't matter that much.
Ok, will try that. Thanks for the feedback.
It depends on your skills as well, as the video probably claims. So if youre a Frenzy barb youll probably like LoH more than Lifesteal. Depends a lot on your build and gear choices.

2k Life on Hit with Cleave is basically 1k Life on Hit. For instance.

Using Lifesteal (lets say 5%) with 100k crits (i crit above 100k with quite bad gear) you would normally get 5k health, but its reduced to 1k health.

For me, stacking lifesteal seems far more beneficial, since Cleave is my main attack, and I stack crit/critdmg, use a high DMG weapon over a high DPS weapon and not stacking IAS (I have low attackspeed), also I move around a lot during fights, so I dont constantly stand toetotoe and hit, meaning each hit must be impactful as there are fewer of them, which explains the choices and also why lifesteal should benefit me more as LoH doesnt scale with gear but lifesteal does.

If that makes sense.

Of course, having both is great! Does limit items tho.

in short: lifesteal doesnt suck, LoH vs Lifesteal is based on build/gear.
I have a question I think I already know the answer to, but I just want to clarify. Does life on hit work for Demon Hunter traps, as well? Or does that only count for actual attacks? If not, I'm guessing Lifesteal would be alot better for me.

EDIT: I know it's the wrong forum, but I saw this thread and felt it would be better just to ask on here. :P

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