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21/06/2012 08:57Posted by Tellus
Im at 34k health, 500+ all resists and so on and so forth, this does not stop me being oneshotted by his teleport attack, it's not like the teleport attacks are normally but instead it's a instadeath out of the blue sort of thing. The oneshot teleport of izual i can handle and other mobs doing the same, zoltan however i cannot. If this is intended then i have no idea what the thought behind it is...

You shouldn't have any problems. Killed him with my monk 3-4 times yesterday. At the end i run out to swap my MF gear and my stats are ~300all res 21k hp ~6k armor in it. He teleports to me every single time - not a single instadeath.
I am DM with 48K health.. i got 700+ all resistance.. and I do 25k sec damage...
I can take him down with NO problems at all to around 15-20%... then he 1 shots me... I dont stand a chance....
Every single time.. think he 1 shotted me 30-40 times now... I am stuck at zultan.. until they fix this.
Just gave up trying with a party after 3 fails. Quick trip to Google brought me here. I'm having the same problem everyone else has described. I know I'm not geared well at all, but in one of our attempts, he killed 2 of us instantly, even though we were nowhere near each other. Didn't even get the teleport animation. Other times, it looks like he just ports on top of you and slaps you. Happened consistently when ZK was around 50% of his health. Happened even when we were relatively close to each other.

Guess he's getting his revenge...I remember when it was easy to get him stuck and I could just shoot at him from across the gap without any retaliation.
just as the above poster ive come here after getting insta killed 3 times. buffed i had over 9000 armor and 850 resists 35k hp. Insta oneshots for everyone.

I did survive once with a fresh diamond skin... and 1 person next to me. His "one shot" left me at 200 health, so I guess hes hitting me for 56k damage. Luckily he teleport 1 shotted me a second time 2 seconds later

Will try again tomorrow, hopefully doesnt happen again... repair bill too much >>
Same thing happened to me and my Barb friend yesterday. I can deal with the fireballs, tornados, roof collapsing, constructs and most of his teleports. Problem is the instant deaths he starts to dish out when he is below 50% health. We had quite a few WTF deaths for sure. The strangest one being we both instant died while being at two seperate parts of the map. Me kiting and he up front hitting him. No fireball, tornado, roof collapse. Errrr...what??

We thought for a sec that it was a time restriction instant death but that would seem way too harsh as a game mechanic. Luckily we are rewarded for trying with a nice 50k repair bill so thanks to Blizz for giving us such a great incentive to keep trying to progress.

I beat him solo the next day on my first try with my DH. I found that the trick is to stay close to him at all times. If you are too far away from him he will instant teleport and one shot you. Try to run in circles and pop smokescreen every now and then and he should be manageable. Had around 80k dps with sharpshooter.

With my monk he was far easier. Just tank, blind him and hit serenity at the right moments and he will go down without a problem. Had around 14-15dps and 800 Res.
Hit the wrong button on the above post. Sorry. *ahem*

My stats:
30k Health
18k Damage
7k Armor
700 Resists

I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue.

I use a typical melee build with my Wiz and I face tank 90% of champs and elites, and just walk right over normal enemies. I got to Kulle, and for most of the fight I was face tanking like a baus as usual. Then he got to about 15% and I was dead. It was so fast I didn't even know what happened. I assumed I wasn't paying attention and stood in a tornado or something. I tried again and again about ten times and the same thing kept happening. Between 40-15%, I just die. No tornado, no fireball, no roof collapse. Just dead. I'm in melee range when this happens, so I can't tell if he's teleporting.

I'm having a really hard time believing this is intended for the simple fact that nowhere on any site that I could find is "instant teleporty death bomb" listed as one of his abilities. Even when enraged. If someone can find any official info on this, a link would be appreciated.
After having similar issues I noticed that he can cast his whirlwind ability, straight away, on top of you which can 1-hit my char, dunno about yours, and I think he has a melee swing which is quite potent. The best thing to do is to stay nearby to him so he won't teleport, and if he does, you can catch his animation before he does it, as once he starts his animation, his teleport spot is fixed so you can move out the way. (Its a bit like when he appears at the end of the teleport, he goes sort of orange and fades out, then appears as orange and fades in).

Worked for me now, but had to get help for my first kill.
Phew, I haven't checked on this thread for a while, it's nice to know it wasn't just me with this problem though! >.<

As an update I've managed to beat him now after getting a bunch of upgrades. I have no idea whether it's because he's been fixed or I just got lucky, but the one-shot does seem like it only happens later on in the fight, and it might be that you can just DPS him down fast enough with better gear before it happens.
I didn't change my tactics in any way, and he still teleported to me a bunch of times over the course of the fight, but there was no insta-death. If there's no official response on the issue all I can say is better gear = shorter fights = less chance of this happening. D;

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