Is using a Razor Naga macro for MF gear swap allowed?

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I have a Razor Naga mouse and I'm thinking of using a macro created with the Razor Synapse software that allows you to keep 1 side button pressed playing multiple Right Click events.
This should speed up swapping MF gear by quite a bit just by hovering your mouse over the MF gear.

The problem is that I have read that using macros or any type of third party software that change the gameplay flow is "illegal" and one can get warned/banned. Is this true?

Seeing that this macro cannot function without the user presence, requiring the use of the mouse almost like intended, so it's not a bot or any other kind of "evil" software, can someone confirm that using this type of macros is allowed?

Blue post please,
It would give those with these mice an unfair advantage over those that dont, So my assumption is you would be banned if caught. I dont think blizzard intened you to swap gear before last hit to increase MF.
I don't know yet how effective this macro would be, but even if it would greatly increase one's performance, I wouldn't use it unless approved by blizzard.
I don't want to risk a perma ban over such a minimal tweak.

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