End game barb looking for high DPS (80k dps+++)

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Hello. Looking for a DPS player to farm act3 or act4 :) And have fun with.

My specs
103.000 HP
47% block @ sacred shield
11000 armor (with warcry)
1300 phys res / 1050 all res (with warcry)

You need to do atleast 80k dps. (preferably 100k dps+).

I have skype so can also talk there. I am norwegian, but speak english. But this is not a must.

Add me in game and we try :)
Norway here also, 65k dps unbuffed, 74k with force weap.

500 all res and 30k hp, force armor works throughout act 4.

Completed everything, act 3 is cake, just looking for a group to farm with.


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