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Demon Hunter
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People should really start following this guy, he has very good skills as a DH but better than that he has a lot of knowledge about the class and you can ask him questions and he really tries to help you. He did helped me decide over want weapon to buy, the range and attack speed I should look for.
Thx for kind words there ringo.

Updated my original post with gear/stats link.
Also enjoy to watch your stream every now and then even if im a WD Zookeeper trying to control my pets :)

Serious, nice and helpful mate and apart from that he is one of the best "raining boomers" on this planet.

keep up the good work :)

gz kiam
Cheerz kiambro
Nice thread and very nice player.

I wonder if you could help me out gearing my DH with 20Mil. My current gear is very poor (25k dps without SS) and I'd like to make a decent upgrade with that budget.

Any tips? (I didn't post my gear because it really is that poor).
20 mill sounds like a nice budget for u to spend. I'd b happy to give my personal opinion on items in game :)
At what gear level do you think I'll be ready for farming act 3? I think I need some AR gear because I get 1 shotted, but it's so boring to farm act 1 all the time :<
Nice topic mate! Great to see another skilled DH in here ;)
Meatspin you'd need to be a bit more specific.

Thx all.
Hey pal,
I'm currently using the following set up:

Hungering Arrow (Devouring)
Elemental Arrow (Frost)
Smokescreen (Lingering)
Companion (Bat)
Caltrops (Torturous Ground)

Steady Aim
Cull of the Weak

I want to somehow include Shadow Power in order to be able to take some damage in game (As I am starting hell difficulty) and I'm aiming to make a balanced DH. What would you suggest I replace it with? Caltrops are essential to my set up I believe, due to slowing down enemies and allowing for kiting/cull of the weak. SS is also obviously needed, and so is preparation. The Bat I find incredibly useful for regenerating hatred, so I don't know what to do.

Any advice?

I'm not a super experienced guy with caltrops, so I don't have a clear understanding of how to fully utilise it. Could you also list your other stats such as crit, weapon, dex etc (screenshots of stats/gear would be the best thing if you got time).

In general tho, your hungering/frost seems like a "standard" these days with a lot of DHs. In my opinion you have to work towards losing the bat, if you really want to keep caltrops for now. I personally think caltrops are more useful in hardcore and prefer movement speed and tactical adv in softcore.

But in addition to that, for me it's important to have a "three layer" of arrow attacks: Hungering, elemental, and impale. In act 3 onwards, I always felt that it is just not enough to have hungering and elemental as your primary attacks. I use impale on key 3 as one of my three primary attacking options.
Mostly all right except for a few things...

1. MF is the most important stat. The whole game is about finding gear and not about clearing mobs with the most efficiency. I would say full MF and running ACT 2 is now more profitable than full DPS running ACT3. I run with 170% MF (after five stacks) and then with 240% and the difference is very noticeable. All my good finds have been on 220%+ MF

I just sold a helm on the AH for 10 mil ,it droped in act 1 inferno 0 magic find,0 NV. :) I used to run with 250% MF and I got alot of yellows but only sheit stats so I guess its all blind luck.
another glass canon pfft
Prototype...what runes do you use with Impale and Hungering? I use Frost Arrow with Elemental. Working on the gear now so sticking to Act 1 Inferno....can do Act 2, but I die too quickly..need resistance, movement speed and I think Crit. Like to talk in game sometime if you can...
Hi Prototype, I was just wondering if you have considered using a build with Cluster Arrow?
If so, what would that build be in your opinion?

Hungering arrow: for me it is spray of teeth because of my current 50 percent crit. If you are below 33 percent I suggest devouring arrow rune.

Impale: stun rune, because it is so useful against monsters which are an immediate threat. Eg, incoming phase beast. You cannot have such useful ability with dmg and stun and sniping capability with other choice in my experience.

Cluster arrow: simply too hatred heavy for me. Eats away what I need for impale and elemental. I even use hatred reduction for impale on my chest.

Best regards
Thank you for the fast reply! I'll try out your spec now :D
GL bro Ace
Hi Protoype,
I would really appreciate some help with gearchoosing, I have around 25mill atm, but am at a bit of a loss to what invest them in. So if you have time would you whisper me ingame? Or respond here if thats more convenient.
Especially on a weapon I find it hard - as the bows with dex/vit/socket and lifesteal are so costly.
Thanks in advance.
Sure I do as much inspects as I can at end of streams late at night... so if you are around one evening!

As for finding specific items on AH suitable for purchase, i'm not sure I want to be "responsible" for other ppl's buys........ don't wanna be blamed later on!

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