Crafting Perfect Star Emerald (90% crit dmg)

Crafting and Items
As the title says,
I'm crafting
  • Perfect Star Emerald
  • Flawless Star Emerald
  • <-- Just some proof I got the designs.

    3x Flawless Star Emerald
    15x Tome of Secrets
    240k (crafting cost+fee)

    Also crafting Flawless Star Emeralds needed for Perfect ones :p
    9x Star Emerald
    36x Tome of Secrets
    300k (crafting cost)
    ^ These are mats for -3- Flawless Star Emeralds.

    -Sonsys#2761. (Be sure to add a note it's for gems)
    I have just used Sonsys's services to craft a 90% gem and am happy to report the service is safe and efficient.

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