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"Cannot establish a connection with the service. Please check the [Server Status] page and ensure you are currently connected to the internet. (Error 3003)"

Playing on the US server from Australia. Was disconnected when bidding on things in the auction house to be welcomed by this message. Have restarted the computer and modem to achieve no resolution. My internet is working perfectly fine to do anything else (including writing this thread) so don't tell me its my internet. Server status for the 'Americas' is currently all available. What's the go? Is anyone else experiencing this?

EDIT: Login error message that occurs after leaving the game client up for a while changes to simply: "You have been disconnected from the service."

EDIT2: Server page is now displaying that it's down for the US. However, still no explanation or ETA on expected uptime.

EDIT3: As far as i can assume before a blue comments on the matter, there are obviously many problems surrounding the AH and missing items/gold, the down period may very well be due to hotfixing these issues.

EDIT4: Update on issue; login error now displays "The server is down for maintenance. Please check the [Server Status] page for more information (Error 33)"
So, it's officially maintenance and no ETA still as of this update.

EDIT5: The 'Breaking News' segment of game client now reads "We're currently working to resolve an issue affecting the auction house, and may restart the service to help in addressing it. If you're disconnected or unable to log in, please try again soon. Thank you for your patience." I hate that they added that patience part; seeing as i wouldn't have had to use all my patience up for the last 6 hours if they had of informed us much sooner.

EDIT6: Server status is back up and i've logged in successfully.
yap me2 bro idk what is gooing on maybe an update or something?
I similarly got kicked out of AH, error saying I could not form the party (or soemthing like that but huh???). Then I can't relog, with the same error as OP
I can't login either
Same deal... Internet working but error 3003 and can't login
Same here as the OP.
Does it have anything to do with the maintenance message in the bottom right of the screen? Maybe the server page isn't accurate? :/
Same here, can't even log in for two days... diablo downloader can't reach their server. I've flushed the dnscache and still no connection... no idea if it the problem is on my side or theirs, .... entertaining like ride on dead horse
03/07/2012 13:29Posted by Butzeman
entertaining like ride on dead horse

03/07/2012 13:29Posted by Fletcher
Does it have anything to do with the maintenance message in the bottom right of the screen? Maybe the server page isn't accurate? :/

I doubt this, one would think they would have the server page synced with the update to reflect its status if they had a planned update. Though i wouldn't put anything past Blizzard. It may be a server restart of something, but it would be nice if we could have some form of warning about this kind of thing if it is. Would be nice if a blue could post on this to update us on what's happening. Doesn't seem like its a localised issue.
03/07/2012 13:35Posted by Mozztacc
i wouldn't put anything past Blizzard.

Indeed, I finished the installation process a few days ago... Took quite a few hours to figure out the solutions to all the problems.
here we go again !
Just upgraded from the starter edition and now I can't play YAY pure awesomeness or NOT

Figured all the game hick-ups where prolly solved by now - guess I was wrong!

Check server status - Check - up and running!
Check your internet connection - Check - I did not post this from my imaginary typewriter!
It said go to server status and I did, says Americas servers are up (I think the green up arrow means that O_o) but still getting the 3003 error

Note is also says, in breaking news

We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Wednesday July 4, at 5:00am CEST

July 4th is tomorrow not now LOL

wonder what there up too?
ive been on all day no prob left 2 get drink left game running came back said timmed out, i tryd relog got same error 3003 im in aus 2 checked server status says its online wtf is going on tryd reconnecting 100 times with same error my connection is fine if this keeps going on blizzard will loose thousands if not tens thousand customers they better sort there crap out didnt buy a game 2 keep getting errors all the time and if they close or update server they should email there battlenet clients or at least update there server status its very un professional especially 4 a popular game like this one i know boiware always lets there customers know whats going on wish blizzard got there !@#$ together and did the same!!!!
AUSTRALIA NEEDS THERE OWN SERVER!!!!and they should make it so u can transfer you character 2 a different server because the american server always gives me error bullcrap!! and buy sound of it im not the only one
Just saying, i'm very quickly getting over this game. :(
Funny, I'm Australian too... Currently in Europe on holidays though...
and if there a update 4th jully thats Wednesday its tuesday morning in america right now around 8/9am so it cant be the reason we cant log in
if this happens much more ill stop playing this game 2.... witch is crap because ive put 250hrs into it since it came out!!! we waited years 4 it 2 come out!! and it has constantly let us people down with errors and log problems

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