What resistance to stack

What is the best/cheapest resistance to stack? (light, cold, fire etc)
I'd say lightning and cold are pretty cheap.
yeah, lightning is best to stack imho. pretty cheap aswell.
I'm in the process of stacking Fire resist now.
Fire is the best one to stack but as stated earlier not the cheapest? Why fire you ask? Well because its the most used spell in the game pretty much!

( some people pick resistances accordingly to legendarys that only give a certain resist like Seven Sins )
Here you have a list what all the forum monks are stacking, it's noway near complete data, but should give you a hint :)

Doesnt make it right Syyynd! But it's a nice collection!
Nono, I didn't claim it to be anything near correct, but the hint i was hinting at was, choose whichever you want :p If as mentioned before, you want a certain legendary item, for example hellcats(which have fire res), then choose fire. Fire is not in particular more expensive then others from what I've seen(I've seen alot since the launch of ah). It's just a matter of luck, how many of just your resistance is up at the AH at the moment(people start undercutting etc).

So be paitient, none is cheaper then another, because according to blizzard each res attriubte have equal high chance to get rolled :) It's just a matter of rng, prizes vary because of this rng.

Our contenders for pieces, demonhunters. Do not direcly search for dual res in particular, so they go for your item nomatter what the extra res is, if the other stats are nicely rolled.(damn thoose demon hunters -.-')

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