D3 so dissapointing makes me feel upset and very sad :(

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This post is continued:

I was looking forward to this game been releases for years.
I was going to rely on this game to keep me occupied for many years to come.
I thought this game you would be able to spend hours having fun it was so big.
This game I expected so many different things to do it would be MIND BLOWING.

Within a week I got bored.

Now 500+ hours of playing this game,
Killed Diablo in Inferno,
Got allmost all the Achievments,
Got many lvl 60 Characters....
Hundreds of hours of farming and grinding....
Now I'll quit playing this game.

Spent thousands of Euros on a Brand New State of the Art Gaming PC,
Panasonic Viera Flatscreen HD TV,
Expensive Desk and Leather Directors Chair,
100 Euro Keyboard,
Steel Series Diablo Mouse and Mouse Pad,
Expensive Speakers, Sound and Bass unit,
And a Expensive new PC Desk..
Not to Mention the game itself.

All of this equipment not sits idle and does not get used. I just use my old PC it is only a DuoCore but its enough for I need, check emails, browse webpages, visit my gambling websites, Check sports results. And stream BBC iplayer and some cartoons like Family Guy and Ameircan Dad..

I've spent all this money and not even using the PC....
I could have spent this money putting it towards a New car, and road tax and the car insurance.
Coulld have spent this money going on holiday, could have went to America for 2 weeks And then to Holland for a weekend, AND then to Spain for a week, and Australia for a week...

Could have used this money to redeccorate the home abit, new furnature and stuff.. anything.... Feel Like Ive wasted alot of money now because I got this New PC and gaming equipment only to play Diablo 3, I dont play any other games or facney any of these new titles people are saying they moving too like Lineage 2, GW 2, Lorchlight 2 and Path of Exile, for me they do not look apealing...

I dont feel angry towards Blizzard or any Members of their team. They did ok, they made a game and made lots of money in profit, thats what this world is about, money, they win.
Game has been made 99% for money and 1% to give players what they want.

But in fact if you take things into account like:
How long they spent making this game,
The money invested in making this game,
How good the previous game D2 was,
That you should take everything good from D2 and build and enhance on it,
How big of a fan base is for this game and how passionate the fans really are,
How much input over the years the fans could have gave Blizzard for the game,
Just In general how good this game could have been,

'I Swear on God and all the Saints and Angels in Heaven'
This game is 1/1000 score. It really is a bad game.

I feel abit lied too, cheated, scammed and robbed.
All the promises, all the Hype,
All the Blizzard staff using words like 'awesome' so loosely when talking about the game,
I feel really stupid too for believe these guys how good this game was,
I feel like an idiot believe this game was going to be super special God sent, mind blowing,
I feel very sad and upset knowing that this game truly is a fail,
Was expecting this game to last years, It lasted 1 week,

This game cannot be fixed with updates, or expanions. Nothing.

I dont feel any rage or anger, I feel pretty relaxed and calm right no,
Im pretty cool guy, so this descion is made in good frame of mind,
But this game is rubbish so rubbish I think its a joke from Blizzard.

They took the time of years to make this game, And as I have played millions of games thoughout the years I took a couple of hours to write a document as to how I felt this game was so poor.

But it took more time than a couple of hours so I decided even though I could continue to keep writing this is wrong this is bad and adding to the list, I just had to stop, Because there was no end and each time I check forum I read about some guys post who has brought up problems and ideas and things about this game that I did not even know or think about.

#1 Stat points are no longer chosen by the player restricting character customisation, stopping character class specific builds like a demon hunter who has all dexterity stat or demon hunter who has half dex half vitality, removing some unique quality to our characters. Not been able to assign stat points also prevents you somewhat from trying to build a certain character to fulfil a certain role in a party.

#2 Skills are not chosen by the player rather given, this is taking away the feeling of free choice and that the skills you are choosing is making your character different and unique than everybody else's. When in actuality everybody has the exact same skills, and if somebody has worked hard experimenting to find a set of skills that work good together, somebody can change their skills to copy in a instant.

#3 Skills do not have levels so everybody's skills are the exact same, you can never have it where one demon hunter has put all his point skills into elemental arrow, and another demon hunter has put all his point skills into hungering arrow, and while both demon hunters are very powerful at killing monsters, there is a third demon hunter who placed his skill points evenly amongst various traps and disciplines and this demon hunter is way more tactical than the other two and while he cant kill as quick and is not as powerful he can survive way better and do maps the others cannot because he has planned his skills out and distributed his skill points very cleverly.

#4 No Rune words, ok so this is the same world of Sanctuary as before as in Diablo 2, but now there is no rune words anywhere in the world? What happened, why cant there be almost all the other rune words for us to see again, or all of them return? And why cant their be new ones? Making rune words was very fun and gave some goal collecting the base item with sockets to make and then collecting the runes, and then the most fun part of all was making a runeword with good options, like get a socketed flail and make a call to arms with 6 battle orders and stuff.

#5 Normal, Nightmare and Hell difficulty even on first play through was very easy and no challenge, and by less than one week after release of the game the majority of average game players were onto inferno difficulty, its too short and too easy. How about average normal play through takes 7 days, average nightmare play through 2 weeks, average hell play through a 4 weeks? In replace we get a game where I can do normal difficulty lvl 1-30 all acts all quests, kill Diablo, in about 3 or 4 hours.
And achievements, complete act in 1 hour, that just shows how easy and quick each act really is.

#6 Max people in game is 4 people.... cant even have party of five, one of every class, in Diablo 2 there could be 8 people in a game and you were allowed to customize your games to allow max number of players 2-8 depending on how many you wanted to join, so if you wanted 4 you could, or 8 that too.
There are mmorpg out there like global mu online that every 2 weeks they have a battle for the castle event called castle siege and 4 or 5 guilds of about 400 people in a guild battle for a castle, and that's just the guilds that are registered who turn up, and is literary thousands of people fighting. Blizzard thinks 4 people is ok. Ahah.

#7 The music is repeated so much throughout the different acts, and feels like there is only about 4 songs for the entire game and they are so bland that I cant even remember them, is one or two tries of some epic battle music like maybe act IV but nothing that stands out. And did I say the music is repeated? Or am I repeating myself.

#8 Each character has no customisation options as to how they look like, how about a monk with no beard and some hair, with black skin and blue eyes, how about a monk with a longer beard and different colour? How about options to change the height for to be a bit smaller or taller? The weight so we can make our character skinny so he looks like he run through dungeons all day, or make them a bit fat so we can tell they been in the inn all day drinking ale? Change their appearance, size, anything to make them unique to the player. But all characters look the same, might not be able to see different hair colours and eye colours and skin textures so easy behind all that armour, but its there, and its made you feel like you had a choice of the style and uniqueness of your character.

#9 The Plot is very weak and not compelling, the want to be twists they have produced are lame and Cain dies doesn't make me feel sad or emotioned or anything or the like I'm sure its intended to do, I just feel like 'eh? he died?' and I don't remember it, if you were going to kill him in the plot why not build up some relationship with him and the player during the course of the game so that the player gets used to him and then when he dies in the plot the player might feel something.

#10 The graphics are not amazing and the details aren't so good and it seems like they have spent more time working on the games gravity mechanics for when you break a barrel or some torture device in halls of agony and it goes flying in million pieces, than spending time on details. And it seems to me that they made the games engine first and then spent a whole load of years on content at which time the cutting edge graphics they thought they had and which this game deserves has become out dated.
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#11 Sound affects are repetitive and weak and no variations of SFX for different skills, its just always the same sounds, a few are taken from D2 which is ok, but overall the SFX are poor and lacks variety of sounds of swords and mental falling to ground, and epic SFX of characters skills, and echo's when in dungeons, crisp footsteps when running through the grass or over the snow. Nothing to inspire much imagination.

#12 No PVP to grow up with, no lvl 5 vs lvl 7 battle of the noobs, no having fun with noob items trying kill each other in arena or any other form of PVP while going through the levels from 1-60. We must wait for the PVP to come out later which as I understand it will be 2 v 2 arena, where is the duels? Where is the two people arguing in a public baal run and argue so much they go to act 1 blood moor for some pvp action to see which is best character? I think PVP wont allow spontaneous murdering so no your demon hunter wont be able to join a public game, ignore all the people saying hi, go hostile with them and roam about the act looking for them, find them, bow them down, they all cry, you smile and leave game to hunt more noobs. I think the team death match will suck and if there is no 1 on 1 and you must have a partner this sucks even more, and if there is not lots of different game modes, at least capture the flag, the PVP will suck entirely. And it will probably suck anyway because everybody is all lvl 60 and with powerful items and the PVP like all else in this game wont be balanced.

#13 Cant make trade games offering the wares you have found, like making a game called 'Offer tals helm' and waiting people to join who needs this item and you can talk with players, interact, barter, mingle and trade. The trade option is useless unless you are wanting to give your friend a bit gold for the repair costs. What happened to the days of diablo 2 joining a game called 'Trade here' and going looking at everyone's random crap. Or finding an amazing item and making a game called 'offer ber rune' and watching all the noobs coming showing you items trying desperately to get your ber rune, you felt popular and that you had something desirable.

#14 Maps, there is not enough maps in each act, the maps themselves are very small, they don't get any bigger throughout the different difficulties, in diablo 2 remember doing the durance of hate map in hell doing your mephisto runs teleporting there with your sorc, and the level was so big!!! omg you ran out of mana trying to find the next level. Mini map sucks with blinking lights and telling you where to go, and maps are just so small in general. How about festering woods 10 times as big, the northern highland 15 times as big, a dungeon with 11 dungeon levels, not max is lvl 2 and when you come to stairs to dungeon 2 makes you think my exploration of this cave ends now because I will go to lvl 2 and be in a very small room with elite pack, golden chest, and a blue warp stone to take me out. Where are all the dungeons to crawl through? I want dungeons that last hours, I want areas of countryside 15 festering woods so I can get lost wandering through them. Maps are not amazingly random and are predictable randomness at best.

#15 There is no weather affects why doesn't it rain in act 1, and lots of black clouds with thunder and lightning, and dark fast moving clouds making shadows on the ground making the player wary and help to hide monsters. Why no big sandstorms in act 2, I mean ok there is this black random twister thing but it sucks. Act 3 How about some snow storms, ice, Hail, sleet. A random blizzard comes to the map and makes it difficult to see monsters, removes the mini map, and stuff.

#16 No day or night, with players needing to switch to gear with +plus light radius when it is night time, and more deadly or more rare or different monsters come out at night, than the day, and the different monsters that only spawn in either night or day can drop chance for different items, so players can actively hunt for certain monsters if it is night or day, because they know this monster can drop rings allot, or this monster that only comes in stinging winds during day has good chance drop amulet.

#17 The game lacks game emersion, its just things are over so quick that the game feels rushed to play and rushed to have been made. You don't feel like this is a real living breathing world, with people going about their lives, you don't feel like the dungeons are creepy and dark, the deserts don't feel big open and hot, the snow fields don't have the feeling of been cold. You cant feel like you are in a role playing world. Very little gothic dark feeling and atmosphere to the game, no chills up the spine, no jumping out of seat, not much grotesque diablo feel, only glimpses or horror.

#18 There is not enough monsters, is not enough elite packs, why do the champion pack's always spawn in 3's? If your lucky you can find places with 30-50 monsters and stuff, but normally they are spiderling hatchlings or small monsters. Why not have places with 100s of monsters? Why not have a battle event in act III on the snow fields with Azmodans army, you and your friends vs the best general in all the burnings hells army, in an intense battle that lasts 1 hour, and you kill thousands, tens of thousands of monsters. And if all the loot dropping on the floor is a problem for the server or what ever off so many monsters been killed, how about they drop no loot, and then after the battle much loot is dropped all over and the player can go around the battle field and pick up all kinds of items that they deserve in their glory. Killing a couple packs of a dozen monsters here and there is pathetic.

#19 Events suck, I don't understand how they can be called an event they are just over so quick. No tactics are required just normally talk to somebody or click on a object and some monsters appear and kill them in about 10 seconds then that's it, or the jar of souls open a jar some monsters come *yawn* go to town have a smoke, go back through portal and event is complete, open the jar. Rescue the citizens of caldeum, 2mins 30seconds, go to sever, go make cup of coffee come back and its done. There is just no tactics or length to these events.

#20 Coop events have no cooperative elements at all, this is supposed to be about playing together and working together as a team, where can you do this in the coop events? Nowhere, why cant somebody have to be holding a switch in one room while his friends go through the door and kill this or that. Many old multiplayer games have much more coop content, this frankly has 0, resident evil for example on ps3 and xbox there was this part where two people had to work together as team and you were in this dark mine pitch black cant see a thing and one of you had a backpack with a torch and must lead the way and shine the torch, but cant shoot, and the other guy had to protect and shoot and follow the guy with the torch. But it took team effort because if the torch guy did not shine his light on the zombies waiting in the darkness, then the guy who is supposed be protecting could not see them and could not shoot them, or if the guy doing the protecting was a bad shot and didn't shoot the zombies good enough then they would die. Diablo III No team play, No team work, No Coop.
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#21 No game changing events, Act III Bastions keep gets attacked in big event and player(s) must defend the keep and depending on the result of the outcome of the battle, gives positive bonus to players mf or npcs sell better items or buy your loot for more money or anything. Or if the player(s) do bad then the npc in bastions keep sell bad items, or buy loot for low money, or is a mf decrease, or Anything. Something that can feel like a big event that is worth putting effort into because the outcome will be worth it and the feel of achievement when you and your friends complete bastion keep event 5/5 star for the first time, you defend it like true hero's for 30 mins of monsters relentless assault!

#22 Not enough high quality cinematic's, just allot of story told by stupid dialogue boxes, that the player just presses the X button as fast as he can, or press esc. Allot of the cinematic's of the game were released well before the game itself, in fact most of them. The game lacks a good definitive final epic cinematic video sequence.

#23 Elite packs drop more and or better items than Big bosses by purposeful design. I mean really? 3 blue goons is supposed to drop better than Azmodan the Lord of Sin of the burning hells? A pack of 3 blue fly swarms in caldeum sewers at beginning of act 2 supposed to drop more and or better items than Belial Lord of lies of the burning hells!? Eh? omg serious? What happened to farming bosses for unique/set items. Oh, I think I know, they realize their game has so little content they need to promote you to go around the maps and kill the stupid elite and rare packs.

#24 Drops on a whole are so poor its killing the game, and its one of the main reasons people play this game. I see posts in forum of people played 200 hours and not found one legendary or set item, or they have played normal nightmare and hell and now inferno and no drops. Or people have not had item upgrade for weeks, or somebody has never found anything to sell in auction house worth more than 500k, or this or that, drops suck, people are farming all day and all night and getting nothing. And people are convinced its some malicious greedy scam by blizzard to get more money by trying to turn people to resort to the real money auction house, but don't you think if there were more good items dropping and more items selling on the auction house blizzard would get much more money that way?

#25 Not enough Legendary items, Set items and items and armours in general. There is not many green set items, allot of them suck, allot of their set bonus are small and poor. Also all of the sets are from Diablo 2 are you guys too lazy to think of new set items, I mean its good to see some old sets are still around but 'geez' where are the new sets? With the new awesome set abilities. Competing a set gives no aura or visual affect for the player to show everybody else they have a complete set. And honestly the set bonuses are really bad.

#26 Not enough armours and weapons in general, they are unbalanced and you have wizards running around with axes and polearms, and have stories on the forum of this barbarian guy who played through the game and his experience was that the best wep he could find with highest dps was a dagger, so his whole game experience of barbarian was NOT running around with awesome axes and big wepons that do allot of damage, it was killing all the monsters with this tiny dagger, and this guy did not like that, and he felt like all the daggers doing more dps than maces and mighty weps, was just unbalanced and un fun.

#27 No exploration, the player is forced to stick to a very linear path which you are stuck too, like walking down a corridor. No choices of where to go next or what order to do things in. No free will of choice for exploring this game 'world'.

#28 Quests are pretty much obligatory, the quests lack objectivity and rewards. For a start All quests give you as a reward is Exp and a little Gold, so lets assume then that you have played the game for more than 2 days are at lvl 60, you don't need exp so the quests are rewarding you with gold. Isn't quests supposed to be fun and rewarding? I know lets go on a quest we can travel through many dungeons and at the end we kill a big boss and quest complete but why do I feel un rewarded when I get like 2000 gold, hunt down and destroy The Butcher = 2000 gold / Rescue Cain = 2000 gold. Quests give gold only as reward? really? Why not 1mil gold reward then? Or why not special rewards like diablo 2, A book of skills that makes your skills more powerful, A potion that permanently increases HP, A enchanted scroll that after reading gives you + resist all permanently. A Quest that rewards players with choice to socket one of their items. A Quest the rewards the player with the chance to Sign his characters name on a piece of equipment. Quest rewards in stupid amounts of gold that would take 2 seconds to get from a couple monsters or a barrel.

#29 There are no appearances or news from all the interesting NPC from Diablo 2. What happened to the rouges did they move into their monastery? Is Akara and Gheed getting married? How are things with Lut Gholein? Why is there no story, news or encounters of any of the vast NPC from Diablo 2, I would have loved to know what happened to them all, see them again and catch up. But not going to happen.

#30 No Open world exploration, Sanctuary is supposed to be a world, a earth, why cant we travel around the different areas freely, why cant we go to different continents and different areas. I want to visit the jungles or Kurast and the old temples there, Cant, I want to visit the deserts of Lut Gholein Again, Cant,
I want to go here, I want to go there. The whole game is confusing of where you are globally, there is no maps to say you are here in world, and letting you know that there is a world full of different areas even if you cant go to them still nice to know they are there.
holy wall of text.. i didnt read it all but i think i see what your aiming at and i agree...
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#31 Little or no history or story of what's been happening for the past 20 years in Sanctuary. just these green lore books that you pick up and try and listen to some random talk about something you not quite sure the commentary is talking about, or you pick up a lore book and it starts to tell you something, then the Templar says something and breaks the lore books commentary. My experience of first play through was every time these books drop I thought it was a green set item, then see just another book, great! The information these books and tomes give is vague at best with normally 2 sentences of info, what about the tomes and books in the wilderness of Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, they were very long with lots of in depth info like the tome in diablo 2 act 1 where it tells of the Countess bathing in the rejuvenating blood of a hundred virgins,. Diablo 3 lore and history are terrible and does not help to create a rich world.
#32 Achievements are all easy to get, I guess people out there could have 100% by now I have a very high score, have the guys who made this game all of them never played on a Ps3 or Xbox and see all the fun achievements for all the game titles out, they are great, amazing and very fun. And some of these achievements for the consoles are super hard to get and I'm sure all you guys have many ones you proud of, where you have to get your friends to join your game and keep trying to orchestrate some plan to get the achievement and such, and some of them were just so hard Anyone done Resident evil desperate escape expansion pack on the professional difficulty? Or COD black opps on veteran. Or how about those assassins creed games they had good achievements especially in the multiplayer.

#33 All the monsters look exactly the same, in fact the cultists from act 1 and 2 they should be called cloneists because they all just clones. There is no variety to the monsters, the monsters themselves are used throughout all the acts, so you seeing act 1 monsters again in act 2 and 3. The monsters seem to carry the exact same weapon, why cant they carry a sword, a spear, a mace, a hammer, a 4x4 bit of wood, they can make the monster have a different buff depend on what wep it carries. A sword could be faster, axe more dmg, anything, but if not to add a bit of flavour for the games mechanics then visually it would be pleasing to see a mixture of monsters looking slightly different and carrying different weapons, its like they all clones. Have you saw them monsters in Act III where they have a ball mace with spikes, and every one of them has the exact same weapon, well its no wonder Azmodan's army is so weak its because he did not spend all of his time amassing his army and gearing it out and blacksmithing lots of weapons. Azmodan with his OCD has made sure that all his troops carry the exact same mace, wear the exact same armours, I mean talk about uniformity, those shamans that shoot fireballs and resurrect the fallen with the big staffs that curl around at the top, those are pretty intricate looking staffs and yet all of Azmodans shamans carry the exact same one that must have took hours and hours of industrial size making of these intricate staffs to kit every single last shaman out with the same one. And I mean I can understand they have tried to make monsters easy to recognise but how stupid do they think we are that we cant recognise these same monsters that look slightly different or carry a different weapon.

#34 Multiplayer is just terrible, the game how it is pushes players to play the game solo rather than playing with other people. Playing with friends makes the game harder, and they were in design trying to create a overall positive multiplayer feel, well it doesn't feel positive when I join my friends game say 'Hi do you want to play?' and he says 'Leave game quick, leave game I'm on boss!..... Oh Great I died! Thanks Allot, you just joined my game and........' There is no reward in playing together, and having your own loot is good for some people, but allot of people enjoyed the loot shared because it was highly competitive of who picked it up first, or who saw the golden ring drop in split second and picked it up with lightly reflex's. Why could you not have made a option to change the loot to shared or not shared, for friendly games and competitive games, and with the competitive games only getting 1 set of loot from a boss why not make the loot better, then it would encourage more people to play with competitive loot drops. The Magic find and Gold find when playing multiplayer is shared so yet again this is another reason to stop friends playing with one another you say to your friend 'Hi, want to go play?' and he say 'How much magic find have you got?' and you have a look and tell him you got 54 mf and your friend whisper back 'Sorry bro I have 230 mf without stack, I prefer just play solo'... Negative hollow feeling of playing solo in lonely way. Awww. And is it just me or do you play in a public game and its either not enough people in game, or they aren't up to your standard, or they at part of quest you just done so you leave game and join another public game and the stupid system puts you back in the same game you just left so you quit and join a new public game and lo and behold the same game, again, ten times in a row omg, makes you join the same game with 1 afk barb in ten times in a row, what the hell.

#35 Auction House is a big fail, before the game release seemed very adult and a good idea, but my experience from it is bad. The major thing I don't like is it stops trading games, people joining games and actually talking and swapping items and socialising, meeting new people. Other things are the auction house has been offline allot since the game's release, all the time its offline its 'holding' peoples items that they had up for auction and now they cant do nothing with, or even making items disappear and is buggy in general. You are not allowed to search for a item with more than 3 options, I mean some items have 6 or 7 options and you are really wanting a pair of gloves with 5 specific options, well you cant search for them easy, got to sit looking at 1000 pair of gloves. When you 'search' for a legendary / set item by typing the name of it in the text bar, and clicking search it does not take into account any of the filters, so you got sit looking through many items to find one you might need. When you use the filter it does not have one for 'set' items just 'legendary' which shows both gold and green items, so when your looking for a set helmet you must make do with many gold legendary helmets in the pages your viewing making things more complicated. You should be able to search also for ilvl 61, 62, and 63 items. From posts on forums I've read people seem displeased with the whole auction house altogether, from things like not been able to take item off auction house once placed even if it has 0 bids. To the item history list for items sold does not show you the item when you hold the mouse over it, it only tells you the items name, people want to see its stats. People spent time on the auction house since the game came out for weeks, without playing the game and remaining lvl 1 with their char, and these people are loads more rich than players who played game intensely for weeks.

#36 Max lvl 60 is too low, Diablo 2 max lvl was 99 and I only managed a 97, and lots of 96 95 char, it was very hard to get 99 and allot of people could only do it with bot's. But Diablo 3 max lvl 60, eh? Its too low and makes you feel like a baby, or it would be so bad if it takes a while to get to 60 but it does not in fact I see people with lvl 60 char is like 12 hours or less. Games out there have like max lvl 400, global mu online, and it takes months to get there. I expected Diablo 3 to take more hours of time and be harder to get the max lvl than Diablo 2, but its no where close, running around at lvl 60 in 12 hours of play time makes you feel weak and small and confined.

#37 No Charms, there is no charms like on Diablo 2 there was these items you could get and keep them in your inventory and they give you little boosts. They had charms in Diablo 3 at one point, they even had a 'Talisman' a place separate from your inventory to keep your charms in which fixed a problem in D2 where players did not have allot of room in their inventory to pick up drops because players often filled it almost completely with charms to be more powerful. Where are all the charms? The stones, lucky rabbits foot with mf, the legendary charms, the Anni, Gheeds fortune, Hellfire torch?

#38 No Jewels, in D2, there was jewels which was cool they were like gems you could add them into items with sockets but they done more options than gems and were just plain awesome. They used to have blue, yellow and gold legendary jewels the rainbow facets. Some of the most expensive jewels though were the blue magic ones, with 15% increased attack speed and 40% enhanced damage and stuff, Jewel's were awesome, they even had their own sound affect when one dropped in D2 that's how cool they were.

#39 There are not enough Gems, as in not enough variety types, and apparently it was quoted before the game came out they were very, very hard to make the top tier gems, well they aren't so hard, in fact they not hard at all really, just need do some hours of gold grinding and buy one in the auction house. They are missing gems from D2, some of the best gems in fact are not in D3, the Sapphire which adds cold damage to weps and stuff, and Diamonds were the best doing resist all, Why couldn't they add lots of gems with awesome options, and some they are super rare to make. Garnet, Opal, Moonstone, Cat's eye aquamarine, Bloodstone, Tal Rasha's Lost Desert Black Ruby (Legendary).
Highly Rated
#40 The Blacksmith and Jewler both are negative game experience for the player, you can play the game and be best player without using, and yet if you use them allot you can loose all your gold crafting poor items, and upgrading gems to get a tiny extra boost to a stat. The amount of options the blacksmith has for crafting is bad, I mean why cant I give him my sword and some materials and gold, and he can 'try' to make it better and I see the chance for fail and chance for success before press button, and I hold my breath and press button and he make the sword amazing, best sword ever but it only had a 10% chance of work and if fail the item disappear or becomes worse. Basically this blacksmith and what he does is the 'gamble' from D2, you pay gold and get a random item and mostly its rubbish but sometimes its ok. The Blacksmith and Jewler, especially the blacksmith could have 100 times more potential than just been a expensive Gheed that not only requires gold now requires us to break down items for components to 'gamble' rubbish items.

#41 Sockets, you cant add sockets to items, this is bad, you used to be able to via the Jewler, but they removed that. In Diablo 2 you could socket items in a few ways either the horodric cube or from quests. Anyhow Sockets in general just seem rubbish, max 1 socket per weapon in D2 it was 1-6 !! per wep. Sockets 1 for helm D2 was up to 3. D3 socket for armour up to 3, D2 was 4. Shield D3 is 1 and D2 was 4. AND why could they not allow us now to socket other things such as gloves, belts, boots and stuff and you know rings and amulets is ok well done, but why not shoulders and pants. And why not be so lazy as to make gems just do 3 things, why cant they do 13 things, one for each item piece? Or why cant they do 'random' options or options with 'variants' so we can keep going to the Jewler and removing and adding gems to try get good ones?

#42 Dyes do nothing, ok I like this idea its good, but seems to me like they have not explored it enough. Why cant dyes add options to items, a bit of resist fire here from red dye, bit of gold find here from golden dye. Why not have them harder to find, drop from monsters, and some inferno ones are rare and expensive. Why not have it so that the colours some are designed for different classes, green and black for demon hunter, white and golden for monk, and these dyes that suit the different classes they add options for that class, like is common black dyes add hatred options and such of the demon hunter. And if you get a full set of a particular dye it gives you a bonus. Allot of people don't use them because they are just to paint 6 different items a different colour and it does nothing its just superficial, and I don't see many people dying their sets. Its a shame because its a good idea that has been neglected, and they could make you able to dye all your items, your shield, your wep, your axe your wand, and 100 colours all doing various options for your items.

#43 The stash is way to small, this is one of the things I can remember them bragging about in an interview saying just how big the stash is, well its not when you have to share that stash with 10 other characters. Once you get a few characters level 60 and they have various items and magic find sets, gold find sets, hunting sets etc, and along with all your gems and crafting materials and other paraphernalia the stash is just too small to handle it. Each character should get his/her own staff, but be able, to trade and swap items free and easily with other characters in your account. Even with 3 tabs of space the Stash, especially with 10 characters, is way to small, makes all my items of various different characters get all mixed up together, and I don't have space to keeps things I would like too.

#44 Been allowed just 10 character per account is really bad, this for me basically means 1 of each class for normal softcore and 1 of each character for hardcore mode, so 5 for none hardcore and 5 for hardcore. Or 10 characters of non hardcore 5 male 5 female, something like this, but 10 character slots is certainly not enough, or did you already forecast the game's player base would almost die after one month so most people would not need 10 slots because they quit and wont play no more. What if a person has made 10 characters and wants to make another one?

#45 Bad Severs, since the moment the game came online for us to play there was problems, we could not log on, and Blizzard had problems with servers for weeks after. The server's are terrible and was times for hours the server was down, and this downtime of the server happened often, and sometimes lasted 6 hours or more. It made the release of the game very bad and gave a negative experience to allot of players. It was a fight just to be able to log into your account, without all these errors and what not. Lots and lots of problems with server, downtime, maintenance time at inappropriate times, and down servers for hours and hours on weekend time when people are free from working their job and want to play their game and cant. And without no offline mode which players were desperately crying out for, people were stuck with a game they cant even play.

#46 Disconnections, even when playing with high speed broad band Internet people were getting disconnected left right and centre. For weeks it was a major problem, people coming to a boss and getting disconnected from server, People having 5 stacks valour buff and getting dc, people playing hardcore mode and dc from server only to find their character dead and its not their fault at all. Disconnecting all the time with bad servers was horrible and especially when it happened at an inappropriate time, and it was even worse when you went to try log back in game and got errors and could not log in no more but were playing just two mins prior.

#47 Bugs there is so many bugs out there that it is a joke to be honest and it makes you feel like nobody has actually tested the game because not only have you yourself found this bug out easily but so has everybody else. Bad game bugs I've experienced range from having 0 HP and cant heal from potions nor from in town npc with blessing and heal pots don't heal you and your stuck and bugged 0 HP until you die, and because your low hp your screen goes red and you cant see properly and with you not been able to heal you have 1 hit before you die, this bug happens allot on my demon hunter, all the time in fact and if you are fighting some elite and then it happens then you are forced to die and the elite heals up. I've had bugs where I just go invisible and are stuck there, cant town portal out. Allot of rubber banding, where you are moving then all of a sudden are took back to where you was a second or two ago, in fact allot of rubber banding, sometimes getting stuck on corners of walls, its very bad when you run away from elite or are trying to kite them and then all of a sudden you get rubber banded into them, even though you clearly got away from them, it combat this rubber band bug is like a mini random 'vortex' skill.

#48 More Bugs, got skills bugged and not working correctly, Got items bugged and legendary options like attack speed not giving the bonus. Bug where fighting diablo some skills would cause you to be stuck to the ground and cant move. Bug where if you in a tar pit and use town portal and go to town there after you are slowed forever. But more importantly bugs which making dungeons like Lyceum not spawn, how they miss this? Bugs that make lore books not spawn, battlefield reports, villages journal.
So many bugs in this game.

#49 Exploitable bugs, with so many bugs in the game some are bound to be exploitable and there are some, some are fixed, some are not, some remain yet to be found, and some are kept secret. The terrain holds many spots to bug monsters up on so you could get the monster stuck there and stay a distance from the monster and get to kite for free. Among the most famous was the pony level, there was always this spot in the game my and friends called 'the beach and tree' where was this beach of sand and near a tree and while the player could run between them, monsters got stuck there, so you could lure inferno elite pony there and kite for free, like inferno Princess Creampuff, took me and a friend a hour of free kiting to kill it. Then there's Kulle, did they not test this and think oh maybe I can stand on the other side of the map and kite Kulle, because you could basically get a situation where you were on one side of the screen and Kulle on the other and you could kite him for free and he cant attack you at all and just stands there.

#50 More Exploitable Bugs, some of these bugs people are finding to exploit I have no clue how they find it. For example there was this bug going around where you could buy certain cheap legendary items from the auction house, like 5 or 6 would be ok. Then you go to inferno a difficult map, many act 3, and you drop the legendary items on the ground and make a wall, then you find some elite pack and bring them to the legendary items on the floor and for some reason the monsters could not cross and walk over the legendary item dropped and you had effectively made yourself a wall, and could use this wall to kite for free, then when the elite die you simply pick up your legendary items on floor along with loot, and go to next pack.
500 hours for 50 quid.

That's 10p per hour. Wow, I wish cinema tickets would cost 15p. :)
Highly Rated
#51 Even More Exploitable Bugs, another bug that people used to exploit early on in the game, I for one used it sometimes was, Inferno Act 3 was a quest where Tyreal would assist you, now then, I was fighting one day in inferno act 3 and I die a few times and am starting at the screen waiting for the time to pass so I can revive myself, and I notice Tyreal was attacking the monsters, and doing good too, and wow he has killed them. So I go to pack of elite and I die and watch Tyreal and in less than two mins he kills all the Elites and I get a stack of valour. And this is how easy it was to find this bug, I mean did the people at blizzard not test the game so much as they did not die on this quest with Tyreal in inferno and sit watch the screen for more than 3 seconds and see Tyreal kicking !@#. Early on when the game came out and everybody was still noob, I could get 5 stacks of valour in inferno act 3 with Tyreal for free, quick, easy, and afk. Make a cup of tea while Tyreal beats some elite pack, drink the cup of tea while he beats some Rare boss, get 5 stacks then go to the Siegebreker. This bug was so easy to find out, and was very useful if you wanted to abuse it. Shame on the people who tested this game, if there were any, or probably we are the testers. And There are more bugs out there, and some can be used to make things supposed be hard very easy, believe me, I know.

#52 Bot's, Did not take long for the bot's and programs to come out and people to be farming gold and such afk. On the other hand some people were farming gold from pots in maps like crypts of the ancients, because it had allot of coffins and pots and wearing gold find set and in inferno with some skills to make you run or move fast, it was a good and steady way for people to collect gold in a honest manor to save up and buy a item for their battle set or other character. All this active gold running was squashed when blizzard made the gold stop dropping from the pots in an attempt to stop the people using bot's, what about the people collecting gold for something to do who enjoyed doing it, now they cant, why didn't you see people are actively doing it and encourage it and give us more pots to smash and more gold to pick from them? Some game, Hacked by people using programs and bot's in less than a month, where is the state of the art game design to stop this.

#53 Scammers and Cheaters, is people loosing hard earned gold and items through game design faults, and people out there lurking about using different trade methods to cheat people from their items. These people who lie and steal and cheat, can be far more rich than a person who has spent allot of time killing and hunting in inferno difficulty, its just such a bad experience loosing a 20mil item and stuff, and I've read many posts in the forum about all the con artists out there.

#54 People are getting hacked, I thought this game nobody could hack your account and yet it is happening allot. I met a player and played with him for days, then one day I come online and he was not in friends list, so I whisper him and ask him why has he removed me from the friends list, or is it bug, and he explains to me that he has been hacked and does not trust nobody so he deleted all the random friends he met during playing his game. He told me blizzard had confirmed that another person has been on his account and it has been hacked and all his items have been stole, and they gave this guy his account back but it was almost a week behind, so he had lost all the items, and gold and such that he had collected and was rolled back days to when blizzard last had his items saved on record, I mean eh? Why cant they be kept up to date to the second, days? This doesn't make sense at all.

#55 Websites selling gold, is lots of them all you need to do is Google Diablo 3 buy gold, almost all are legit and you can buy gold, items and gems all for competitive prices. Most websites are friendly, have live 24 hour chat line customer support, the gold is cheap, they deliver it in 5mins or 10mins and stuff. With such a good service, and with the live support and everything else, these websites are better than blizzard and with the Auction house not allowing you still to buy gold for real money, it is no wonder so many people are buying gold from the websites, and these sites are selling thousands of million of gold, some 700mil a day. And blizzard said before the game came out that these sites would be almost non existent and that nobody would use them because blizzard will accommodate everything with their Auction house, wrong, fail, the 3rd party websites are thriving. And also some are still scamming people cheating people, stealing their real money bank and credit card information, I mean seriously blizzard you said specifically this problem in Diablo 2 was bad and you wanted to avoid, but there is some people out there who have had to resort to buying gold for real money on these websites because they need to upgrade their gear and the real money auction house is limited to what they can buy and doesn't have items they need so they need gold to get them from gold auction house, well you cant buy gold for real money so everyone gone running to these websites. Good on you Diablo 3 gold selling websites, your cool.

#56 Account Suspensions, people are getting accounts suspended, some although I don't know all circumstances just what I read in forum, but some people claim their accounts are getting suspended for little reason or no reason what so ever. Where is the warnings? They have our emails, why not a email saying you have been doing this or doing that, or the other, you have been warned and if you continue you get banned, because some people are just confused to why their account is suspended and have no reply from customer support.

#57 There is no return of the good Boss's from Diablo 2, ok I mean Belial in 3rd stage is ok, Azmodan when he summons the black holes is kind of ok. But Where is Mephisto? Duriel? Andariel? Baal? For some reason everybody liked Mephisto, and I could't believe you guys didn't add this boss into the game, In fact I was so disappointed because I had imagined you would have added them all. Just butcher from Diablo 1, and Izual from Diablo 2....

#58 There are no good new Boss's, so who's new, well the Siegebreaker kind of isn't new in a way because he was introduced years ago on a video play through of Diablo 3. So who is new, got like Belial and Azmodan, ok they not bad, who else, Maghda and Cydea and the Spider Queen so got couple witch and spider $%^-*es. Skeleton King, he was kind of in Diablo 1 as Leoric. Er, Iskatu and Rakinoth and Ghom. So, what's new? Not allot, Belial Azmodan, couple witch !@#$% things, couple big demons and a fat blob. Wow amazing.

#59 No big Epic Boss battles, fighting hundreds or thousands of monsters, the only one I thought was good was Beliial in his true final form. How when he slams his arms down on the ground they do allot of damage and make good sound affects, and he has a breath attack and then he casts down green explosions, its pretty good. Then after this all the boss battles aren't so good. And with blizzard adding Enrage timers, it is condensing what should be a long drawn out epic battle into 3mins, if you don't kill this boss in 3mins you die, hurry up rush, this is not fun and how can it be a epic battle if it lasts 3mins, that is not even one round of boxing, really blizzard? We must one round KO this boss to win it, that is no fun at all. The Boss battles are short and not epic, how about you fight a 5 Siegebreaker Assault Beasts ALL at the same time, then after Azmodan with a couple hundreds henchmen. How about a Dragon boss that takes you and your friends 20mins to kill it, but took you hours worth in attempts because you kept dying, but after you get big reward a whole dragons horde or whatever, Boss battles are not good, don't feel epic, no battles.

#60 There are only 3 Town / Cities, they are full of boring NPC and non of which seem interesting and None of them have any random quests or events or anything of value. The towns aren't big, anyone played Baldurs gate I and II, the town Baldurs gate was amazingly big and could wander around for ages was great. The 'town' bastion keep is not really a town, the 'town' Tristram is tiny... Caldeum for how big it is and yet how much you can explore and stuff is disappointing, should have been many NPC, lots of random spawning NPC with random quests, random events, Some NPC that can spawn can sell super amazing items, legendary items and stuff for high price but you can sell on to players and make couple mil just because you were lucky enough to search through caldeum city and find the super rare NPC 'Grave Heart The Uber Merchant'. Act III and Act IV both have the same town, that sucks, feels like it is rushed and nobody could be bothered to make a new 'town' for Act IV. The environmental feel of each 'town' is bad, you don't feel like people are living and going about their daily business.
Highly Rated
#61 Act IV has only four maps, two garden maps and 2 silver spire maps, and they are all very un random especially the 2 garden maps they always look almost the same each play through. Act IV is very short and can be done very quick even in inferno difficulty. There is not allot of monsters in the Act IV, and when compared to how many monsters was in Act IV of Diablo 2 it feels empty. There should have been 5 or 10 garden maps, 20 Tiers of Silver Spire map, each with a boss, Fight Diablo in a epic battle, then he retreat and you chase him down to many maps of hell with many bosses and quests and find eventually find and destroy Diablo on his own turf. The burning hells maps and the plains of despair and other maps in Diablo 2 Act IV were amazing, such imagination, such a feel the design of levels, monsters, music, and everything created a mood for a moment you think you actually miles below the earth in hell or something.

#62 Incomplete Events, Some 'Events' are just a bit talking, when playing with friends or in public game everyone gets a message on their screen an 'Event' is about to happen and must choose to Accept or Cancel the event, well there seems to be allot of events that is only conversation, and it sucks making everyone accept the event to be all teleported somewhere a NPC starts to say something and a player skips the talking, then its over, what the hell. It makes me think that there were supposed to be events where you fight and similar to the others, but that they just did not bother to add them and left them Incomplete. Make your way back to Cains house and is no fight for the player to try defend Cain from Maghda thought be it in vain because he dies. Or at the end of Act III Adria, outside on the tower it kind of builds up to a boss fight or something, and then no its just a bit of talking and the portal to Act IV appears. But the one that really makes me think these are all incomplete events that they were to lazy to put in, is in Act IV right before you fight Diablo there is an 'Event' where Imperius and his Angel crew come and he is angry with the Nephalem and thinks that the player is weak, and it builds up to climax in some Archangel v Nephalem action, where you beat him and he cant believe it and was wrong and urges you on to fight Diablo and understands about Tyreal and how Tyreal has never forsaken the Nephalem. No, just accept this event, bit stupid talk and Imperius and his Angel friends fall on floor, I suspect there was supposed to be some action here, but there is not, and if this is truly how its intended then there should have been.

#63 Removed Content, so much removed things from the game over the years its such a waste of time. Things that have been taken out is Charms and the cool designed and well thought out 'Talisman' to put your charms in. All the work they done on the runes, and how they used to be a item and drop from monsters from lvl 1 to 7, and how you could only find lvl 6 and 7 runes in inferno. Allot of things, from creatures that would run around and pick up gold for you, to full customizations of how the barbarian class looked from hair styles to weight height and size. The Siegebreaker Assault Beast battle that they had for years in the game play video on their website, where cooperatively 4 players in Act I fight and kill a Seigebreaker assault beast and during the fight one player gets picked up and bit in half then throw away, now the Siegebreaker assault beast picks us up and breathes bad breath on us, what the hell, and this fight on the game play video was awesome and I watched it for years just dying to replicate this fight but it was not in, at all, and was a shame because you used to see it wandering around in the shadows while exploring the catacombs that was cool, and then in the battle when you killed it, and thought everything was over, the corpse turns into lots of skeletons and they all start walking slowly towards the players, was awesome, and early in the game development when their minds and hearts were fresh and they felt young, but soon into the games project they quickly burnt out so nothing much was like this amazing Act I Siegebreaker boss, and then later they removed it anyway.

#64 More Removed Content, spending allot of time making something for the game only not to use it should not happen unless totally unavoidable, it would be best to change or alter what ever the content has been made to make it work and fit in with the game. How can they decide to spend time making something, actually commit and decide to include this in the game and it is good idea then later take it away. Like Karyna the Mystic, a NPC who you rescue from a sticky situation and she in her gratitude will buff your items, wepons and armors, with some magical enchantment and remain in town and be just like the blacksmith and jewler. And if her buffs that she gives is too strong, you can tone it down make it weaker, anything but delete her from the game entirely, its hours spent gone to waste straight down the toilet. Having another NPC in town doing this kind of thing the Mystic was intended to do would make another thing for the player to do, if it costs gold and or materials to get buffs from the Mystic would give players a incentive to go out and farm to get enough gold to pay the Mystic to Enhance or Enchant their items, and if the enchantments she gives on the items were random, then players would keep trying to enchant the same item to try get the best enchantments possible. Blizzard could have done allot of things with this Mystic, allowing the higher ilvl the item was to get possibility of rolling better enchantments and been able to unlock new enchantments and things while you level up your Mystic. Which if anyone did not know its the NPC who is stuck in Spider Queen Araneae's web's and you must free her.

#65 Shrines only do 4 things, Fortune, Protection, Frenzy and the Exp one which allot of people don't need because they are 60, or getting to 60 is so easy the Exp shrines don't help. So really there are 3 things that shrines do, that is not allot. Why not have 10 different shrines, why not have some that do random things, or negative things such as decrease power or decrease armour, so the player is wary to as if he should click on this shrine or not, but sometimes is a very rare chance to get a really amazing boost from these shrines, I don't know, say, 1000% gold find for a while. All shrines throughout the different acts pretty much look the same, In Diablo 2 there was lots of shrines and each Act had different art design for the way each one looked and they were awesome. And what happened to those wells you could drink from in D2.

#66 No Stamina Bar adding more tactics in battles, just another mechanic that could if used right add more depth to the game. Having a limit to how much you can run adds big elements of tactics as to how you fight or kite monsters and such. And its more options for people to consider adding to their sets they collect if they kite allot, then they will need extra 'Stamina' to be able to kite longer, its no good trying to run away from an elite pack and run out of stamina and be forced to walk and then the elite pack catch you and make you worm food, Demon hunters and Wizzards especially would need more thought into how they played and into what they need for a set if there was 'Stamina'.

#67 Teleport, Leap and Vault skills cant move over obstacles like fences, walls and tiny gaps, and so much more. It feels like this was not thought out properly, a tiny little wooden fence in Act 1 and the Demon Hunter with all his agility cant even vault over it. A tiny little gap for the Barbarian to hurl himself over with a mighty leap, aint going to happen. And teleport in this game totally sucks, it was so amazing in Diablo 2, I feel really bad for the Wizzard fans because teleport should be able to move through walls, over gaps, and generally be awesome, and teleport skill in this game really sucks, even with wormhole rune.

#68 Gates, Walls and Bone walls block my awesome hero's way, yet we must get a NPC to open. Act I after rescuing the Templar there is stairs leading down to Jondar the turned Templar, well, there is a few bones on the stairs yet we must wait for Kormak the Templar to break them before we progress in fact the Templar even says how the stairs are blocked and they cant continue without him 'Bla bla but the will of a Templar is stronger', just makes me think why cant my awesome hero just do it himself, or simply just jump down over the stairs. Have Emperor of Act II opening Flimsy gates for you that look like they should just be smashed to small pieces with our hero. Have the enchantress making small walls in the desert disappear for you to continue, stupid obstacles that our hero's should be able to demolish or climb over or around. Leah breaking doors and gates with laser breams in act 2, she crying 'I cant do it' so weak, poor girl, yet our hero go ahead and stand by and watch her shoot laser beams to destroy the Gate into the palace, and then the Gate into the throne room. the poor girl is so weak, yet our hero could break those gates down in one second, but no, just let the dying lass do the work.
Highly Rated
#69 Monsters and Boss's hitting you from far away when there is clearly a big gap between you and the monster. This sucks, there is gaps Inch's big on the monitor between me and the monster and yet it still hits me, even though I have been playing well and saw the monster was about to do a certain attack and I have moved out of the way to avoid it, and it still hits me, though I am clearly very far away from the monsters attack. Belial in the purple wizzard form is bad for this, his melee attacks can hit you from so far away its a joke. It stops you from trying to even avoid the monsters attacks because you know and have the feeling its pointless to even try because you get hit anyway.

#70 Where are all the good Class's from D2? Where are the popular and favourite character class's that we all loved. Imagine how cool the Druid or Necromancer could have been in D3. The Amazon and the Assassin seem to have been merged to create the Demon Hunter. I personally would have liked to see The Amazon, The Assassin AND the Demon Hunter in D3, all 3 of them are very unique in their own way. And of corse, the main guy, the best and most popular and diverse character class of all, The Paladin, not only are we not allowed to play the Paladin as a playable class, there is no NPC or Legendary / Set items, or Lore or, just nothing to do with a Paladin at all. I mean there is an event of great urgency and importance happening in the world of Sanctuary, The Prime evils are abroad, and Diablo himself rumours of him walking the very earth, yet No Paladins in their mighty order come to try and help, No Druids fighting for mother nature herself, No Necros? Nothing? All these class's and their orders in the world of Sanctuary don't get involved one tiny bit in the uprising of the prime evils, does not make sense.

#71 Where are all the good Skill's from D2? So the class's that were brought from Diablo 2 to Diablo 3, like the Barbarian and Wizzard, where are all the popular and favourite skills and spells we all loved? Frozen orb was just awesome and everybody who made their first Sorc used this skill, it was cool, it does not make a return in the new game even though Blizzard you knew how popular it was? Where is all the Barbarians warcries, there was loads in D2, but in this new game is what 2? Warycry and Threatening shout, does Battlerage count as warcry? so 3? Oh the runes right they add, er, nah they don't add much to the Barbarians war cry or bring back old Skills that were cool. And Wizzards only been allowed to summon 1 hydra, what's up with that.

#72 Potions in this game suck, you can play the whole game and not even drink a potion if you wanted too, you can certainly get from level 1 to 60 without drinking a single potion. And yet when you are level 60 the benefit from drinking a healing potion is so bad, the cool down of 30 seconds seems way to long for the amount the potion actually heals you, for example if a Barbarian has 63,000 hp and the healing potions heals him 12,500 hp that is 1/5 of the players life healed every 30 seconds. So your Barbarian is in trouble so he drinks the best healing potion in the land, and is healed 1/5 of his max hp, then must wait 30 seconds to use the next, I mean the potions themselves don't look big they look small in tiny veils and the Barbarian is really big he must be able to drink a few tankards of ale at the pub, but he struggles to drink a small veil of liquid every 30 seconds, even though he is in a life threatening situation, still cant manage to drink it in less than 30 seconds.

#73 There is not enough variety types of potions, should be potions to give this give that, temporarily make you stronger. Potions of luck to increase your magic find, Potions to do this, that, the other. An Alchemist or Chemist NPC that can craft all different potions for all your needs, wether it be to temporarily increase your resistance's to kill a certain boss or to make you move at great speed to do your gold find runs. Components needed to craft all the potions and stuff. Or how about potions and elixirs that are so rare and super expensive because they permanently increase stats and resistance's and stuff to the player forever. Diablo 2 had many potions, Thawing potions you could use in battle if you got froze they would unfreeze you, and if used pre battle would boost your cold resistance for a while. Antidote potions to use when you are poisoned to neutralize the poison, and if used pre battle to give you some poison resistance for a short time. Other potions too, Rejuvenation, Stamina, also potions that you could actually throw at monsters and would cause explosions like a petrol bomb, or release toxic poisonous gasses to choke monsters.

#74 Cant go from Act to Act in the same game, hunting in your favourite maps in Act 1, then moving on to Act 2 and such, and keeping your stack of the nephalem Its what people liked to do in Diablo 2, and it would have made it easier for games to have more than a max number of players 4, because sometimes some players would be in different acts, so having 5 or 6 players a game would be easier. Players been allowed to go through the different Acts would also make games and farming last longer, I suspect they have purposely made this game design so that there are not Acts in game loaded up and not been used so it does not over load their servers. So if this is right Blizzard are choosing trying to keep their server stress to a minimum over making the game more open for players. It sucks when you have killed everything with 5 stack in Act 1 and cant move onto Act 2 without loosing the valour buff. It sucks not to be able to kill a few elite packs in Act 1 in your favourite Maps then use Waypoint to go to next Act and hunt favourite maps there, then next Act.

#75 Flags do nothing when they could have done stuff and added a bit more to the game. They could give you temporary bonus when you drop the flag, so you come to a Elite pack and drop your flag to gain a bit extra damage, and all the Banner Sigil's you unlock do different and better bonus's. Some of the most popular Banner Sigil's would of corse be the ones that give you Magic Find, so you are killing your boss or killing your elite pack and just before the monster dies you quickly press 'G' and throw down your Banner for some extra Magic Find and Glory. Or you and friends are playing and in battle you are getting fiercely damaged by the monsters so your friend throws down her Banner which does healing benefits to all players in range of its radius, so all the players rush to the Banner and stand inside the zone so they receive the healing from her pink butterfly Banner. Something to add more tactics and flavour for the game. And in a whole there is not allot of Banners to Choose from and you get them from Unlocking Achievements, so you get 2 things together, it would have been better if there was two separate ways you had to earn the Banner Sigil's and Achievements, then the game would have had more things to do. Having been only allowed to Share one Banner for All your characters sucks, And it is forcing people who care to have to sit and change their Banner Design every time they play their Monk, then again for Barbarian, and for all characters. Why cant we have a Banner for each player not one for whole account.

#76 Gambling, it would have been cool to be able to shoot dice in some Tavern somewhere, or play cards and roulette in some Casino in Caldeum, and just generally gamble my gold in various games of luck and chance in pubs and inns in the towns and cities. Would have even been super awesome if some of these games you could player Multiplayer, so imagine, You and your Wizzard and Witchdoctor friend sitting at a table in a Inn at Caldeum talking and playing some Poker kind of card game. People winning 10mil here, people loosing all their money, would be fun, I like to gamble, if there was a place to gamble and games of chance to play with my gold I would spend allot of time trying to gamble my 1mil to 100mil.

#77 No Game events 'So Everyone for the 4th of July, Blizzard is pleased to announce a Holiday Drop Event, and for Independence day, and the day before and day after, we are increasing the drop rates for high tier end items, AND, we are also increasing the quality of the options on the drops for this event too, Happy Independence day every one, happy Hunting'. No Double drop rate weekend. No 24 hour 10x drop gold rush. Nothing. Not even some unique rare events such as Diablo walks the earth and kill the clone for a Annihilus charm. Could have had so many games, events, competitions, games of sport or anything. And Just made the game a better community and more fun in general, brining people together. They should try having events for certain Holidays, like Independence Day ,Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Games 1st year release date.
Highly Rated
#78 Item names especially for Rare items suck, is just two words, and the word pool the items name uses to spawn the name of the Rare is tiny there is not enough words. Instead of getting Rare yellow items with cool names like 'Heavenly Celestial Azure' or 'Wardens Coat of Sun Ray' its stupid names like a Belt called 'The Resort' I mean what the hell? 'The Resort' it sounds like the name of a Hotel in the Costa 'del Sol, 'The Resort' that's no name for a Barbarians Belt. And some of the names are such a joke its almost like the people at Blizzard tried to slip these words in there as an internal joke so every now and again you get these stupid item names like this helmet I found, called 'The Helmet' Yup a yellow rare item called 'The Helmet' what a joke me and my friends LOL so much. I mean 'The resort' and 'The Helmet' these items only have one word in them and begin with 'The' 'The this' 'The that' these names are terrible, and all the creativity and imagination you guys can muster up to give my helmet the name of 'The Helmet' I mean it wouldn't be so bad if the item was good so it could be called like 'THE Helmet' but it sucked.

#79 Dying Penalty does not make people afraid to die, and they not bothered. You can die and re spawn in 3 seconds and fight on. Even increasing the cost to repair items to try make people bothered about dying has not worked. If you really wanted to stop people from dying a big incentive would be that if you did die you lost a % of your gold carried like D2, that would be sore and make people step in line to work hard not to die. Instead its ok to die, you can graveyard, you and your friends just abusing the revive system and graveyard skill some elite or boss, its easy, dying does nothing. And when you are levelling up from 1-60 and your items do not cost much to repair, there is no reason to keep players from trying to survive and not die. Dying in this game should mean some penalty but means just some 3 seconds to re spawn. But on the other hand if you die allot, and maybe are a bit out of your comfort zone and in a map you are struggling with, or if you normally own that map but come across a elite pack that has a bad set of abilities for you to handle, and you die allot, after a while the re spawn time goes to 30 seconds, and sometimes, this is so bad that you can spend minutes of just staring at the screen waiting for the 30 seconds to tick by so you can play your game again. And sometimes if you are dying allot and having to wait 30 seconds, then if you die 10 times, not a super allot really, but die 10 times and this adds up to 5 mins of screen starting, sometimes I have spent 10mins playing the game and 5mins of it are spent dead staring at my screen.

#80 Nerfs. Nerfing this Nerfing that, Nerf, Nerf, Nerf. I mean really is their game so untested that they have made soooo many changes in a month to their game. And some bring players down with each change, especially the attack speed nerf that was nasty and made Monks who were faster than Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan combined together attacking super fast speed like some Japanese Anamie cartoon, now fighting like Sloth combined with a Snail. And especially the Demon Hunter community who were glass cannons and relied on fast attack speed and damage, everyone hated it, I myself lost 35k dps from that nerf and my items were not much attack speed, I guess some people who had allot of attack speed items got nerfed pretty bad. And people complain because they spent allot of Real Money on items with Attack speed then some time after 1.3 update these expensive items became worthless. I myself after the 1.3 I attacked so slow for days I kept thinking I had lag, shooting my bow, Have I got Lag? Oh that's right, now I shoot 50% slower, half my speed, dam, what a handicap.

#81 Unstable game with lots of changes takes away incentive to try collect a set because things with soon change, makes you feel like why bother because if I work hard to collect this set that is good for me, in 2 weeks time they might change it, in a month they might alter something. I for one don't want to commit to trying to collect an amazing set with resist all, or critical hit damage, or Life on Hit and stuff, because probably so far down the line they will change before I can complete my set then I will have to begin collecting a new set as to fit in with the changes. Life on Hit and Critical hit damage, Resist all, these are popular suspects for Blizzard to change and nerf next, so why try spend all your time, passion, pride making yourself a special set when you know the game is so unstable that at any time a update can be released and changes make your set worthless and new options and things now become the thing to have.

#82 Barbarians Shouts you can only have 1 on at a time and if you are playing in a public game with another Barbarian and he is using a different shout and rune then the two clash, and only one can be active at the same time. So if I got impunity rune which gives the shout resist all and is a pretty important thing to use for barbarian in inferno, then this other guy have a shout that does Hp Regen, and I'm in a fight and he use his shout and it takes away my resist all buff and replace it with the HP regen and all of a sudden I begin to struggle but cant use my shout yet because of cool down, and need the resist all badly, and don't have it so I die. Why cant Barbarians shouts stack, so more friendly in coop games for Barbarians. And just been allowed one Shout bonus sucks, in Diablo 2 you could have many, the Call to Arms had 3 different shouts that could stack together and that was just one rune word.

#83 Not enough buff skills, healing skills, for players to use in coop games to aid one another. There should be more healing spells, more buffing and just more interaction with the players helping each other with their skills,. Should be more Witch Doctor skills to help friends in coop. More healing spells for the Monk to heal his buddies and sometimes just take a back seat approach to things and stand in behind everybody Healing and Buffing them. The Wizzard would feel appreciated in a party if the Magic Weapon / Force Weapon could be cast on other players, Barbarians would be asking Wizzard to use it on them, and prompting them to recast it when it wore off, it would certainly give a little extra for a Wizzard to do casting damage buffs Force Weapon and such on other players. More coop player skills would have been better letting us feel like a group and more team effort instead of individuality and no big reasons to play multiplayer so people go play solo.

#84 No mounts, No pets, Which Doctor Summons suck, where is 20 Skeletons, Golems, Revive Slain monster. Why is there no way through quest or buying for gold a way to get some Mounts or Pets for us, sure the Demon hunter has a couple skills that give him a companion, and the Witch Doctor got his summons. But where are the Barbarians Hunting Hounds he bought for 20mil, one is has plvl 63 and the other plvl 62. Where are the Manticores, The Giant Spiders for the Witch Doctors to Mount. A Battlecat Lion. Why cant the Witch Doctor Mount his Giant Toad. The WIzzards Familiars suck, visually and the bonuses they give, they could have been lots and all customisable, some familiars only obtained through rare and hard quests but do great things. No mounts at all, yet in Act IV there are some of Diablo's crew they get mounts, those cat things that throw fire bombs at you that ride a big monster, where is ours? Not even a horse, well how about not just giving us a horse to ride, letting us breed and raise them, train them, ride them, sell them, race them. And if its not suitable for a mount to enter a dungeon, then you need only make it so each map is either a Outdoor map where you can ride mounts, or Dungeon maps, where once you enter your mount disappear. Shame I would have spent hundreds of hours searching for the super rare mount which is some dragon and must quest and search maps for months to find this dragon egg, and watch it, to get a random coloured dragon mount, which does random things and can train like a tamagotchi.

#85 No Ladder, No Scoreboards for Experience collected, Gold Collected, Monsters killed, Elites killed, Nothing. Would have been something for the very competitive players to do, be the #1 person in world for Exp collected, be the #1 guy (bot) in the world for Gold Collected etc. And just some ladders and score boards for us to compete with one another, and hey, why not even prizes for the weeks best this or the guy who done most that in a month. And Blizzard could run and promote competitions, I mean the basic most fundamental thing since games began is score boards and points and things and this game got none.

#86 Some of the skills for each class are useless and are like novelties only. There are skills that once you reach a certain lvl or max lvl you just never use them ever again in any way shape or form, with any combo of runes, so they remain dead. And there are some skills that not only do you not use them once you are max lvl 60 they are so bad and useless that getting from lvl 1 to 60 you have never needed too use them or even felt like testing them out much because they just suck so much, and you know in a few lvl's, which will probably take little time, you will get a skill that you will use all way from lvl 15 to 60.
..and the irony is video card provided you could have played the game on your old core 2 duo machine. I am usually teaming up with someone who's playing this game on a 5 yr. old rig.

Seems you are more sad you blew tons of cash into something which didn't really require such kind of investment than about the game itself.
wow this is the biggest wall of text i have seen on this forum to date.

Did you write all this yourself?
Highly Rated
#87 There are no guilds, no gangs, no way to let people group together in a guild and give them their own chat lines and this and that. Could have let us have our 'Guild Name' somewhere on our Account ID near our Character Names so people in Public games could see what guild other players were in. Would have been a good way to meet people, join a group of people who are like minded, and play with people you can trust and receive help from. A Brotherhood, a gang, a group, helping each other, Blizzard did not give us any option inside their game to do this, we all could have had Guilds and Badges and each became a part of a family, and helped each other.

#88 No Lobby in game for us to sit and chat, and see all the players Characters lined up across the bottom of the screen, with their Name and Lvl and Profile details, achievements and stuff. No lists of games for us to join, for us to look through to look at current games status before joining them, like, who is in this game what class and lvl they are and which map they are in. Things like this would be great, and I just miss D2 Lobby where everyone's Character was lined up across the bottom of the screen like a police line up and you could check everybody out how they looked visually with all the colours and equipment set variety, and it just made you feel like people were there.

#89 No Monster Hotspots where they keep re spawning for us to camp there with friends and battle continually spawning monsters and every now and again a elite pack. Act III Bastions keep the monsters should keep coming for the players to defend the keep, how is it you can clear the battlements at skycrown and then sit there and wait and not one monster shows up, and yet down below on the ground is lots of monsters fighting and such. Why do dungeons and caves and maps in general remain empty when the monsters are slain, why not they come back after time, or, how about some random monsters and elite packs showing up in dungeons. Like you are exploring a dungeon and kill monsters and clear the way but then come to a dead end and turn and head back, and instead of us players knowing the way back is empty and the dungeon remains empty, how about you have your guard down and are heading back from the dead end and come to a random monster elite pack and it catches you off guard because it wasn't there a few minutes ago. And when I talk about 'Monster Hotspot' I don't mean some summoning construct that summons 3 spiders every now and again, or some Tower or Pillar that summons a couple skeletons, I'm talking about places and areas in game where hundreds of monsters come every couple of mins, and every 5 or 10min a elite rare or champion pack turns up.

#90 The AI on the monsters is dumb, they cant even go from map to map and dungeon level to dungeon level so players can escape them for a rest. You can 'Peek'a'boo' monsters and elite packs by fighting them in a map like Act III Inferno the keep level 2 and if you fight the elite packs at the entrance to the map back where the door is to the Keep level 1, you can fight, and if you need a breather to let your cool downs reset, no problem, just head through the door to keep level 1 and wait there for your cool down to reset then go back down to the keep level 2, and you can keep doing this as much as you want, and very rarely even after the updates does the elite pack heal while your doing this 'peek'a'boo' tactic. But its just stupid how the monsters have not been programmed to follow players through doors and into different levels and zones of the map. Just the Artificial Intelligence of the Monsters and Boss's themselves are bad, they look dumb, act dumb, and every time you go up the screen you catch a pack of monsters for a brief second just standing there not moving looking dumb. How about some of these monsters are doing stuff when we come upon them, arguing amongst each other, sleeping. A demon feast where they all sat at tables eating and the hero's come in and disturb them and wipe them out totally ruining the demons feast. The monsters look and act stupid and don't give impression overall that they are living creatures in this world. And the monsters skills and abilities are comical and they all the same, Arcane, Molten, Desecrator, Plagued, Cold and Electric enchanted they just the same its skill that causes a Area of Affect where if the player walks in the area takes damage, all the skills are the same, couple monster shielding skills, monster is a bit faster or has a bit more hp, that's it? These are the monsters skills and abilities, what a joke, having players running around and around avoiding area of affect skills, cant even attack properly got to keep running around and around getting dizzy,its like playing Asteroids, Space Invaders and Centipede for the Atari. And all the elite and champion packs in the game have the same skills, where is the diversity, where is the monsters who resist certain attacks like physical or elemental fire, cold, lightning.

#91 Followers suck they are little use if any use at all, they are very weak especially in inferno they have trouble damaging the monsters. They do not have enough item slots for us to customize them and make them strong enough to help out in inferno. Some skills the followers have can be slightly useful at best and allot of the skills are just a waste of time for they do nothing. You cant have your follower come with you in multiplayer games, even if you are just playing 2 people, why not 2 players 2 followers? The followers have no quests, no events, no legendary set items, there should be quests and events where Kormak the Templar goes and finds tomes and scripts and such that he is searching for. The followers have some personality but normally enough to say a few one liners like 'Do you see that enemy over there' and sometimes they say the most stupid thing like, you are walking about in Act IV the Gardens map and the Templar says something about how 'horrible' heaven looks and its nasty and black and evil, and really it doesn't look so bad, then later same game I'm on the final map of Act IV the silver spire lvl 2 which is dark and hazy with red light and shadows everywhere and corruption everywhere and the Templar goes on to tell me about how lovely and beautiful heaven looks, I mean talk about contradicting yourself, Blizzard if you going to have these guys say things make them say something that can apply to the environment. There is not enough followers to choose from, just 3, there should be all kinds of Mercenaries and NPC hirelings, followers, guards, bodyguard's and scouts.

#92 The Graphics Style is Big Bulky Chunky Fat Cartoony it wont let you Zoon out. And its not wonder the game is maxed out at 4 players per game, its because any more you would not be able to see what's going on, and its not because like Blizzard say all the spells and effects going off is to much, its because the screen would be too crowded visibly with more than 4 players on it because the characters are just so big and bulky and the game is zoomed in so much that you cant see around you. And all the monsters and characters legs and shoulders are stupidly big, especially the knees and shins, of the character models when they run they look like they floating, and it all reminds me totally of a game I played Years ago called 'Warhammer Dawn of War' in fact the cartoony closed up game style graphics are almost identical to Dawn of War, and guess what? Guess who directed and made this game? Guess, yea, Jay Wilson, and I was going to research it and look at the credits for Diablo 3 and Dawn of War to see if some of the games artists are the same and such to see if Jay boy brought some of the people who worked on Dawn of War to Blizzard to work on Diablo 3 with him, I was going to research it but I could not be bothered. Though I do suspect that he was not the only guy brought to Blizzard who worked on this game title. And Tyreal looks exactly like this guy from the Dawn of War game, spitting double.

#93 Cooldown's for skills sucks, we want our character to feel strong and powerful and its hard to do that when all the best skills have cool downs, from 30 seconds to 2mins, seriously? 2 Mins? And it seems like allot of the skills should not even have cool downs at all, and these skills are often the ones with the highest cool down. Sometimes there are times when you must actually wait in town for 2mins until your cool down resets before you can go to the map and continue fighting the Elite pack you were trying to kill, is this by design? They actually want us to sit and wait in town and be idle in corner of maps waiting, just sat there, doing nothing, waiting, waiting for a timer to tick down so I can use my skill again and continue to fight. And when you die cool downs don't reset, and like I noticed when playing the Barbarian in Inferno killing elites you need wary cry with impunity rune for the resist, and if you die the cool down on wary cry don't reset and you must stand un active and wait for it to be used again.
Nice post... you seem to have spend many many hours into the game.
Highly Rated
#94 Breaking objects and kill streak messages suck, 'You destroyed 4 objects' Wow amazing! 'You killed 6 monsters in a row' Big Whoop. Why does the Text not get bigger the more monsters I kill, Why does it not change colours, you know, you kill 37 monsters and it Comes up big red text with splats of blood. I feel like Blizzard have tried to bring in some fighting game thing here like the beat 'em ups 'Killer Instinct' and 'Tekken' and games like Devil May Cry where you get lots of nice colours and fancy words popping up when your rocking. But on this game the text remains small, and always the same size, and with the same bland colour no matter how many barrels you break or monsters you kill. How about zones with lots of monsters to kill, hundreds or thousands, and then we could have kicked some serious !@#. '17 Monsters Killed: Super Mega Combo' and '337 Monsters Killed: Power Hyper Killer Combo' and where is '1149 Monsters Killed: Ultra Ultimate Flaming Smokin Combo' With lots of special affects and colours coming on the players screen and awesome SFX.

#95 Monsters and Boss's don't change colours and appearance throughout the different difficulties, they don't look more nasty and brutal and have a feel to them that they are deadly and dangerous, even scary, where is the Dark Black Diablo for Inferno Difficulty? Where is the Blue Belial with even more lizards friends for Hell difficulty?. The Boss's have no good dying affects, I mean they don't get to a certain level of health then they become hurt visibly bleeding and with wounds, why does Diablo look exactly the same from 100% health to 1% why does he not receive wounds or one of his horns gets broke, or he starts shouting and screaming when he is loosing and the battle is not going his way. Why don't big boss's have more attacks, more specials, more summons, more tactics, anything with each difficulty, all the do is do more damage have more hp, wow that's amazing, and they all even look the same through all 4 of the difficulties, look the same and do the same things, great job Blizzard. I would have had Diablo in Inferno doing all kinds of sneaky tricks and vicious attacks, all new, never saw before in hell or the previous difficulties, that the player would not know what was going on with all these new and stronger attack patterns to learn.

#96 The game does not feel social, there should be a meeting spot where more than 4 players can join a game. 30 or 40 players would be ok, even just 20, and they can all meet in Caldeum and talk and trade, and no maps are open to explore and fight in this is a Social and trade game only. No houses for the players to buy and use his gold to decorate with furniture and things. No Player run buildings, businesses and things to generate gold, or any way and means to create gold without killing monsters. No farming, and when I say farming I don't mean killing boss's I mean actually farming, no growing crops, harvesting wheat, making gold. No proficiencies. No Manors, Mansion, Wizzard towers and Castles to buy worth billions of gold, and if they do nothing other than a status symbol and bit of role playing so what. But they should generate gold, do this do that do the other. You and your friends sit in your Castle making plans for war and talking, chatting and smoking.

#97 Chinese Gold farmers using scripts and bot's causing big in game gold inflation. Basically is people running up to 30 diablo games per PC, not paying for any of the 30 copies of the game because they are hacked or bought using stolen credit cards. These people have wrote programs for bot's to use and their characters are automated and collect gold 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They have many PCs, there is photos kicking about I'm sure you guys seen of rows and rows of PCs all with Diablo 3 Bot's running. These guys are collecting 100's of Millions of gold per hour per farmer. So just one farmer can make 100mil a hour easy, and they are selling them on websites for real money $USD and £GBP and eEuro. The problem is in game because there is so much gold floating about in the game, the prices for items in the Auction House go up, so items that used to be 1 and 2mil are now 10 and 20mil each. And people who were manually grinding gold in gold find sets and doing nightmare Act III and stuff, and getting 300-600k a hour respectfully, and as before each person could say up a few Mil each day to buy an upgrade. Now because of the inflation of gold and prices of items going up, the same guy who was before buying good upgrades for his set for like 1 and 2mil a piece which took him a couple hours farming gold, and now these same items have increased up to 20mil a pop, this guy has to farm 20mil just for a upgrade and at average 500k a hour he has to farm gold for 40 hours or more just to get his upgrade. So the inflation from the Chinese Gold Bot Farmers is making the game harder for normal average gamers to play, and almost impossible for people to any more be able to grind and farm gold to upgrade their set like they used too.

#98 There is no Cow level, and the new secret level is not very good at all. The Cow level was a favourite of everyone in Diablo 2, it was very imaginative, lots and lots of monsters to kill in big packs, it had rewards that good drops from the monsters, amazing experience for players and the Boss the Cow King always dropped a set or unique (legendary) item every single time without fail. The new secret level, the Pony level, ok so its pretty imaginative, but other than that it totally sucks, the most fun part really is collecting the items to craft the staff, and I just cant help but wonder why is there not more quests, or items to craft or things to do which require you to collect the things in the way and like you do to make the staff of Herding, its ok, pretty fun, collecting ingredients from different zones and random maps, but unfortunately it is only once in the game, to make the staff, then this collecting quest items is gone, nice taste a little lick of what tasted like a nice sweet ice cream. The new secret level sucks, costs quite a bit of gold to make the staff early after release date but yields no clear benefits to visit this map, even the boss's there suck. No drops, off monsters, pinata's, pots of gold, clouds, nothing. Me and a friend killed Princess Creampuff in Inferno and it took us almost 1 hour, just to kill the monster, felt like giving up in the end, and when we saw this monster does not heal hp, we got the monster almost dead, got 5 stacks of nephalem went back and finished off Princess Creampuff with full 5 stack, and both got 2 blue drops. It took almost 1 hour to kill that Princess, had her bugged up in the bug spot at the beach tree, did not die once, just 50mins of damaging it. Dropped nothing. I read on the Internet that all 4 boss's in this map drop nothing. what's with that? Super rare boss's that drop nothing just a stupid sword that is rubbish and just a shiny thing to look at? Where are all the guarantee loot? Would be ok killing a stupid boss for 1 hour if got a legendary or set item, but 2 blue items it unbelievable.

#99 Most of the game's content was seen before the games release, allot of the footage years before the game came out. All the character skills, Legendary and Set items. All information about crafting and the Blacksmith and Jewler. The Followers. The maps, the zones. The Environments. Allot of the monsters. Allot of the Boss's. Allot of the Cinematic's, everything, all was seen before the game even was released, as a matter of a fact I think there isn't so much that the player did not already know about or see before hand, in the release of the final game. Music, Cinematic's. Everything. Surprises would have been good, and not know about almost each and every Legendary and Set item out there in the game before its launched would have been good too.

#100 No Blue Posts on the forum with news and support keeping us informed of what's happening, or, what Blizzard is thinking about doing or planning. Little or No news at all about any things that they are thinking about changing, and never no blue posts saying that they like or do not like certain ideas brought up for discussion on their forum. Little or no Activity on the forum, No news, gives the thought that this company does not care to us, and gives the impression that there is nobody there at all and they have all ran off on holiday to nice hot tropical places, and left us all here feeling lost.
HOLY !@#$, DUDE.... I don't think I have time to read this... book.
Well.... thats why most of us wondering what they did all those years.

I have played 700+ hours, normaly you could say I got my money worth, and I'd agree, BUT I would be lying if I said I had fun all this time.

oh god how I miss the unique items.. runes, follower with full gear slots etc, and how I hate all those random rares :((

In d3 I could kill a horde of monsters even in act3 with full dps and run in bam, but If I stand still for 1 sec I instant die, yeah thats great NOPE

Still it wasnt the game I thought, even feelt that in the beta. I even played d2 when I was waiting for the release, and I was going back to that, but Im gonna check out Torchlight 2 first.

Diablo 3 will never be like diablo 2, obviously Blizzard like Jay Wilsons work
/sad face
Highly Rated
TLDR in haiku format:

Diablo is bad
Excitement for it, I had
Now I'm very sad

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