WTT my wizard inferno set for your DH set:)

Demon Hunter
Hi all,
It seems to be a lack of communication or perception here. You are talking in terms like survivability and items level and total amount of the gear worth. I am not sure what to understand, but for a DH, this doesn't tell much...
I mean, as a DH, I am not interested in how much resists you have, but rather in how many hits I can kill an elite pack A3. I am not interested in what items level you have, I have 1 of level 63 and the rest of my items I think 61, I am geared with 4 nat's set, and I believe my total gear is worth more than 50M (just because of the Nat ring which is ridiculous expensive, mine is rated on AH at the moment at around 50-60M). The ring doesn't give much, I am interested in only surviving one shot from everything, and still the gear price is so high...
You should put also the dps and max arcane or other wizz specific, if you are tank oriented, or if you are searching for a glass canon, a balanced or a tank DH.

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