MF or GF gear?

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I´ve been wondering and seen loads of ppl farming act 1 inferno with MF gear and some ppl farm with GF gear with 400% GF with 5 stacks of NV ofc!

now questions is:
Is it better to farm with MF gear or GF gear whats the difference?

atm I farm with 312% MF gear in act 1 and all I get is crap loot it barely makes my run worth it!
I´ve been running act 1 farming for weeks gotten most 5 items worth over million while most ppl farm and get atleast 1-5 good items per day!

what should I do? should I go GF insted of MF or stay with MF and keep farming untill I bleed?
I'd probably go for GF cause I'll get good quality stuff fousure and as for MF it's all about luck :l
just go around with usual gear. youll get the same amount of !@#$ty drops as you would with 300+ mf
I would suggest MF gear to kill some time but since you wont drop anything no matter what,i would really suggest throwing some real money in RMAH since this is a pay-to-win game after all.

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