sky splitter with ww tornado barb

so i read that the smite proc goes off of each tornado tick, but this doesn't seem true. i just tried this with a 10% smite sky splitter and tornado's doing at least 5 ticks a second.

this SHOULD give me a smite every 2 seconds on any creep that is standing in a torando. when i tried this on a room full of creeps, i SHOULD be seeing smite's raining down from the sky everywhere, but i don't. in fact, smites are relatively rare.

can anyone confirm what the exact mechanic is here? is there a build in cooldown time?
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Smites don't work well in inferno because of the stun length threshold.
You're forgetting that a sprint tornado has a low proc coefficient, so what might be 10% on a bash will be far less likely. I have a 20% sky splitter and it goes off a few times per big pack of enemies. I don't think it's very effective, but it looks awesome when you finish something off with it.
Yeah sprint has a 20% proc coefficient, so with a 20% sky splitter, it'll smite every 25 ticks.

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