Future Bestiary, ideas and more??

Lore and Characters
Hello¡ ….i love the variety of monsters….and I wish that appear more in the expansion…
I like to give new ideas about places, characters and bestiary…
Dear Blizzardd, if you like my ideas you are totally free to take it….for me is a honor….

Some places : I think that are very interesting the land of the Amazons and a necrocity of Necromancers….and beaches and sea monsters….¡ and the stomach of a giant demon ¡….

Some bestiary :
Siren: varieties : siren (blue), lamia (green), sea witch (red), deep darkness (black)
Giant snakes
Ogre: varieties : ogre (brown), troll (green), macabre giant (red),ice giant (blue)…they can have a similar appearance of The Butcher…
Manticore : ¡ a exceptional enemy ¡
Cannibal barbarians ,savage amazons, corrupted heroes….
Macabre surprise : you can open a chest and a lot of blood and a hungry skull jump for bite you….
A new Diablo…¡ a giant flying dragon ¡
New characteres :
The Undead: Is Aidan the hero of Diablo 1, he returned from the death by necromantic experiments…(similar to his father,Leoric)...the Amazon of Diablo 2 was his secret love,she descent to the hells for rescued his soul …. And ,for love, when she defeat Diablo she robbed the corpse of Aidan and put a false body for the funeral…she buried him near her home for visit his tomb every day….but when the Amazon went to kill Baal, necromantic demons takes the bones of Aidan …… Now Aidan have to use his dark habilities for destroy the new demoniac minions and found his dear Leah…. –A special mission: He found the phantom of his loveled Amazon that need help, she try to rescued him but is dead and his corpse is now a beautiful but horrible undead…Aidan must save her soul and kill her zombie and the necromantic demons…. And he can found the zombies of the others heroes, if he defeat them their phantoms recompense him with part of their souls…¡ he win some of their skills ¡
Appearance: a skeleton with some armor pieces and a hole in the skull ( for the soul stone of Diablo )
Special skills : necromantics arts,create skeletons,enchanted zombies,resist some weapons or magic, absorb life or maná witch each death (with this is no necessary the life balls that the dead enemies drop),socket skull (you can put a magical stone or rune in the hole of the skull)…….

The Khazra demon: He is a renegade of a Khazra clan of demons….his ambition is enormous,he wants the throne of Diablo…and he think that if he find Leah he can win his ambitions….He is a brutal barbarian but have a secret good heart….¿can a demon find redemption?.....small secret : he was killed in Tristam and resurrected 20 years after…¡ Aidan killed him in Tristam ¡
-A special mission: kill all members of his clan…..
Appearance : horns, dark hair and skin…. very strench and some sadic….
Special skills : sadic, barbarian fury, savage assault (hits with the horns),bites,scavenger (eat corpses, win health), cannibalism (eat humans and other Khazra demons,win more health), unscrupulous ( eat the corpses of mercenaries and innocent people dead )…

The Incubus: (¡ A demon Incubus never appear in the universe of Diablo ¡) Leah had a friend,a young and attractive boy that love Leah in secret, but Leah never discover his big secret…¡ he is a demon incubus ¡….. He will to fight with all other demons for rescue his dear Leah…..
Appearance : black or red hair and very beautiful….and seductive….
-A special mission: seduce some succubus and amazons for win information about Leah…..
Special skills : you can fly (depending of you level….), blood star, love the beauty ( more possibilities of found beautiful gems and magic items…), seduce succubus an female enemies, seduce female traders for better prices…..
More ideas for bestiary :
Rare Undead demons : skeletal goat men for example….(undead clan, zombie clan or root clan…)
Abysmal beast : a dangerous abysmal fish…in beaches and places with water….
Harpy : varieties : harpy (light brown), flying vileness (yellow ), air demon (red),flying death (black)
Lich : he have the power of resurrect and cure undeads . Varieties : zombie witch (brown),lich (grey),banshee (red), dark lich (black)
More ideas : in some places you can find some demon hunters and they think that you are a demon or dark cultist (very probable if you are one of my characters: the khazra goat demon, the incubus or Aidan the undead…) ; they try to kill you and you have to kill them….but is sad, these demon hunters pay a high price for their incontrollable hatred…..

When in Diablo 2 Tristam was destroyed and the soul of my hero (Aidan acording to Diablo3) was defeat by the monster I cried during weeks ( I was a child…)…¿why this series have a sad end…?...i will be very happy if Aidan returns ….or if he and Leah (or their souls) have a happy end….
More characteres :

The Sin eater : a dark wizard that can eat the sins and powers of their enemies…¡ and he/she can transformed in the demon that he kill ¡

The Tamer or Beast master : he can dominate monsters and minor demons and give them orders….
sirens would be cool
Yes …. the sirens…¡ the succubus of the sea ¡ …¡.beautiful womens with a long tail of fish and attacks of magical sounds…¡
And their land can be fantastic….the coast of Santuary….dark but beautiful beaches…..
¡ zombies with reduced heahts ¡….this idea ocurrs me whem I was playing the witch doctor…

Cain said that the Butcher is created by parts of other demons…..¿ What if we could find bones and pieces of demoniac meat for made our own Butcher ?
More humans as enemies from different kingdoms as enemise (soldiers, bandits, pirates etc)
13/09/2012 16:07Posted by AIDANreturn
Cain said that the Butcher is created by parts of other demons…..¿ What if we could find bones and pieces of demoniac meat for made our own Butcher ?

That sound cool=) Maybe we will see it if they add a Necromancer later?
Cerberus, hydras, hellhounds, Medusas, chimeras, golems(stone, armors, mud, sand, ice/water, fire), viper plants, chaos knights/death knight (D1), ninjas (kidding), minor reapers, demon dualist/ ghost duelist, head hunter, horsemen/horses, cross road demons, possessed weapons, tooth fairies(?), raiders, assassins,

dualist, druids, sand raiders/pirates/bandit, reapers, summoners, samurais?, demon spawn/human or angel/human.

to much?
Too much? ¡¡¡ NO ¡¡ ¡¡ more ¡¡¡ i like have more ¡¡….but well,I think these creatures are enough for only one game….
The possibilities are endless .... but I think it is hard to imagine a creature really rare and original ....
Steampunk themed monsters would be awesome :)
I unfortunately do not have any knowledge about what future monsters and characters might look like, but is still cool to see speculation and ideas on this kind of stuff. The ideas that have been posted in this thread have all been very cool so far, so please keep posting... and don't be afraid to post illustrations as well if you know how to sketch or draw :-)
With all those dots it's pretty hard to read your posts IMO, it now looks very choatic and busy, therefore I don't read the through because I can't keep my attention to it.

Besides you switch the subject of the sentence every ten words
Add demons that demolish cities, villagers and heroes and what not and different acts for them to complete. It would be like factions in wow just with game worlds that do not ever meet and different items like Cains head as an off hand or something like that.

It would be like playing the game from Diablos perspective.
I think the dev team/art team have been more original than using mythological creautres (sirens, cerberus etc.) ...

Steam punk may be too far off genre-wise but I saw another thread and someone asked for act 5 to take place in a transylvanian Westmarch with clockwork horrors and undead and blood demons and vampires. This could be worked out a little like steampunk with the clockwork theme? Throw in some alchemy and its a good mix.

Lets see...
Small humoculous constructs, gargoyles and small flying imps... Pools of chemicals rising as poison blobs, metal scarecrows discharging massive lightning attacks, brazier-riddled golems with fire attacks, walking suits of armor, massive walls attacking you (like acidspitters on the walls in desolate sands caves) revealing a hidden passage behind them when killed, living chests eating greedy adventurers (some revenge from the many dead goblins!), more skeletons from barrels, more zombie bears from the woods, vampires flying in unattackable and changing into form behind you having vampiric affix and bleed damage (ofc!), demons made of blood, when dying they spatter the whole room/corridor/countryside in red goo and they can phase shift like the big beasts in act 3 towers.

Any good Vaneras (not a girl!)? :-P
Basically you just named mobs from Path of Exile, Guild Wars 2, Diablo Universe, Halflife Universe, and Greek Mythology...

Can't fault you for trying, but I doubt that Blizzard wants to "Go in that direction" with the game.
I'd like to see Baal and Mephisto again! :D

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