Two issues I got since patching the game...

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First I want to give thumbs up to Bliz for their effort in making Diablo III more long term viable, I am pleased with what they have done so far and look forward towards the next patches with PvP (hopefully competitive) and other great features.

Now lets jump straight into the issues I have got since the patch, one might have been on my end since I only have it incidentally, maybe my ISP was screwing me over. The first days of the patch I kept getting disconnected after like 40 minutes of play and just building up my Valor with the 3007 error. In the last couple of days I did not get it anymore so my ISP might have had some issues since I have all my cables connected accordingly and do not use wireless internet.

Now here is my second issue which is really weird. I changed my build on my DH and was trying out the skill Bola Shot with the Acid Strike rune. When I was playing solo it did not make my game crash, but when I was playing with my two wizard friends the game started crashing after about 15 minutes of play. They both use about the same build with Energy Twister > Storm Chaser and Explosive Blast > Chain Reaction. This together with the Bola Shot did seem like a lot of magic stuff happening on the screen and my be to much to handle for something in the game? It was just very strange that it started happening as soon as I started using this skill, with this I am using the MSI on-screen display which just shows in games what heat my GFX card is at while playing and during all this going on it never went higher then it usually is with an average of 60 degrees celcius. So it can't be overheating of my GFX card. I regularly clean my computer case on the inside and also checked how clean it was after all these crashes but since I did it like 2 months back it is still very clean.

I am thinking of this as an serious issue since it won't let me play the game in a build I want cooperative and does let me play it solo.

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