Exploding Palm on bosses ?

What do you think about using EP with Imminent Doom, or the first rune, which increases dmg on target by 12% ?
dont bother, its useless skill so far
If you really want to increase boss' damage taken, take Crippling Wave + Breaking Wave, Mantra of Conviction (any, or with the best Overawe). Exploding Palm is hell of an useless skill. Maybe it's good on regular mobs, but who has problem with them and want to spend 40 spirit for that ?
exploding palm+damage glyph is pretty good in a group. Let's say you're in a 4-man party, that's 12% more dmg for everyone and the explosion will deal immense damage; since it's damage is also increased by overawe. When you control it well you can as solo you can also get one to die, one at 50% and one at full. With 2 exploding palms on the low hp mobs and 48% overawe up they all die when the first one dies.
An effin waste of skillslot.

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