From 60fps down to 2fps with several mobs. Help plz

Technical Support
Hi First my Computer:

Amd FX 8core 3.1ghz
16gb Ram
Ati Raedon 5770 1gb
And the temp is 21 on the cpu.

So now to my problem!
When i playing Diablo ( WW BARB ) do i have 60fps whitout mobs, but when severals mobs is coming and im starting whirlwind, my fps i getting from 60fps down to 2!!!!, Its unplayable.
My fps has been struggling all the time, but on the new patch its unplayable :(.
Please all the gamers, HELP ME!

Screenshots on a few things that might help you to help me =D

D3 cfg:
My card settings:

If you need more only tell me, i am desperated =/

Your Ati Radeon 5770 is 3 year old, get a better graphicscard

You play in 1920*1080, turn down quality to low and you might get a bit more FPS

Post a dxdiag ?
i have a gtx560-ti and i have the same problem...
playing all others game on the highest quality... think it might be my hdd, dont got ssd
ppl with ssd wrote that they experience fps drops too and one of the bliz techs wrote me in a ticket that even they suffer this issue more or less, so the problem is not on our end. I myself experience this wonder and there is no real resolution yet,

I have tried at lest 10 methods to no avail and also adressed tickets but techs know nothing... I would love to see a blue enlightening us about the situation, since many of us with high end pcs have had this issue since release...

Using the new nvidia driver released today you can achieve some improvement by the means of the nvidia ctrl panel:
1. set nvidia physx to cpu
2. 3d settings set to use special settings
3. in program settings select diablo iii exe and set the following:
* max prerendered frames: 1
* turn on every antialiasing setting and set them to max
* vsync set to adaptive
* power management set to max perf
4. start game and set your video settings like: vsync: off; antialiasing: off; max fps settings all off, (for me, all other settings are maxed out and the game is enjoyable, but there are still stutters)
My config: i5, 550ti, latest nvidia driver, 8 gb ram , rapid net and all other games run smooth regardless of their online or offline nature. I sent all my data in tickets, dxdiag, net speed, tracert and they told me that the game should run fine, again I tried all suggestions in forums...

Yeah I just posted in another thread about this same issue on my pc (460 gtx 768mb) and GPU-z is showing that D3 is only utilizing ~ 55% of my GPU. I have an AMD Phenom 2 x4 3.6 overclocked. My pc is clean and virus free. These FPS drops only occur in D3, no other game.
I have been sending my poor tickets to bliz for 2 months now and they cannot say anything precise only that they are working on it... They must be very amateur in optimizing games :D
Its really sad :/
Blizzard please fix this issue finally! We enjoy this game and you make great improvements, but this stuttering/fps drop thing makes the game experience way worse since beta!
Please, Fix it.. Not fun at all with this fps drops
zNajjk is your fps drop occurs only when mobs come or also when new territories are being loaded? Because for many of us the two are one and the same. You hear your HDD and see the leds flashing and at the same time fps drop occurs. The reading of the HDD and the FPS drop/stuttering are somehow in harmony. :D
Only when there is several mobs and im starting whirlwind :/
that is a known bug as I remember, related thread:

and it is written that it was resolved in this article below the bug fix list:

however, the issue at hand and many others remain based on your post...

I have done IT!!!

From 40 down to 2 fps
Ive got 102 fps now =D
only change from Fullscreen to Windowed Fullscreen!

gr8! hope your happiness will spread :P

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