Stinky buff in Normal difficuly

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I just reached lvl 60 in Hardcore mode and came back to Normal difficulty to help a friend and I kept getting a "Stinky" buff said "You Stink".
Is it because I was a lvl 60 playing at normal difficult?
I heard there are Stinky pants but I never heard of that!!
As far as I know its a group play stink buff, but what does it do?
I was leveling normally and kept getting it, too. Usually when I went out of "Range"

You mean this?
It's a buff from low lvl legendary pants
Yes but what does it do? Just make you stink? Or does it do something else with the monsters?
You just stink.

(What a mean thing to say!)
I get it when I`m "standing still for too long". I`ve tried this with all of my characters :p I think it`s some kind of warning to not lean on everybody else how`s playing in your team.
It's the fat farting guy's (A3 keep lv3 boss) skill you do randomly.
If you haven't guessed, the item name is Pox Faulds.

"These pants occasionally make you stink."
i get that buff whenever i kill the giant trees in act1 when the poisonous flowers explode and their poison aren't hurting me

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