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Like the create your own legendary thread

Game is short for some people... how to solve this?
Make up your plot for an act here.

I would like to see Adria, since she left, never to be seen again...
She found a way to keep a piece of the soulstone, and after you defeated diablo she put parts of him inside the soulstone.
Now you need to stop her from reviving Diablo once again, but as you go on, you'll find out that reviving Diablo is not her ultimate goal...tatatadaaaaam! in this act you will have adria as boss, and while fighting her she will be summoning Belial and azmodan and diablo(weakened form, failed summons but still strong) 3/4 life belia, ,2/4 azmodan, 1/4 diablo.

Something like this.

PS: make your own act and maybe small coomment on OP act suggestion.
PPS: I just came up with the above story, haven't thought everything out yet.
Hmm, thought it would catch on xD
03/10/2012 16:28Posted by Garuda
Hmm, thought it would catch on xD

Maybe it will now ;-)

Let's hear it people. What kind of stuff would you like to see in a new Act?
Random dungeons, castles/towers/crypts. I dont want to see big boring brown dirt maps with no colour, character or interest in the slightest. Act 2 for me is simply boring for these reasons, as you walk around the bone yard/sand thing killing the same mobs as you have done for the last hour, without any thing remotely interesting happening.

Act 1 in contrast, Castles, Crypts, Graveyards, Woods, Fields, Bridges crossing rivers & waterfalls, little towns, dungeons. See the difference?
I like this idea of a new act. I need to have a look at the story again and I'll come up with something brilliant.

On a side note, I would like to see this new act somewhere like the jungle in D2. That was by far my favourite act. With LOD following a close second.
i'd like to see kurast once again
I'm pretty sure that the plot and the location(s) of the new act(s) of the coming expansion(s) have already been decided.
I would most likely not want Diablo/Belial/Azmodan to come back, as the OP suggested, but instead fight Adria, and the ultimate goal: Imperius :D
I was hoping so much I could fight him, but Diablo interrupted everything :(
03/10/2012 16:30Posted by Vaneras
Hmm, thought it would catch on xD

Maybe it will now ;-)

Let's hear it people. What kind of stuff would you like to see in a new Act?

The return of Baal, Tyrael as an angel Again and Deckard Cain resurrects.

I'm out of ideas right now cause i'm really tired, but i will post more later!

03/10/2012 16:28Posted by Garuda
Hmm, thought it would catch on xD

You just need to wait a few hours :P
The soulstone gets shattered and releases all lords of hell:

They gather all their forces to unleash a major attack on the humen world...

Expasion name: Diablo 3 Final War
Personally, since it appeared in the story that angels were corruptible, they would make excellent antagonists. A large faction of them, especially those despising the nephalem, wage a war of annihilation against mankind.
to see imperius go bat crap crazy (last boss) and to see Deckard Cain be come the angel of angel of wisdom (the new head angel) and have lots of new !@#$ to kill.
What about... ACT5.. endless dungeon or crypt or what ever... random generated as forward you go.. more difficult it get and so on and on..
Bcs after farming million of times.. this game get super boring (i like d3 a lot) but i know every stone even a random maps have limited combinations
Why its so hard to make random lvl.. you already have all elements for it.. just make a loop

ps. please.. dont make endless pony lvl
I agree with Damir, id like an endless dungeon that gets harder as you go but increases in mobs aswell as you go :D meaning the further you can get the more loot/xp you are getting
Teaser for Act V

Old Tristram: Black and red fire raining from the heavens.

Akara: Can you see that above? Ashes of Diablo raining over our lands.... Welcome back hero, you have not finished your work yet.

Nephalem: What journey is left to do, Akara.... I know that Prime Evil is cleaned this time for sure, what is it that you are concerned so much about?

Akara starts moving her lips but no words come out as you see the hero's face in despair and worried....

Last scene: Malthael is walking towards heaven with Adria on his side....Malthael looks like Deckard Cain. What does it mean? - End of Cinematic.

Possible fighting grounds: Diablo's old Chaos Sanctuary, Old Tristram, Different new places, new cow level.
I would like to see a very farm friendly act. Preferably no story/lore that gets in the way like we currently have (space space space space esc space space space esc.... ZZZzzz...). I want the area's to be filled with tons and tons of monsters. I want there to be plenty of actually rewarding events and alot of resplendid chests that dont get removed because "omg chests runs".

In diablo 2 there was this area just before tal rasha's tomb. With like 10 fake tombs and 1 real tomb. Each tomb was pretty huge and had quite some monsters in them. IMO i think area's like this would make excellent area's for a farming orientated game. You can have loads of area's inside a single game without needing to restart all the time to do the part you like.

I would also like something like the first area of act V in diablo II. It felt realy alive. Like something was actually happening. I know the first part of act III tried to reproduce that but it just didnt quite do it for me :\ Mostly because of the boring story that unlike what the said just gets in the way all the time. (space space space esc space space esc)). I hope they take a look at borderlands 2. You can do what ever, walk where ever and the quest giver will stalk talk to you without making you stand there and listen untill he is done talking. Heck you can often already complete the quest or just kill said annoying speaker interupting it on the spot in a nice big explosion of SHUT UP! :D:D:D

As for area's id love to see, Kurast is up there. But also a very early piece of concept art they did.

I realy love area's that look nice and feel alive (dhalgur oasis is awesome!). But at the same time i also realy love those dungeons like act I cathedral. I would be realy intregued if they can manage to make a nice looking area and after a certain event turn said area in big warzone destroying said area, setting everything on fire, have certain area's get floaded ect. and then have us undo those horrible things and eventually kill whatever evil cuased it :)
The corruption of Imperius and his followers that's what I want and what I think the expansion will be about, it just seems natural the story will progress to that :)
Act 5 :

Kurast's Jungle :
Our heros are looking for the corpse of Diablo (who falls to earth in the cinematic but not in the game (fix it, Blizzard, please, you just need to add a balcony ;) )).
But Adria is ahead of our heros and take the soulstone ! She is help by a few inferior demons.
We kill the inferior demons, then we kill adria.
But it is too late, all the demons imprisoned in the soulstone are released.We kill them all (except one, for diablo 4...).
As we'll all be at least paragon lvl 50 with good stuff, I think it would be fun to slay a dozen of demons in a row.

New classes :

Priest : Mixture of Paladin and Wizard
Gladiator : Mixture of Barbarian and Amazon (from Lut Gholein)
(yeah, because WD is a mixture of druid and necro, Monk a mixture of Assassin and Paladin, and DH a mixture of Amazon and Assassin)

PS : It would be very interesting to have a farming friendly act with many dongeons and crypts in the Kurast City. ;)
The decent into hell. Fight Cerberus the 3 headed dog to enter. Collect souls/silver to pay the boatman to cross the river Styx on your way to destroy the source of all evil. (Jay Wilson?)

Need to up the game on the scary imagery though, no butterfly bosses here.
Maybe die at the start of the act and the goal is to redeem your soul?

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