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I really want to see an evil looking weapon used by Diablo himself...(well herself in this game)

The only item with 13 properties in the game(I think one item should be special in this game)
maybe a item with "cannot be sold"?????

DIABLOS SWORD (not sure about the name)only drops from diablo in inferno

1 handed dps 1500-2000(op but why not)

1-5% chance to summon hellfire dealing 150-300% weapon damage to all monsters in a radius of 5-10 yards(followers also receives damage)
+100-200 damage
+90-120 all resist
+90-120 fire resistant
+5-10% block chance
+7-15 dodge
+attack speed 10-15%
+crit chance 10-15%
+crit damage 100-150
+200-400 all prime attributes(int,str,vit,dex)
+life on hit 800-2000
+life steel 5-10%

Ok so this weapon is just too good,then it must have some negative effects too.

wielding diablos sword stops exp gain.
1% chance to instantly die(the weapon claims the wielders soul)
25% chance to instantly kill followers when they hit monsters.
1% chance to receive 10000 damage
Diablos sword deals 200-500 damage per second to the wielder.(anti regeneration)
The custom one:

Here's the idea, when you find an item with +200 vitality as an example you could salvage it and keep that +200 vitality crafting material,lets just call it "custom item prop".

So now we can create our own weapon or armor putting "custom item prop" into a base armor or weapon.

This was the way I hoped the blacksmith would create items for us instead of the random things he do now.
The golden sword:

1 handed sword

dps 1000-1300

+20% attack speed
+120-300 all prime attributes(vit,str,dex,int)
+10-30% chance monsters drop gold when hit.
+10-30% chance to turn monsters into treasure goblins when hit(only white monsters)
+10-30% chance to transform white chest into resplendent chest when you hit the chest.
+3 random magic properties
The nephalems sword:

This sword gains exp just like our hero.

dps start level 700ish and end level 2000ish(similar with the other stats on the weapon)
Thunderstorm shoulders
100-200 Stregth, Dex or Int
100-200 Vit
55-80 All resistances
+10-12% damage as Lighting
Ranged and melee attackers take 20% of weapon damage as lighting (with a nice animation)
Chance to cast Storm Armor with Thunder Storm rune for 20 seconds

Brutal Stone Fists (Monk fist weapon)
15% reduced attack speed (1.3 attacks per second)
800–1000 DPS
150-250 Fire damage
150-200 Dexterity
400-800 Life on hit
Has sockets
Has a (good) chance to cause an earthquake stunning all nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds
sword of vortex

a nice affix to vortex the goblins to us.and those irritating fat wizards in act 3.
Carrot on a Stick (Legendary Wand)
490 - 1080 DPS
- Increases Arcane Power regeneration by (1-3, varies)
- 2-8% chance when attacking to gain a 10-15% boost to attack and movement speed for 12 seconds. Effect cannot occur more than once every 30 sec.
- Increases maximum arcane power by 15.
- +2 Random affixes.
- Chance on attack to spawn a magic Unicorn to aid you in battle. (While effect is active, the ground beneath the player becomes "Whimsyshire-ish".)

"A carrot hanging from a stick. What could be better to keep you focused when need be?"
+1000 intelligence
+99% chance on hit to uninstall the game from your computer
Blind sword
1 hand
800-1000 DPS
Main stat (mandatory)
LOH (mandatory)
Critical hit damage (or socket = mandatory)
Chance to cast blinding flash

Not all fist weapons have spirit regen and/or life per spirit spent. :)

Chance of fasting Hand of Ytar would be great for Monks. Also 25% lightning damage is a big boost to Fists of Thunder and Clyclone damage. ;)
a Legendary set helmet named The Eagels eyes it will have
high critical hit change
it will allow you to zoom out farther than normal so you have more vision.
and +3-4 random affix

a legendary set bow named The Eagels Wings (or something)
High critical hit change
this bow has a special stat that it does more damage (min: 100% - max: 150%) as the enemies are further away.
+4 random affix

a legendary set quiver named The Eagels Claw (or something)
High critical hit change
5% change too knockback on hit
standart attack speed
High critical hit change
+2 random affix

set bonus
2: Dexterity + 100
3: Skills have a 5-10% change too move to the target (just like hungering arrow) (Demon Hunter Only)

(set can be made bigger)
A lot of great ones have been posted so far, but it seems there are plenty more legendary ideas out there, so keep on posting people :-)

It could be interesting to know though, if you were to pick 3-5 of the ones that have been posted so far as your favourites, which ones would you pick? (feel free to also use the rating system to up-vote the ones you like most)
17/10/2012 09:45Posted by Vaneras
if you were to pick 3-5 of the ones that have been posted so far as your favourites, which ones would you pick?

The set of Broken Jewelry (AleisterB#2386), mostly for the idea.
I would go half'n'half.

Not totally crap, but low end single items - and awesome set bonus that bring them on par.
Also, i would not force to make the full set to get them.

And would add some kind of story background.
Maybe about Shen :P


Band of the Windlords (legendary ring)
Removes the fury cost of Whirlwind (Barbarians only)
Attack Speed increased by 10%
Critical Hit Chance increased by 4 - 8%
Critical Hit Damage increased by 20%
+ 150 - 200 Strength

" When the Tribe of Thunder was formed in the Arreat Mountains, Thorgain Wind'raen the leader of the tribe chose the mightiest of his warriors to enlighten them about the swirling powers of the Whirlwinds. These warriors were given bands forged by the mighty Wind'raen himself to unite them into an unparalleled group of Barbarians. Once worn by these mighty Windlords, these bands bless their wearers with an effortless mastery of the powers of wind."

and my king's sword of haste :p
Ring of X-Rogue (Legendary Lvl 62 Ring)

+0 to 1 slots.

Rubbing the ring against any armor of equal or less level will allow the ring to absorb 4 to 6 of the piece's magic properties at 80% potency. The absorbed piece loses all of its magic properties. Can not absorb some legendary pieces.

Can be reset to blank then reused.
Demon Hunter
The Molly Maguire - Hand Crossbow
- 10% Chance to assassinate your boss
- 10% Life Steal

The Athens Rioter - Anarchy Flag (off-hand)
- +70% to all resistances
- +200% damage against undead cops
- 25% Chance to Fear on Hit
- +700% Damage Against Fleeing Enemies
- Chance to throw a Fire Bomb at fleeing enemies
The Great Rite (Legendary Ceremonial Knife)
(178-412)-(820-1163) Damage
1.40 Attacks per Second
  • +(193-274)-(304-488) Poison Damage
  • +41-45% Damage
  • +200-249 Intelligence
  • Whenever an enemy dies within 16 yards, you regain 1% of your maximum Life and Mana.
  • Increases Mana Regeneration by 10-14 per Second (Witch Doctor Only)
  • +2.30-3.50% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
  • +2 Random Magic Properties

Item Level: 63
Unique Equipped

"It is said that the enigmatic Necromancer, Zayl, once used to perform Rituals with this Ceremonial Knife."
How about a special set for us WDs who like to ghost?

The Lingering Spirit (Legendary amulet)

+200-250 int
Occasionally summons a wraith when on low health
-5 seconds to Spirit Walk cooldown
-40 mana regeneration

Would be fun to make a glass cannon WD around this, with spirit vessel and jaunt you'd be able to chain spirit walk forever... until you run out of mana. With 0 base regen you'd need to rely either on regen from items, mana leech or rush of essence. The breakable nature of spirit walks invulnerability would likely stop it from being gamebreaking. The wraith would be mostly flavour in comparison, but it's just a little bit extra to make up for the lack of defensive stats.

The Screaming Kite of Souls (Legendary Mojo)

+400 damage
Enemies recovering from confusion are blinded for 12 seconds
-10 seconds to soul harvest cooldown
5% chance to cast horrify when hit

No INT, just skill mods. Soul harvest could potentially become a very strong attack spell with a cooldown of only 5 seconds (3 with SV) and the vengeful spirit rune, or a good healing source with siphon. The confusion to blind would greatly benefit mass confusion without simply lowering the cooldown until it becomes another version of horrify. Horrify on hit for flavour and some defense to make up for no defensive stats on the item.

The Soul Kings Crown (Legendary voodoo mask)

360-414 base armour
+150-200 int
Rapidly haunts nearby enemies (like ring of hollow whispers, but with a shorter range and fires a haunt every second instead of every 5)
Killing haunted enemies grants a stack of Gruesome Feast.
+5-12% haunt damage
2 random attributes

Useable even if you don't use haunt yourself but it'd help. Simply a new dynamic of a unique item giving the unique benefit of a passive that in inferno isn't very amazing due to the low number of health globes around. With no defensive stats or mana modifiers there's a big tradeoff. BUT! with every kill you'd regain 10% mana due to gruesome feast, meaning your lingering spirit ring can stay powered...

And finally, set bonuses!

2 Items - +8% spirit barrage damage
3 Items - Removes the mana cost of horrify, feared enemies are rooted

Possibly the most broken build possible with all spirit when wearing all of these, but I tried to add drawbacks to every item :p
Diablo Dagger

100% chance to disconnect they Diablo is at 1% life on hit
100% chance to lag on the weekend
Rain - Legendary shield

1000-1500 armor
2 random magical properties
8 - 17 % block
140 - 300 vitality
1.00 - 3.00 Chance to freeze on hit
12 - 15% chance to reflect damage
Ignore durability loss

Should be an animation with dripping water. Blue / green shades.
Fury of The Thunder God- Barbarian Set

The Heart of Thunder: Amulet
+150-200 str
+7.5-9 crit chance
+300-500 lifesteal
+Proc Effect: %5 chance to summon Legendary Hammer to strike down lighthing to your enemies ( which deals %750 of your weapon damage in 5 sec)
+2 random
+100 lighting res

Revenge of the thunder: Ring

+100-150 str
+4-6 crit chance
+75-150 vit
+12 movespeed
+2 random
+Proc Effect:When you take damage from enemy you have chance to enrage. When enraged your damage increased %10 for 10 sec.( this stack with other buffs but it has hidden cd for 30 sec)

Set Bonus: +250 lightning damage to your weapon. And %10 weapon damage to all your enemies in 10 yard with auto attack.

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