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Why doesn't blizzard listen to all this and change more... they should try to change it more in each patch
Yes, they should sit with players and listen to what we need. It doesnt mean, that they should automatically include everything, as not everyones ideas are actually helping the game.

What am I missing:

1.) Clans. Guilds. Call it how you wish, I am missing an organized group of players sharing common goals. Right now I see it as very hard to team up with players with the same goals (language). For Infernal Machine farming, it is essential to have friends online. Out of my cca 25, there is only 1 still playing the game.

2.) PvP. But not just 4v4, but also 2v2 and 1v1. It will never be balanced, but its not even needed - every patch some strategy will be stronger, with counter strategies appearing.

3.) Item sink, gold sink. Is it impossible to have pvp for lvls 30, 40, 50 as well? That could create the demand for godlike items of these lvls = players leveling alts can sell their stuff. But also other, permanent sinks for lvl 60 need to be introduced.

4.) It is online game. Why isnt there an event each and every day. Something like: kill Diablo, finish Event X, kill 100 goats, kill 10 Skeleton Kings.

5.) Better itemization. The competition on the ARPG market is huge. Why not study the other games and adapt some of their ideas? PoE has an amazing item system as well as overall skill system. When that game goes live ...

6.) For farming - all waypoints in all acts need to be opened, with all bosses alive. Or at least a partial system. Its so boring to run Alkaizer runs the whole day. Or run the whole 3rd Act the whole day.

7.) Every patch could add 1 or 2 events. After a year this game could be huge, giving players really unique feel every run.

8.) Endless dungeon? Endless waves of mobs?

9.) More gems, more plans, more ways how to make your character unique.

10.) Last but not least - a lobby. Yes, I know, its old. But a lobby, or a town (one map just for chilling out, crafting, trading, but AH needs to be accessible from there) would be great.
Wow! OP Here for those who forgot about me :P .

One of my threads actually got attention haha.

Sorry guys i have had a rough week or so , long story, and have not played or been on forum until tonight. I'm so glad lots of you agree and I really like some ideas. Got to page 6 and have to go ring the gf cause she'll moan if i dont and then its bed for me.

Someone suggested i take recurring ideas and put them in the main thread. Ill do that as soon as i can.

I'm also going to take some of the ideas I love the most and put them in there too. So far the best one i saw was someone saying about like daily event/challenges for rewards etc like "kill 10 treasure goblins or something. Its just something extra to add in to keep the game replayable and what i want is replayability most of all. That's where i mainly went with my top 10.

People say like oh but you missed "identify all items in 1 go"....... nah i didnt... to me that might be nice but it's not something thats going to make the game particularly better for me... just a bit more efficient. The new 1 second thing is good enough anyway now i think.

Anyway, im babbling a bit now - i shall read rest as soon as i can and edit my post. Hopefully we may inspire the devs
21/10/12: FEEDBACK

First allow me to appologise about not being active much in this thread. Circumstances have meant I have been unable to check the forum until recently. I have read the entire thread and picked up on certain trends of what people want and also, seen some ideas I really really liked. My top 10 stands. I think that is what needs to be done the most. However, I will now make "The People's top 10" (in no particular order) and "Great Ideas". I will not be crediting ideas to individuals. Some were said more than once and tbh i forgot to write down names and I aint reading it all again! :P .

The People's top 10

1)Loot/customisation of loot.

A lot of top 10's and responses on this forum were regarding loot, the AH and customisation of loot. Some arguments developed about the amount of time people had put in to how good the loot they were finding was, however a good majority thought that the rate at which they were finding loot (especially that was better than something they bought off the AH) was far too low and found it hard to find good items at a fair rate. IE too much junk before something good.

The customisation of loot was also a popular item. Many people want to be able to socket items or add stats or re roll stats or there to be more stats, unique and interesting stats. Someone mentioned something about unique, interesting stats that interact with spells eg "chance for certain skill to do double damage" stat or something for example. This would mean better gear choices based around skill choices (or at a later time, hopefully "build choice".

Customisation ideas also tended to involve high gold sinks or as a quest reward or gambling. Someone mentioned "add a socket at a chance to break the item if it fails" etc.

I have to say I am with the majority on this. It is important and i particularly like customisation options for items, however they are developed into the game.

2) More randomness

A hell of a lot of people called for more randomness to the game. Mostly, i believe they were referring to making areas more random and less predictable so that they do not know the way.

While I agree, i can't see how this can be done now... and regrettably I dont think Blizzard will even consider it. It would be a lot of work. However to me at least, i don't fee it to be a game breaking aspect. Poor as the map randomisation is, there are to me, more important things that would keep me playing this game for years.

3) More/Better/more challenging quests with better/unique rewards

A lot of people commented that quests were repetitive and pointless. I absolutely agree. With 1.05 we have seen that quests have become somewhat more attractive to complete. But i still think there is a way to go. The most interesting ideas were to do with just adding character quests or townsfolk quests etc.

IMO the best way to make a compelling quest system would be to tie it in to "Great Idea 1" below.

4) Changes to Gems/Additional gems/socketable items

A lot of people called for more gems such as saphires or diamonds. Not many explained what they would do but depending on how this was tackled it could be a minor and kinds fun but pointless addition or it could be really worhwhile. For example making a diamond do x y and z already existing stats, make its stats totally unique.

eg, Diamond in the helm: Time taken to TP reduced by 50%
Diamond in the armour: All resistances increased by 5%
Diamond in the weapon: Chance to disarm weapon wielding opponents (disarmed opponents do 75% less damage)

Now then you have some interesting characteristics.

5) Stat point distibution

Many many people want to distribute their own stat points. There is really no harm in letting us do this. If you want you could even add an "auto allocate" button which does so as the game does now for those who dont want to. In my opinion I would make the option begin at level 60. But obviously whatever was decided... this thread shows people clearly want this.

6) Skill points distribution.

Many people wanted skill trees and things like a D2 system that would require a complete overhaul in the skill system. Many others were much more sensible about how the skill system could be changed to allow some customisation, but not make the game too complicated for beginners. In addition a system similar to the one i mentioned above would not completely overhaul the skill system, just simply make characters more unique. It could be done other ways but an example would be.

Post level 60, every 5 levels you gain an active skill point.
Post level 60, every 10 levels you gain a passive skill point
You add active skill points into runes and passive skill points into passive skills
Each point adds flavour to a skill
And thus the introduction of BUILDS is born (as currently there is 1 build per char and however many SKILL CHOICES per char).

IMO this is the absolute be all and end all point. Its the most important to me. It makes the game much much much more replayable and thats so very important.

If interested, for more detail on what I would do see:

7) Ladder

Yet another thing adding re playability

The first 6 received mass support. From 7 onwards there was still considerable support but not quite as much. A good 6 or 7 people at least however mentioned they would like a ladder system.

I agree. While I cannot play enough to get anywhere near the top of a ladder a ladder system brings many many other rewards, such as a fresh economy. So how can you impliment ladder into D3. Easily. Make the ladder a Paragon ladder. Make it so there is an npc to "opt in" to ladder. When opting in, ladder chars have a private stash of 1 page (not even shared). Their level is reset to level 60 paragon level 0. Only chars who are level 60 may join ladder. And all items on their char are put in the non ladder stash. Should they have no room a warning will be displayed to tell them they need to make room or lose items. At the end of the ladder period all items on the char and the chars stash are wiped and they are converted to non ladder. Ladder starts again.

8) Clans/Guilds and better community/social options

Many said they wanted an easy way to make a community in the game so that there would always be people they know online and like. I totally agree with this. See above for my explanation of making clans work.

9) Hardcore disconnect protection

Quite a few said this. mmm, im torn on this. Personally i wouldnt mind if it was or wasnt put in. But in general i don't feel it "game changing" enough to warrant being on the top 10. However many of you did! So here it is.

Joint 10th) Bigger stash/More secret areas/Salvage all button/More players allowed in Co-op

Seriously I started counting votes on some things and these all came out pretty equal. Theyre all self explanatory. Some more game changing than others but these are some of the peoples choices!

Great Ideas

1) Periodic quests or challenges.

I loved this idea. It was mentioned a few times. Basically it involves a weekly quest or challenge. For example "kill 10 trasure goblins, kill Diablo 3 times, Slay 5000 demons" with a reward.

Alternatively a more questy idea could be to collect ingredients for the blacksmith to craft something cool or "socket an item for free" if you make him be able to add sockets for loads of money for instance... This adds replayability no end and gives people things to do FOREVER! Thats the main aim here for me. The things that add re playability to me are the most important.

2) Loot that is specific to builds. Instead of loot being generic make some pieces or some rare stat rolls be specific. Eg: When using skill x AND skill y skill z has a 2% chance to fully heal you when used.

Just interesting and mental stuff like that makes builds and char customisation so much fun, and adds re playability in making new characters differently.

3) Random uber super mental bosses that appear 10 times more rarely than a legendary drop for example

So you're cruising along and WTF you see "ghost of baal". He looks hard. You attack him and he rapes you. So you invite your friends to the game and take him down and he drops awesome loot and you're happy.

Like come on this is fun

4) More elite mob affixes

Didnt get too many mentions however i like it, lets add more depth to the game.

So there we have it. Kinda now this thread has 12 pages, i really hope the Blue's take note and forward it to development because there is seriously amazing content in this thread that would really improve the game
changed title to see if people are interested
i would like to have only one thing.....

I would like better stats on items dropped, not looking for the perfect item, but if specifically belongs to a certain class, it should have only stats that benefit that class.

I guess i do have another request...

In addition I would like to see more of the Higher DPS weapons drop, as I have yet to pick up a weapon with over 1k DPS on it...

Once again, I'm not wanting a perfect item every time something drops, but occasionally would be nice
Keep the feedback coming guys
1. Jeweler and Blacksmith

Stats on gems are too low, blacksmith is just not a valid option at all.
Gems need to be able to boost every stat of your character in some way. What we are missing: all res, pickup radius, life regen, life steal, crit chance, block %, etc
Blacksmith needs to be able to socket items and change/boost stat rolls. Plans hould have settable stat rolls. A barb would like strentgh, a monk/DH dex, wizard/WD intel.

2. Nephalem Valor

NV should not be lost when changing skills and should be kept when travelling acts.

3. Max set price in GAH

RMAH has 250€ limit on it. GAH should also be limited. Billions of gold for an item, serious?

4. Free travel

Stop making me repeat story line over and over again.

5. Build diversity

Make a switch build button. It would nice to set a full DPS build when bashing trash mobs and switch to a more defensive one when fighting elites/bosses.


I want to kill Adria and revive Deckard Cain somehow. Imperius should also play a big part in it, I find him a great character. The archangel of Valor who is filled with rage, I love it.
BTW: killing Deckard = big mistake (certainly the way how. Maghda, seriously??)

7. Skills

Unbalance is good. Why balance everything out when barbs and monks take 30% less damage? Want balance, than make DH/WD/Wizard also take 30% less damage.

8. Create an expolorable Sanctuary

I would love to see Westmarch in the fall.

9. Remove cooldowns/timers

Potion cooldown doesn't make sense to me. Look at D2: a belt with say 8 potions and I can spam the belt empty. Skill cooldowns take away the fast pace the game should have.
No "waiting to revive", it's not WoW! No waiting for crafted items, no waiting for a town portal. Again: taking away the fast pace

10. Visual

Make it darker, grittier with more gore.
A new potion should be added to increase the rate at which you get xp, to go through the paragon levels faster for example.

Maybe adding a new artisan that can imbue weapons.

5. Better community. I like the way diablo 2 was organized, with all those chats, and the possibility of seeing other people's characters in the bottom. Diablo 3 feels sometimes... I don't even know how to explain it. It just needs some kind of improvement in the social aspect. I also liked the suggestion made by somebody in this thread about CLANS

Blud, Rocky +1

The only "online" about d3 is that it happens to be online, thats about it. The acutionhouse could just aswell be randomized by a computer system which would take away the only "interraction" there is.

Ppl can form clans now if they want to, no probs. Its just that is completly useless and gives you nothing. Would be a cool add-on but i dont really care players can take care of that themselves once it gets relevant.

What i do want is what you mention - channels with actual players (that you can check profile of) like in d2 lined up and a chat space.

Its funny how blizz took like 10 steps BACK in the development of internet as something social. _IDIOTS_ sorry but i have to say it.

Also - a ladder ofc. Diabloprogress exists for a reason...
first off i would like to say that i really love the infernal machine event! good work blizzard! the bossbattles are fun to do for me!

1. pvp
like anyone else, im really looking forward to pvp. also i hope that something like rewards, achievements or ranking thingies will pop up. not just battles with no result
2. more areas
personally i think the gameworld is a little small. but it's also wierd to just add new storyline quests in the already existing story. so what about just new areas with monsters and a new look. just optional to visit. (like whimsyshire)
3. endless tower
just to see how high you can get in the tower. random floors and every X floors a bossfight with increasing rewards or something. once the party is wiped out, the tower resets and its over. to counter abuse blizzard could consider the monsters in the floor to not give loot and/or xp.
4. a more social environment
i have absolutely no idea how to achieve this, but it would be nice if i would have a little more interaction with other players.
5. seasonal events & achievements
like some wierd special monsters when it's christmas and when you kill them you gain an achievement. i bet blizzard could come up with cool ideas for this.
6. item comparisment in auction house
it would be nice if it was possible to compare an item in the auction house with the one a character has equipped, and see the difference in stats like when you have an item in game. i really hate using a complex 3rd party stat calculator.
7. a new act.
well, this is acutally something more for an expansion. but as i said before, the game world feels small. a new act means more areas to explore, more quests, more monsters etc.
8. more elite monster affixes
we are killing elites a lot, for loot, for NV stacks, because they are in our way. but sometimes it's a bit boring. more monster affixes would mean that we have to develop more strategies.
9. town quests/ more quests
just more quests to do, maybe some town quests which are always there. things like... kill X amount of enemies in Y time, find 10 items in this area, etc. you know the drill.
Needs PVP and to be more social.
This thread has displayed a lot of really nice feedback on Diablo III so far and we look forward to what else you have to say. It's really cool to see some well-presented and written feedback displayed in a manner that outlines what your concerns are as well as those of other players :) It is especially awesome that you even consolidated all of the information into a list of the top 10 most given feedback for this thread.

We spend a lot of our time reading these forums every day so keep on posting your feedback because we put a lot of effort into making sure that it does reach the developers. We assure you that they do listen and want to hear what you have to say about the Diablo III.
I wholeheartedly disagree with the player stat allocation system.
I think most importanly we need stat and skill point distribution ability.

We like customization, we want character customization! Its vital!
- Free travel between Acts (all waypoints available) without losing NV
- option to disable all the dialogs / scenes from bosses
- option for reducing graphical effects (so that you can actually see what the hell your character is doing in a multi-player game)
- gem/gold sink, removing gems from your item will destroy them
- salvage hellfire ring into organs (preferably into the organ you need)

plz plz plz :-)
I complettly agree with the Top ten list, for me most important is:

+ Bring back the skill tree system! Or do something different but please, the current one is probably the worst I've ever seen.

+ Make loot more interesting

+ Get rid of legendaries and bring back Unique items. OR keep legendaries and re-introduce Unique items as ultimate end-game items. (with fixed properties, not random >_> )

+ ENDLESS DUNGEON - I don't even know why it isn't there yet.. people proposed this since 2008.

+ Add more customization options... for example attributes.

And a personal wish:

+ Let our character wake up in the D3 expansion and the horrible D3 story was just a bad dream.

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