Echoing fury

Need some help in buying a new weapon

At the moment I have about 150 million to spend, and I rather spend it on a new off hand
At my profile u can see I'm wearing a Won Kim Lao for the lightning dmg, as its my build...

What I'm going to change is the current sun keeper i wear just for mf.....

But i'm confused. The Echo Fury is famous for his atks per second....
But how exactly does this work?
I mean if u have 0,25 atks per second
ur atk per second on the weapon is 1.45 in stead of 1.20. Is this what it does basically?
Or what does it do else than that to my total dps, and not the dps on the weapon it self...

Or would any1 suggest a different weapon with life steal and a socket for pure dps?
I've seen a lot of other players claiming that the 0,25 extra attacks per second is applied to BOTH your weapons. I've never seen that claim proved, though, so I'd take it with a pinch of salt, but if it's true then it will mean that you get 0,25 extra attacks per second from your main hand too. Which would translate to 169 extra raw weapon damage on that weapon (basically increasing it from 946.4 to 1115.4 weapon damage) before any other bonuses are applied. That alone should make a substantial dps increase. IF that theory is true, though... Like I said, I've yet to see hard evidence on that claim. But if it is true, that makes it a very nice upgrade, I should say.
I had the same question a while ago and sumone said i increases ur total attacks per second and not just the speed on the fury.. so it kicks !@# basicly cus it will make your won khim (very nice btw) hit faster aswell!

u can get an echoing fury with life steal and socket anyways if u have the funds. they are very expensive indeed. i got one without socket but with life steal and some crit dmg for 5 mil but if u want one that suits your other godly gear ud wanna spend a few hundred more mil then me ^^

and to cartmans response.. it does increase total dps by ALOT .. i had a sky splitter with the same dps as my current echoing fury and i got a 6k dps increase from the fury in comparison.
Looking at w0nderb0y's profile in this calculator: it does indeed seem that the +0.2x attacks per second is applied to both weapons. His main hand, which in profile shows as 917.7, shows as 1055.35 in the calculator, which is an exact match of increasing its attacks per second by 0.21, which is his bonus on the Echoing Fury. The calculator's dps display shows the same as the profile dps too, so it should be correct.

If you can afford it, it will then be a very nifty upgrade.

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