Uber Boss tips & tricks for witch doctors

Witch Doctor
1) In Kulle+Siegebreaker fight, use Hex on Kulle. After that, you can focus on Siegebreaker ~10 seconds uninterrupted. Wait ~6 seconds for the CC resist to reset (isn't really a problem, because he disappears and teleports away from you) and repeat the strategy.

2) In Skeleton King + Maghda fight, use Horrify on Maghda (there is a lovely corner in the lower left-side of the area). The key is to keep them separated so you won't get hit with butterflies on your face.

3) Sacrifice-build makes the Ghom+Rakanoth fight ridiculously easy. Just make sure you have at least 7 pickup radius.

4) Spirit Walk - Jaunt allows you to resurrect your friends safely! You have to use it when you are ready to click on your friend's tombstone in order to be 100% safe.

5) Pets are useful as distractions. Especially Gargantuan - Bruiser, because he buys you valuable time with his stuns.

6) Forget soul harvest. You are not going to get more than 1-2 stacks anyways. There are better choices available for the ubers.

For example this is the build I used, so I didn't have to get 5 stacks after each fight:

PS: These work in both solo and co-op games.
Sacrifice build with a DH + Wizard using the pickup(Get x amount of resource on health orb pick) passives are absolutely insane :)

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