Life steal or Life on hit for monk

Is it better to have a weapon with LS or just stick with LOH for monk?
You can check out my profile and see my gear.
I would say that as long as you are below 100K dps, you should go for LoH...
But after 100K dps, you should get 5-6% Life steal...

It doesn't matter if it's on 1 or 2 wep's... It all comes down to your build and playstyle.

I went for the skorn, because I wanted some really high numbers, but if the dps output is the same with 2x 1handers, it's all the same health wise...
LoH is bad for 2H, otherwise, he is right ^ :D
Well i have 86k totally unbuffed and JUST under 100 k dps with blazing wrath and scoundrel buff, am at 4.90% lifsteal and its amazing already. As long as you have 2 1 handers with LS and about 70 K + dps it should be fine.

LoH is really strong for fast hitting lower dps monks.
i have like less dmg then u but have loh on ring and neck (about 5-600) and ls on 1 wepon 2.5%

i do fine in mp5-6 and can tank most elites standing in lava etc so dont die much. uber bosses are np either i can easy tank ghom in clouds
I got a bit over 100k dps unbuffed (with shield), and I only have some LOH on my amulet & ring. On mp8 (haven't done any higher) I stay in poison cloud from Ghom from start and until he is dead. My hp never goes under half.

Im not saying LS isn't better, but what im saying is that you can have very high survivibility with just LOH also, even at higher levels of DPS... Assuming you got enough LOH/AS.

I just went the LOH route because I cba to get a LS weapon just yet (if ever) :P
I dropped my dps down from 97k to 77k and added 6%Ls and 600Loh with a aps of 2+ you should never hit any problems, I farm MP5/6 could probably go higher but I can't be bothered concentrating 100% :)
I switched to LL. Combined with the way i play my monk now (Deadly Reach, Scattered Blows) it is amazing. Every third hit fully heals me if there are enough mobs around. Yet i have to get more attack speed tho. Am at about 1.24 APS
below 30k unbuffed dps - LoH 1200+
below 40k unbuffed dps - LoH or LoH/LS combo (700/2,5%+ ish)
below 50k unbuffed dps - 5%+ LS starts to be enough already, small amounts of LoH still help
below 60k unbuffed dps - 5%+ LS
below 100k unbuffed dps - 4%+ LS
below 120k unbuffed dps - 2,5%+ LS starts to be enough already, small amounts of LoH still help
after that you can survive just fine with only 2,5%+ LS, everything more is comfy bonus

apart from going through every single evolution step with my monk on 600+ hours played, i tested around 25 gearsets and did around 50 gearchecks/monkpimps. this is what my own testings and feedback concluded about lifesustain stats.
this is with a proper resist/armor setup tho. "papermonks" gonna need more sustain.
People writing lots of stuff, but missing the THING.

low aps + high dps (skorn) >> life steal
high aps + mid dps (dual wield ) >> LOH
high aps + high dps (high end dw) >> either of them or both
low aps + low dps >> get better gear :)
ye well, with my keymarks it didnt matter what wep setup. but even braindead ppl can tell that LoH gets higher value with higher attackspeed.
I have 150k DPS unbuffed. I had a 2,8LL offhand Weapon.
It was ugly,... when facing many Mobs LL was enough and my Life was always capped, although i cant die to non elite cuz of pickuprange and globes.

When i face 3 molten Sorcerer in the Tower (dont know the actual Name, that annyoing range fat mobs that like to shield with this enchant), i cant survive when i have to run behind cuz of fear from Echoing Fury.

I feel saver with 1k Loh. Dont like LL that much, thats why i got LoH WKL.


If there are few Elite and no trashmobs around, Lifeleech drops in value, where LoH will shine (esp. with high AS, obv)
no wonder even whith OWE and STI you have terribad EHP. that dmg reduction shield from shamans paired with molten and the EF fear is nasty tho
This is my dps with hellfire ring, without it I'm at 91k buffed dps.
Tried to find wep with LS and LoH with decent dps but that is just too hard. :D
Ill get my LoH higher and see how it goes.
Ty all guys.
gl =)
stack attack speed and 1.5k loh is enough
1k loh is enough (2.28 aps)
With 70k dps and over 500 loh on jewelry, I'd replace loh with ls on weapon to have both, should work well.
Trying to get a wep with loh 700 and ls 2.40 with good dps and socket. Think that will do the trick if I get it.

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